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HP Approved Solutions

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I had a thought about a new feature that HP could offer on the forums: HP Approved Solution.


Community members could have a chance to vote/elect/escalate responses amongst ourselves which could then be reviewed and confirmed by HP.  This would offer contributors more opportunties to recieve solutions as it does not depend on the OP for confirmation.  It would also confirm to potential readers that a solution exists for a given posts and skip ahead to that area.


For example, the Verizon community has a feature like this called "Correct Answer".  VZW waits a certain amount of time and reviews threads.  If they feel the thread was answered by any of the posts they will mark the response as "Correct Answer" on behalf of the thread owner.


Granted, the Verizon community is much smaller and less active than the Consumer HP community.  I'd imagine it is not feasible for HP to read each and every post for solutions.  Hence the recomendation to offer community members to elect posts for HP Approved Solutions on thier own, a kind of manual notification system.  You could go even further and offer this as a perk for reaching a certain status withing the community such as level 5 or higher.  Perhaps members of a higher status could even mark solutions as thier own special kind of "Community Recomended Solution".


The VZW Correct Answer system works really well on the Verizon community.  It is equally satisfying to have VZW mark responses as Correct as it is to have the user do the same.  This helps keep current contributers motivated and would serve as a tool to attract and maintain new contributors to the community. 


Solutions are different from Kudos which also play a role in the community.  Someone can receive Kudos as recognition for a contribution, but Solutions are what we are all looking for.  If this were American Football, Kudos would be First Downs but Solutions are a Touchdown.  There should be multiple ways to score so perhaps HP Approved Solutions could be more of a Field Goal.



Experts are not HP Employees. Experts are advanced users, administrators, technicians, engineers or business partners who volunteer their time to answer community questions.

Please mark anything that is helpful with a Kudo.
When you are done troubleshooting, please mark one of the responses as the Solution.
This feedback enhances the community by helping future readers choose between multiple similar responses.

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Hey @John_Getzke, thank you for sharing this idea and taking us on a deep dive into it.  This type of feedback is exactly what we're looking for on this board! 


This is a great idea and actually one that we've touched upon behind the scenes, but the reason why it hasn't become a reality yet is for the reason you guessed -- for as large of a community that we have, and for how long our company has been around and how many different variation of products that we have -- it's no small feat.


That said, though, never say never.  The communities team has read your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration.


Thank you again for taking the time to share this thoughtful feedback!  Keep 'em coming 🙂

I am an HP employee, supporting the HP Experts who volunteer their time and technical knowledge to help others.
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