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candidate for most rediculous customer support thread ever

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On March 1, 2009, I emailed customer support because the speakers that were shipped with my computer from HP had a buzz.  The problem is almost certainly a bad power adapter.  Probably a $2 part (HP's cost) 


I incorporated every bit of information (order number, part number from speakers, serial number in 1 point type, etc, clear description and my phone number).  Immediate response: "In reviewing your email, I understand that your speakers which are bundled wtih your HP Paviliaon . . . are producing loud fuzzy   Also you have connected another set of speakers to thePC and they are working good. I will assist you in this regard.  Michael, I have verified the items shipped with your HP Pavilion in our database.  I records show that the PC is not bundled with the external speakers.  However, to get the defective speakers replaced, the case has to be escalated to the Quality Case Manager as this issue requires personal attention of the Advanced Support Group to identify the exact causes and for thh appropriate troubleshooting steps."  (this is an exact paste and all grammar etc. errors are in the original) 


The email then asked for all the information that was in the first email.  A couple of emails later - march 02, "Michael I have verified the PC specifications and I found that the speakers are not bundled with the PC.  However, I am not not sure you have purchased the speakersseparately."  It then asks for the same information as was in my first email.  My response: "problem description : Speakers have loud buzz (we just put the computer  together today; buzz was present from beginning). I have attached a different set of speakers, which are fine. I suspect the power supply. Speakers purchased were S/NZ084901831 (Part 5188-8005) HP NEO 2.0 speaker; Zylux Acoustic Corp. I need to get a replacement. "


HP replies that it's being escalated. Several emails, pleasant responses, being escalated.  No substantive contact.  March 29 . . still haven't heard.  HP - "due to techical difficulties, we are unable to access our database."  April 5 - still haven't heard.  HP "I have verified with our database and found that the issue has been escalated to the Quality Department.  Further you will be contacted by our Quality Department on a priority basis.  . . However, if you are not satisfied with the escalation done, then if you wish to I can set up a Bench repair for your PC.  [attaching information on how to return the entire computer, back up the hard drive, etc.] My response: "Thank you but this is overkill for a problem with a buzz in the speakers" . . two more emails "as mentioned in the earlier email that the speakers is not bundled with the PC [sic].  However, we have escalated . . . Next regarding the Power Supply, if the Power Supply is defective in the PC [sic], I request you to send the PC to Bench Repair. In Bench Repair, if the power supply is defective they will be replacing with new power supply for the PC."


I kid you all not



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sounds like a typical HP response. they don`t care there in the business to make  money   and screw the customer over and not fix it, I have found out how there customer/repair service sucks , read my thread about CUSTOMER SERVICE/REPAIR SERVICE SUCKS thread you can read all about my problem with hp. I have had a lot people tell me that the pavillions are nothing but trouble.
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I recently purchased a refurbished HP Touchsmart TM2 that had 90 days warranty on it.  It was supposed to be a x-mas present for my wife.  It came with the speakers being dead on arrival.  I called HP support and they said my laptop was out of warranty based on the product ID I gave them on the back of the laptop.  I then called the HP reseller who sold the laptop to me and he said the new product ID for the refurbished computer is on the box itself.  I called HP support back and they verified that the product ID from the box was valid and they instructed me to ship the laptop back to them.


 That was Dec 10, 2010.   A few days later I checked the status online and it says waiting on warranty verification.  I called in and the rep. but me on hold for 15 mins just to come back to say it's waiting on warranty verification.  I told them they had the incorrect product ID and reiterated the correct product ID.  The rep confirmed that it had warranty on it and told me he would escalate the case and someone would call me back within 24 hrs.  Two days go by and nobody called.  I called support back and this rep was also very rude and put me on hold for 15 mins and then apologized and put me on hold for another 15 mins and comes back to once again said it was waiting on warranty verification.  I once again gave him the refurbished product ID and he once again confirmed that it has 90 days warranty on it.  He said he would re-escalate the case and put me on hold for another 15 minutes to document his case.  At this point I've spent about 1 hr on the phone with this moron and he's being condescending and rude the entire time.  He comes back and once again said someone would call me back in 24 hrs and wanted to reconfirm by address and phone number for the 3rd time!!!


Needless to nobody calls me back and so I called HP support once more.  It is now December 20th and I'm concerned I won't have the laptop back before X-mas.  This rep I spoke to kept apologizing and said the warranty issue has been resolved and promised me that he would get it escalated so that I would get the laptop on Dec 23rd.   December 23 rolls around and no laptop and the status on their website says they've shipped a box to me to send my laptop back for repair!!!  I SHIPPED MY LAPTOP TO THEM ON DEC 10th!!  THEY ALREADY HAVE IT.    I call back and asked to talk to a supervisor.  The supervisor comes on and says the laptop won't be repaired and shipped back to me until December 31, 2010.  I said you're kidding right?  I sent it to HP for repair on Dec 10th and their screw up is now making me unable to give my wife her X-mas gift.  He simply apologized and said there was nothing he could do and hung up.  Today I received the empty box from them to ship back my laptop for repair.........HP CUSTOMER SERVICE in INDIA SUCKS!!!!!!!!   This sums it up real well.  It doesn't have to be this way.  I don't have a problem with talking to customer service personnel in India.  I just think whoever is managing the HP support techs is doing a real POOR JOB in training and in manners.  Those folks should be fired.   


Angry and disappointed customer.

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