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crasy laptop/tablet evolution ideas/rant. USB3 over micro SD-card

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lets throw some crasy laptop design ideas around.


I think its a hp envy that has a hdmi port on its keyboard dock.  why not reverse that.


have a normal laptop with more computer power  and a detachable screen.

and yes it would need a hdmi and seperat powersupply on the side , or a  dock/stand for desktop mode.


1) it can be sold separately as a monitor with a stand.


2) if screen breaks on laptop it is no longer broken , just buy a new screen and click in.


3) you can choose resolution and type of screen panel,  as long as the laptop can power it, a standard power voltage/amp, and and power converters on all screens/monitors, to get the correct one they need.


4) a more crasy idea would be to but a , 17" screen on a laptop designed for 11.6" , it would probable  fall over. but whit a universal dock and power, with no limits to the sides on the laptop, that would be a cool posibility..


a well just fold the laptop together and connect a TV/monitor whit hdmi , problem solved..




why are windows tablets designed like android and ipads?   its a laptop.


ok first why the back Camra ,

I have a phone for taking pictures , its smaller it fits in my pocket and is better in all ways.

a front camra is for skype calls and for use as a mirror. 

I have a niece who asked me why the good kamra is in the back. android tablet

and a nephew who skypes me and shows me things hes doing with the back camra. android tablet.

they both have windows tablets to. HP ones which we power and use usb hubs on keyboard and mouse + extra screen.  



I would rather have a 2+ fullsize  usb3 ports , a hdmi port and a front kamra, speakers and headphone jack.


the argument against fullports is something along.

omg what if it gets dirty and stuff get into the usb /hdmi ports... ????

well I can clearly say that after seeing a pile of broken ipads in my neices school with broken glass

and I do meen like 20+.

and hearing that they repair them often.

the tablet is GOING TO BREAK unless you nail it down.

well kids apparently punch the glass anyway, like I trew nintendo controller.



notice how I did not include the SD-card. I do use em.

and I also use 32GB usb3 flash drives.

guess which is cheaper and easier to switch between devices.  and dont break easily.

wifi and private cloud storage, is the best though.

but I run programs off USB flash drives.

fullsize USB3 on tablet + USB3 flash drive. 32GB  190MB/s usb3 , vs micro SD-card at 80Mb/s











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