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High five, we’re five! The CONTEST!
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Re: High five, we’re five! The CONTEST!

Expert: @Bryan_N 



I was involved with the launch of the new consumer forums and social media team and at the time I had no awareness of what a customer super user was (now part of our HP Expert group). Once the drive to build the community began my eyes were opened to this beneficial group of volunteers.


At first I was apprehensive; I didn’t understand not just the motivation but the capabilities of these individuals. The general question running through my mind was why would someone dedicate their time to help a brand specific forum? Would they try to secretly sell their own troubleshooting or solutions software, or even be a spy for another company?

Over the years most of my questions and been answered in spades. Through private messaging and two summits I have met, discussed, and built relationships with individuals from all over the world who dedicate their free time to helping HP customers.


With rewards of sorts driven through tools within the forum such as kudos and threads that are marked as “resolved” as well as their desire to have a happy customer these individuals dedicate as much as dozens or more hours every single week working with customers on our forums.


These customer HP Experts have the ability to escalate to our team through private messaging and do a great job of both filtering out non-issues while also gathering pertinent information including troubleshooting details and customer contact info which saves our team time in the escalation process.


While communication on the forum works well, our relationships blossomed when we were able to meet face-to-face at the HP summits. By the social media team bringing these people in and our management allowing us to attend we were able to not only solidify these relationships but to grow new ones as well. I have found the summits to be a great tool to reward the super users and allow us to engage them face-to-face. @CherylG, @WyreNut,  @erico, @Daniel_Potyrala, and many others who I met provide an invaluable resource to HP by resolving customers and preventing calls. In direct discussions I have learned more about their passion and their motivations. They have tenacity, staying with the customer through their experience and ensuring resolution, rather than responding once and then not returning replies.


I do have a full-time job outside of the forums, and when my workload is full there are times that are very difficult for me to assist however I tried to remain a contributing member to our forums as much as possible because I believe in their ability to provide a happy customer experience that can even be a greater satisfaction than contacting HP through the phone system.


One of the things that our customer Experts are capable of doing that I personally appreciate is creating documentation and assisting customers with topics that HP does not want to officially document. This is typically a situation where full testing cannot be devoted to a particular topic or for something that is out of support scope. One example of this is downgrading to an older operating system. Our customer Experts have spent countless hours seeking drivers and getting customers resolved in a fashion that satisfies the customer.


I would just like to publicly thank ALL of our customer Experts for their dedication to HP and would like them to know that we appreciate everything that they do. They help create customers for life.


I worked for HP.
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Re: High five, we’re five! The CONTEST!

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Expert: @Sanchertx5th.jpg



I have been a Member of the forums since the very beginning, I was excited to realize that this was a new avenue to be able to  help HP Customers and retain their loyalty.


I have had many memorable experiences on the forums and this is one of my favorites:



This one happened during an Expert Day, and it was a thread that nobody was touching. This is unique because we have so much participation from Experts during these events that many times we are stumbling over each other to answer threads.


The question was on a 9 year old ( 10 now ) Notebook HP Pavilion ze5700 Laptop running Windows XP. Immediately it caught my eye, because of the age of the Notebook and the nature of the problem. The customer had recently upgraded his router and bought an external adaptor in hopes of getting up to real world wireless speeds. He was told repeatedly by Netgear, HP support and others that he would not be able to do this and his only hope was to go with a wired connection.


The customer was starting to question his purchase and was wondering if the adaptor was too fast for his notebook. After some research , I found that there was an Windows XP update that was required to enhance the XP wireless client and added support for newer networking hardware. I posted a link to this update and the customer applied it and responded back that it worked!


It was a fantastic feeling to know that I was able to help a loyal customer get connected wirelessly with a 9 year system ! :)


She’s a Beauty !


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Microprocessor Cache

128 KB L2 Cache


256 MB DDR SDRAM (1 x   256 MB)

Memory Max

1024 MB DDR SDRAM (2 x 512 MB)

Video Graphics

ATI MOBILITY RADEON 4X AGP and 3D architecture

Video Memory

64 MB DDR (shared)

Hard Drive

60 GB   enhanced-IDE hard disk drive (4200rpm)


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I worked for HP.
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Re: High five, we’re five! The CONTEST!

Expert: @Big_Dave 



When I learned about a colleague of the forum was facing some difficult personal life issues, I reached out privately to explain that I had at one point had to go through the same situation.  I believe that our exchanges dealing with personal life issues were so much more beneficial than a technical exchange. You can't measure or quantify reaching out to help someone on the personal level but it does make a difference not only to the person being consoled and also to me knowing that I can make a difference.


I worked for HP.
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Re: High five, we’re five! The CONTEST!

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Expert: @SomelOguh 



A New Hope


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….


It is a period of computer technology, companies, working their best in their headquarters, are struggling and have won their first victories against the world economic crisis.


During the crisis, companies managed to build amazing products which will rule the entire planet. Customers like the one I was able to see, on the galaxy Forum, where his AIO Printer was full or invaded by ants, in a brand new unit, or was it a repaired unit…can’t recall it now, since it was long, long, long time ago…never mind!


Pursued by the crisis, leaders of such companies were able to develop plans that can save all people and restore hope to the galaxy….no more AIO Printers being invaded by ants! They are now more robust, more secure than ever before!


Issue was resolved by putting sugar next to the printer, ants just move to get their sweet! :)


I worked for HP.
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