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Welcome and Introduction

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Welcome to a brand new section of HP Total Care Forums, Did You Know!


The purpose of this section will be to educate you on news and topics that are relevant to this community.  Visit this area often for posts and updates related to events such as forum events, forum success stories, product and support news, top forum users, highlighted forum hot topics of the week and other helpful information. 


Some of the people you will see contributing often to this area include those you may already know:


DaniW: Global site manager for HP’s Consumer Forums and enjoys working with social media and Web 2.0 on the customer front.
Katie_H: English Community Manager and Global Lead for Expert Day. Katie has been with HP for five years and is passionate about social media.
LoisT: Another long-time HP'er, Lois runs HP’s customer operations social media team and loves connecting with people all over the world.
SiobhanF: Community engagement manager, helping to ensure HP customer support is top notch.


Be sure to check back frequently for the latest updates.  Thank you for visiting, we are very excited at the opportunity to engage in further interaction with our valued customers. 


I worked for HP.
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A Different kind of Question

Hello Dani, Garen, Lois and Siobahn ( which I know is pronounce shha bahn),

I don't know what happened to that first post, but when I inserted the letter below it took me straightway out...

Anyway, I wanted to say how much I liked this new page you've started here and had a different typy of request or question for you that is not one that I'm sure you've heard before.

I want to know how to go about testing HP products  to speak about on my radio show.

The two we've been hearing has cause the most media attention are the HP Pavillian dv7 Entertainment Notebook and the HP tx2z (my personal favorite) and I sent a letter to your boss, but it's probably doubtful if I'll really hear back.

Springfield City Beat 1080 Internet Radio is a music and talk show hosted on and we give listeners a chance to get involved with the show. I've been using my old HPPavillian 9870 (yes, it's still running and well I might say, even if it is on it's last legs- had it since my business in Seattle, hmm, I guess it's about 6 or 7 now)

Anyway, I hoping you could direct me to the appropriate people who could help me on the show and let people know how great HP was, is and now with the new line, even better.

Her is the letter (a portion) I sent to Mr. Hurd

Springfield City Beat 1080 Internet would like to sample your product for consumer advice column and program we are designing for future broadcast.

“City Beat City Talk” is music and talk show formatted internet radio program which focuses on the needs of its listeners, the community ideas and how what happens in the world affects them.

An avid user of technology, the host wishes to utilize your products to evaluate their potential as conssistant sponsorship viability with your product name key in the elsemts of our marketing plans We hope that you feel your item are worthy of market promotions your advertisement portray and Radio 1080 is prepared to provide adequate mention of the fact on its daily shows, if allow to test and use your products.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be another marking voice for your product.

Our production and technological promotions department wishes to utilize two models that seem to be making a great impression on the current computer market; i.e.; HP TouchSmart tx2z series and the HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series.

Our appreciatiton for these testing models will be displayed in the commercials out company creats to display and encourage usage of the aforementioned products and we hope that use of your own product commercial will be available to run on our site as well with the use of these products.


Thank you and if approved, Bobby Fleeks and Write Professionals looks forward to a long a rewarding association with your company.

..and thank you for any help you can offer.


Bobby Fleeks

10 to 11 AM Mon, Wed, Fri and also broadcast on and simulcast on 24/7

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Re: A Different kind of Question

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for introducing yourself and letting us get acquainted with your radio program. You mention 3-4 different different departments within HP.

For our testing and QA work, we put our systems through a solid set of intense steps to make sure the hardware and software is working. Generally, this needs to be done in a lab format. By the time a unit is ready to be released to the public, our internal testing is finished.

We do provide a small controlled set of products for press-release, but those units are required back to HP after the evalution period is finished.

As for advertising, HP does not provide free product to customers as an advertising channel.

Hope that helps. I would suggest contact the marketing channels within HP if you have more questions. Good luck with the radio show. 

I worked for HP.
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Re: A Different kind of Question

Thanks GarenT,


I appreciate your answer and thank you for responding.

I have noticed other large companies do allow product models to companies for product evaluation, but did not know that units had to be returned (this I would not mind either) after the consumer's trial.


I would not mind being part of any consumer research group like that if you would let them know I am avaiable, as even that seems a good idea... and how long is this evaluation process usually?


Btw- do you know that Write Professionals has a Not For Profit branch that could use free product that you COULD WRITE OFF (tax deductable) if given to M.A.A.W. an agency that assist innocent male victims accused of domestic violence (erroneous 911 calls to an emergency facilitor) when none has actually occurred (a serious problem in Washington State).

Only available to those who actually did not commit a crime.


Thank you so much on the thoughts for the program, Garen T.

I hope you listen sometime, we talk about everything under and above the sun!

... and We'd love to have you hear!



Write Professionals, Creating Words That Sell

Springfield City Beat 1080 Internet Radio

Radio for the rest of us!

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Re: A Different kind of Question

Oh Garen T, before I go, you do know you got that whole John Archer (Star Trek Enterprise) look down pat! Smiley Wink lol "Where no man has gone before."


Thanks again.



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Re: Welcome and Introduction



I wanted to check if there was any HPQC forum that I can post my questions on?





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Easy to find link for HP Quality Center Forms or Blogs

Are there any links on HP's site for Quality center forums or blogs?







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Re: Welcome and Introduction

paint program.  there is numbers in the bottom screen of the program

can these be changed and what is the measurement?  in mm cm or decimals????

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