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DesignJet 1050C
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am searching for a Plotter and i have found a used DesignJet 1050C in very good condition. What i would like to know is if this plotter has any "present" and "future".


1. Can i run the plotter on Windows 10 x64?

2. Can i source replacement ink cartridges easily?

3. Can i source spare parts in case something fails?


In conclusion, do you think it's wise to grab the bargain and get this printer or i should invest in a more modern machine?

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Easy answer (and personal opinion only):


No, don't do it.


Found an old datasheet dated 2006 - more than ten years old.


HP Designjet 1000 Series 1050c, 1050c Plus, 1055CM, 1055CM Plus Printers - Overview and Specificatio...



I do not find any Windows 10 drivers for this device (Add-a-Printer) -- and the home page and driver page for the printer appear to have fallen into the abyss.



@Bob_Headrickis right about the Windows 10 driver (of course).  I forgot to click the Windows Updates box in the Add a Printer procedure.  :smileyembarrassed:  Smiling.


Although Enterprise products (those intended for a work environment) tend to last longer than consumer grade products -- and might be supported longer -- I do not find enough information on this printer / plotter to recommend it.



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A different "easy answer" - go for it, if it is in good condition and a good price.  The driver for Windows 10 is supplied through Windows Update.  Supplies are available, see the Office Depot listings here for example.  (The supplies are pricey - about $1K for a full set of the large cartridges).


I do not have a Designjet 1050c, but I do have a Deskjet 750c that is nearly 20 years old.  It is getting difficult to find cartridges for that one these days, I typically get mine on eBay. There are plenty of suppliers for parts for mine.


It would probably be best to hear from a user with a 1050c, they may have more first hand knowledge. 



Bob Headrick,  HP Expert

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1k for the cartridges plus 0.5k for the actual plotter is too much.

For about 2k i can buy a brand new and modern plotter.

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I have one I'd GIVE you if you're close to Omaha, NE.  Needs a new black printhead is all.


Replaced mine with a Designjet 800PS.  Supplies are cheaper, driver is easy to find.  I just need to make room so the 1050C has to go.


Having said that, if the price is right for the 1050C (below $200) and you REALLY need a printer and your options are limited, it's doable.  Printheads are not too cheap but the ink tanks are reasonalbe for the amount of ink they hold.  I had one that got pretty heavy use for about 5 years and it only gave me a problem with a printhead lately.  Had an opportunity to buy the 800 for $70 and couldn't pass it up.  The 800 does 42" prints while the 1050C is limited to 36".  Also, my 1050C would not print photos or images of any kind and I needed one that would.


Driver isn't an issue.  I have one if you need it that will work on Win 10 on down.  I've had very good luck using the driver from the 5000 series printer instead of the 1050C.  It gives more options for printing.


Ebay is a good source for supplies and parts at a reasonalble price.


2K for a new plotter?  What brand and size?

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The answer is ultimately yours, just keep in mind the following :


This model is no longer supported by HP and new parts are getting harder and harder to source.

Used parts may be abundant but that is another risk.


This was the premier printer of its time and we still have clients wanting their new machines to match what this one could do in terms of colour and reliabilty.


As a premier HP dealer we do not source used parts so we get our clients into new units and keep the parts so we can keep other 1050c existing clients up and running whenever possible.


Good Luck,



NOTE: I wouldn't do it.


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D Hook,,


I don't understand,,,, if you are using a driver for the 5000 series and it gives you more printing options in the 1050c, why can't you print images and photos?


I have a 1050c and that's all I use it for is photos, posters and canvas prints for studio wrap.

You should be able to print images!!!!

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You know, I never went too far in finding out why because I have a 5000ps 60" that I use for photos and the 1050C was only used for line drawings.  Whenever trying to print images, it would come out a garbled black mess.  I'm pretty sure I had the language option set to Auto.  Don't think it was the driver as much as a setting on the printer that I have (had ) wrong.


Need another 1050C?  Free to the first person to come pick it up in Omaha.

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LOL,,,,, No I don't need another one, but I have had some good luck with mine. I go as far as using bulk ink from bottles and filling up the 350m cartridges and replace the chip with a resetable chip. It works!!!

I'm suppose to be getting a T770 for free from my work. can't pass that up...lol

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