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HP Designjet T2300 postscript eMFP

Too long, I know:      I sold my T2300 MFP to a guy about 550 miles away—too far!—and trucked it to him for a few bucks, Arrgghh! 1st I should not have but did: leave the paper loaded (I normally remove the spindles), leave the formatter installed (Doh! I normally pull it because of all the potholes in I-70! Can’t believe I did that but I forgot, got it all wrapped up with stretch wrap, covered with a couple tarps, and doh! Forgot to pull the formatter! Gosh darn it!).


I get it to the buyer and fire it up. The first thing it does is “file system checking”. Kinda made me think the bang binging bang bonging thumpety thumping trip down I-70 damaged the hard drive! My heart kinda sank—I knew I should have pulled the formatter, but I’m not 100% that is the problem. In hindsight I did put 2” foam blocks under the pallet but had it cinched down pretty good.


File system checking was taking so god awful long that I turned it off—impatient, I know. It finally started up. Later on, I tried resetting the EEROM, hard drive recovery, file system checking (I should have let the first time complete), disk wiping (the fast insecure one), etc. all to no success with the following roll paper load problem. I had installed the latest firmware, IG_14_01_01.1. I thought “it didn’t do this before with the previous firmware”, IG_06_00_00.2. So I went back to an earlier firmware update, IG_12_01_01.1—I was surprised I could do that. I tried to go back to IG_06_00_00.2 but could not. Actually originally I went from IG_06_00_00.2 to IG_14_01_01.1. ….I was throwing things at it.


All the buyer had for me was an extension cord. I should have gotten it to a wall outlet.


I proceeded to load the paper rolls. I get a continual “load paper for next job” when I tried to do a test print. I, in my mind, had loaded the paper rolls properly. I think this happened for both rolls when I tried to test print on each roll.


I later found on the HP wide format forum that this statement could be addressed by doing the “sheet sensor calibration”. The subject printer of that thread was a T790. I have told the buyer to do this calibration.


Also, I continually get “status: paper unload required” when again I have done all I can do to install a roll properly. It seems to give this statement for what was the “active” roll after it attempts to “pause” the “active” roll by backing it out a bit. It gave this statement after I was trying to print to roll 2 and “pause” roll 1.


Keep in mind it seems to work with 1 roll loaded but once I try to install the 2nd roll it “seems” to kick the 1st roll out too far so that it is no longer detected. Not sure that is the case, but seems that it is backed out too far. Seems I even hear the curl of the paper slide backwards.


Sometimes or eventually I can get it to the right status—1 roll “active” with green check mark and the 2nd roll “paused” with the small red “pause” circle. But when I try to print to the “paused” roll I get back to square 1—error statements.


I tried to print to the “paused” roll 2 or more times. It seemed that I was about to have success, but I would get a “hang” at “loading roll” (the roll that was previously paused). One time “loading roll” was on the screen, then there was a brief flash on the screen, then it “hung” with “loading roll” on the screen.


For example: I loaded roll 1. I printed diagnostic image on roll 1. Then I tried to load roll 2. It attempts to park roll 1. For roll 1 it then, I think, states “status: paper unload required” (Seems roll 1 got unloaded…or something.)


Then I tried to load roll 2. Got it loaded. Tried to print diagnostic image. It states “load paper for next job”.


It will seemingly load the 1st roll attempted to be loaded. But when attempting to load the 2nd roll I will encounter the messages:

1. “load paper for next job” (for the paused roll when I am trying to print to it) &

2. “status: paper unload required” (for what was the active roll when I am trying to print to the paused roll).


I had it test hardware. However, on the ECM test including formatter it hung at “getting information”.

I tested sensors including paper sensors—all OK.

Tested rewinders—OK.

Even did paper drive test, seemingly OK.

Rewinder Adjust performed—both 1 & 2.

Paper advance calibration performed—both rolls.


I have told buyer to:

1. Plug directly into wall outlet, as might be a power issue (…heck, I don’t know). &

2. Perform “sheet sensor calibration”. The “sheet sensor calibration” is the only resolution I have seen for the statement “load paper for next job”, from HP wide format forum and from doing an online search.


Sorry, I get long winded on these story-telling ventures.


Thanks a heap for any input.

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try  this step          press  menu     job management      quequ      delete the unfinished file  ....

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Thanks for your response.   I'll pass it on.   I have never encountered this before, and have dealt with maybe 2-3 dozen T & Z series.    One guy said maybe it could be a roll slipping between the core and end caps or the core and paper roll.


Sorry, on the touchscreen T (& Z?) series I didn't make the connection between the front panel statement "file system checking" and the  push button front panel's "FSCK".   So it is a rather common occurrence.

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I came across this topic which deals with media switching on a T1300--no solution.   Seems the issue is a media with a tight curl which keeps unloading or continually unloads because of a tight or strong curl.   In my case, one roll is HP Universal Bond which seems to have a tight curl at least when it gets toward the end of the roll--it is getting fairly close to the end of the roll.  This might be my problem.   The other roll I think is a 20# inkjet bond that has a greater length left on the roll.:




(BTW, the T2300 worked fine before I delivered it to the buyer.)

HP Recommended

I may not get a definitive resolution of this problem.   The buyer seemed more interested in getting a partial refund than resolving the inability to load both rolls.   Perhaps thinking that 1 roll could be sufficient, he could fix it himself, or could pay someone less than the refund to fix it, etc.


Again, I think the resolution could be:   getting 1 or 2 full or fuller rolls, so that one or both do not have such tight curls at the ends of the rolls, especially as the 42" HP Universal Bond seems to have--thinking the curl is so tight that possibly it "springs" itself out of the entry slot for the paper,   or getting 1 or 2 full or fuller rolls that definitely are not separated from the core(s)--if 1 or both are separated from the core(s) there is no back tension on the paper.


Or placing a few rounds of tape (electrical or whatever works) around the paper spindle end cap center splines such that they do not slip within the paper cores.


Or performing the "sheet sensor calibration".   I doubt this is the resolution, but it might be; I didn't get the chance to try it.


Again, the buyer would not attempt any of these possible remedies and is about 550 miles away so I can not easily return to try these possible remedies--and I have issued a partial refund for the malfunction.


Thanks for the input.

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