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Z3200ps-44 Fails to print at 96" size - Help!

HP Recommended
Z3200p6 44"
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
last updated - 1:10 pst

This is my first attempt to print a 96"+ print on  the Z -  All attempts to have failed.  
Unit prints the first 6" then quits and feeds the blank paper to the size of the paper setting.
Printing directly out of PS5 - mac OSX 10.9.5 - quad core, 64 gigs of RAM
Thus far to resolve this I have done the following
  • Reduced file size to 200 dpi at hte output size
  • converted file from 16 bit to 8 bit RGB
  • cleared queue in hardrive, set to do not save print queue
  • the usual reboots of everything
I am thinking this may be a software issue, perhaps driver or firmware issue, however, I believe I have the latest versions.  

Next steps to test:

>>load cheap paper, set up a 5 point rule line and try to run a 96" print to confirm the printer will do.
Result:  Z accepted a rule line 97 x 36" file, sent to a 97 x 36" paper setting -  printed without problem

>>It was also suggested to reduce the file size to 150dpi:   

>>My HP tech thought there may be a bug with printing to the full 44" paper width and I may have to cheat that back to 43.75" as one idea, to see if the max width is what may be causing this. HE thought there may be a bug and had recalled hearing of other having issues with output like this

>>It was then suggested to try reducing the file size to 150dpi at output size, but I am not sure why the file size would prevent me from printing this, if I already was able to print this from its unflattened 3.2 gig master file.

  • Photoshop output to Z3200PS Model 2 set to 97 x 44” fails - printing directly out of Photoshop, set for Printer manages color.
  • sheet size was set to 98 x 44;
  • I tried the file in 16 bit and 8 bit; all flattened, 200 dpi at out size
  • Hangs at "Looking for printer"
  • Then displays "remote host would not accept data"
  • starts to print anyway
  • panel displays correct time to print image - 107 minutes in this case
  • prints first 6" of the image, about 5 minutes
  • Panel then changes to 30 seconds to print
  • Print then stops, and starts feeding the paper to 98” paper size and cuts it if not aborted  
  • print repeated this two more times when left unattended (ouch)
  • Only occurs when sending a full-size final for output
  • Previously printed up to 72” (HP ID photo Satin) from 16-bit files without issues 
  • This file which failed has printed without issue in all testing, and full size 44 x 24” (3.2 gigs 16 bit in layers) 
  • No change in result if I reduce size to 200 dpi or 8 bit from 16bit 
  • File: RGB Tif 19K pixels, 16 bit


  • Media: failure is on Hahnamuele Bamboo
  • System: Mac 4.1, quad core 2.26 64 gigs RAM
  • software: CS5.5  - Mac OSX 10.9.5
    HP z3200PS Model B
    firmware version is:  TR12-RB_15.0.1.4
    ....(note: download center links to a different firmware for the model B : TR12-RB_14_00_01-4_mvl40-x86-opt_B.fmw
    printer Utility is version 9.4 (447.2)

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Year later - same issue - going in circles -  



You know you are screwed when a year later - you have the same problem - you are searching google for help and you find your own post...


and are facing yet again having to do a workaround because HP apparently is incapable of responding to this or fixing the bug; defect


What the Z3200 really no design to print > 96"   Why did I purchase this nightmare? 


Why should have I to use the Webserver as a workaround vs printing out of Photoshop CC 2018?


What is wrong with HP -     this is driving me Epson




Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 6.55.13 PM.png

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I have 2 Z3200 44" & never have any long print issues. one time I printed a banner 35 feet by 24". perfect.



for example, if your image was 96" x 36" & roll is 36", rotate your image to vertical...


you should define your print size    width  36"     length   96"   ( I like to add little more for margin.

portrait mode.     then pick    scale to fit.



try it


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HI Jason - thanks for your reply 



Are you printing with the embedded web server (EWS)?   


I systematically tested every method to achieve prints (44 x 96") with photoshop, and all efforts failed.   The only method of printing > 44 x 60 was achieved by using the EWS


This "bug" only seems to exist when printing out of Photoshop directly, whether old versions or the CC-2018 - all fail.


So far - all attempts to engage Adobe with this matter have resulted in proverbial "crickets"


notes from 6-10-18

  • problem file approx 11,000 x 24,000 pixels RGB TIF 16 bit 4.2 GB, layers PSB large file format
  • Image size in PS is 43.5 x 96"

  1. 7:56 PM Test - full size printer set to 98” output - - rejects file whether 8 or 16 bit data enable
  2. 8:00 PM  Changed paper for 96” x 44  < rejected data 32 message, therefore > 96” does not impact failure
  3. Changed file to 200 dpi at output size; failed
  4. Rebooted PS - print  44 x 60” from flattened original file - sized to fit; succeeded in sending file to printer
  1. Rebooted - test of original PSB file, full size
    1. Result: rejected
  2. 10:14 PM  rebooted - Processed PSB file unflawed; reduced to 150 dpi - output - mergers layers in that process -
    1. Failed 32
  3. 10:26 PM  printing 100% output strip from underlying file; 44 x 6"
    1. Printed successful though slow
  4. 10:47 PM  printing100% output strip from underlying file; 44 x 6” / changed to vertical
    1. Turned off extra detail and passes in panel to see if it speeds printing
    2. Send time was fractional - indicated that the  processing to printer of that is a big issue for printing
    3. Increased brightness 10% and contrast 5%
  5. 11:03 PM  flattened file; Test full size; extra pass and details not enabled on panel
    1. Failed 32 again
  6. 11:06 PM  reduced flattened file to 100 dpi, < 1000 pixels
    1. Processing time to “look for printer - 2X faster or more
    2. “Printing looking for printing” 3X faster 11:08 PM completed
    3. Still failed - therefore the pixel dimension seems less the issue than simply making a 96” print
  7. Received by printer 11:26 PM Webserver test - off: extra detail and passes
    1. Sent file - entire full size image
    2. 11:37 PM  printing started in printer - processing
    3. 12:21 AM   checked - retains the settings from the HP panel - color is consistent
    4. print completed about 1:00 am 
  8. Question  does EWS default to the settings on the printer panel ( eg paper, more passes, gloss enhancer off),
    1. thereby it is not necessary to change those settings in the EWS
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I use only Photoshop cs5 with Windows 7 64 bit.Mainly for giclee / canvas prints & few on photo paper.


Recently I started to use Photoshop CC 2018, but this version print crazy with size, margine problems...



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This error existed and thwarted all efforts to cure problem with CS6 previously Mac OSX


I had presumed that one year later with a much fast Mar Pro 6.1 with 1T SSD boot drive, 64gb of faster RAM etc., and the latest PS-CC 2018 that HP would have fixed the problem


Oddly, HP also claims that there are no print drivers or software available for the CURRENT Mac OS - version High sierra - naturally, I am terrified to update anything - the drivers worked ( older ones)


Either the HP website has a GUI bug- defect, or they do not care about user experience, or they are not able to keep up like EPSON and Canon and stay current with common OS upgrade  - either way, troubling finding and they have had over a year to fix this.


so far - crickets from HP  - it is as if they do not care - but wait...  they do have a new version of the z3200 they want to sell me....  


the question HP should be asking is how reliable their brand is looking as we debate new printer...



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