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42:10 error for T790

error code: “SE 86:01” Diagnostic Please Call HP Support and provide error code: 42:10 (Motor error


Is there any one to assist?



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Re: error code 81:01

Lets get real here. You latched onto a thread for a T790 with a 81:01 error and give us info of a 86:01 and 42:10 error not telling us if the same model and the circumstances. Suggest you start a new thread with information we can understand and maybe there will be one to assist.
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Re: 42:10 error for T790



Error 86:01 is usually related to the Carraige Belt that needs replacing.  Open the lid and have a look inside the printer to see the condition of the black rubber belt. 


Hope this helps.

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Re: 42:10 error for T790

86.01 - Scan Axis error.  Something is obstructing your carriage from moving.  Running the Scan Axis Test from the Diagnostics menu and seeing where the carriage gets hung up will be where to start looking for an obstruction or damage.


Check the Drive belt for wear,

Encoder Strip for dirt or damage,

Cutter staying engaged or hanging up on teh cutting path

Check carriage rail is properly lubricated


42.10 - Scan Axis Motor failing.  42 stands for the sub system of the scan axis motor and 10 is stating to replace the motor.


I had a T2300 (same printer family)  that had a 86.01, the carriage was getting stuck on the left side of printer.  The cutter was remaining engaged and getting caught on the printer platen.  Removed and ran Scan Axis Test.  It passed so i had cutter replaced.  Month later same error,  this time it mentioned the 42.10.


I came to realize when the cutter got engaged, the clip that locks the belt to the carriage broke.  The motor got burnt out from trying to run and sometimes the carriage would move and other times the belt would come loose.


Resolved :  Replace Carriage Assembly with cutter and Scan Axis Motor.

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