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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Recommended
HP pavilion 27" desktop
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

The community needs to learn and understand that the Microsoft platform is loaded with back doors and has well known security disabilities that make the camera and microphones easily hacked (anything on Windows is designed with vulnerabilities to please various national security alphabet agencies)


I want physical control over the microphone 

I will use my own and will physically install it only when I intend to use it. 



HP Recommended



Welcome to the HP Community.

Be Aware:

Do not respond to individuals who post phone numbers or email addresses.

Do not respond to individuals who ask you to provide private information in a public Post.

These people might be scammers trying to steal your information / money.



Our HP Community is as diverse as our members - we have different opinions about any subject.


The computer / phone / tablet industry is geared to what sells, what is wanted by the general public, what is easy to build for "most people", what is reasonable in terms of access and cost.  Things change all the time, of course.



To find the location of the microphone on your computer,

You first need to know the full model name / product number.


How to find:

Finding your Product Name, Product Number, or Serial Number

Reminder:  Never post the serial number or any private information in the Community – we are a public resource.


Once you know the product information,

Open the home page for your device,

Open Category Manuals


Where to look:

  • If there is one available, the physical attributes (components) are explained in the Service Guide.
  • If there is one available, the User Guide provides the location of the external components, including (for example) the microphone and webcam.




Places to check / control / set your microphone


Disable the Device

Open Device Manager > Audio inputs and outputs

Right-Click on the Microphone and Disable



What else?


Settings > Privacy > Microphone

Section "Allow apps to access your microphone"

Switch to OFF

NOTE:  Some applications / installers are unaffected by these settings.

Reference:  Windows 10 desktop apps and privacy 


Permanent Disable (Not recommended)

If your device is no longer in Warranty,

If you find the Service Guide for your computer,

Read the guide to find and physically disconnect the microphone.


Weird but mostly effective workaround:

After you have located the microphone on the outside of your device,

Cover the microphone with something to block the microphone input.

For example, search for "Sticky Tack" on the net.  As long as the device (computer) does not have to open and close (laptop), a tiny ball of sticky-tack can be used to create a temporary "block".



Upgrade your network and computer / device security. 

Tools are available to help you manage your environment to your personal standards.

Generally, the products you purchase provide more features than any of the free alternatives.


Device Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Device - Solve Problems

NOTE:  Content depends on device type and Operating System

Categories:  Alerts, Warranty Check, HP Drivers / Software and BIOS, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, Manuals > User Guide, Service and Maintenance Guide (Replacement Parts and Procedures), Product Information (Specifications), more

When the website support page opens, Select (as available) a Category > Topic > Subtopic

Open Product Home

Enter the type and name of your HP device


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Our Community is comprised of volunteers - people who own and use HP devices.

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