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Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)

Hello community I hope someone of you guys will help me with the issue I have with my computer I have the HP PAVILION TouchSmart 20 All-in-one PC  Serial No. [Personal Information Removed] MODEL No.20-f234 I have been trying to getting to star and it won’t star and the screen is black all I can hear is the noise from the inside of the computer but can’t see or do anything I’ll appreciate it if is any help ?

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dead PC (wont start)

20-f234   AIO  Product code; H5P49AA#ABA

noise if normal is fan.

screen dead is big clue,

BIOS can not be reached due to dead SCREEN

since that is dead no F12 diagnostics run, lacking a working screen.

it seems like a power problem. to me.

do  the long 10 second power on button reset first?  hold it in for 10 seconds, 1 potato 2 p....

up to 20 things can fail and do that, PC have huge  shared resources even power. so... we do lots  of test in shop.

even strip down tests. ask or....


unplug all USB devices first, to see of they are overloading a PC.

try new power pack or test it. for 19vdc, below is hp P/n for it.

671296-001P/S, 65W Con11 EPS, 87% EFF, 19.5Vdc
NO warranty answers by me.
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I have a different view of the issue.


There is an LED on the back of the AIO indicating the motherboard is getting power.  If you hear a fan running, we KNOW this is true, but you need to confirm that the LED is lit.


If that is true, it is unlikely a power issue per se.  But, we don't know what it is.


To determine the cause with hardware failures, you have to be able run diagnostics. We have no way of accessing your PC from here, so we can not do that for you. You have to do it yourself.

You do this by pressing the Esc key repeatedly when rebooting and then, when the HP Startup Menu appears, selecting Diagnostics (usually F2) and letting it run.

If it is NOT possible to run diagnostics, or if that does not work, then there is NOTHING more you can do by yourself -- and there is NOTHING we can do because we have no way of accessing your PC from here to run diagnostics or repair hardware.

You will need to have the PC physically examined in a service facility by folks that can run their own diagnostics to determine what is wrong with it.

If your PC is still under the original one-year HP warranty, or if you have purchased an extended warranty from HP and this is still valid, then having HP do this is an inexpensive option for you. In that case, you should contact HP Customer Support to see about having it repaired or replaced under warranty.

To contact HP Support see the following link to create yourself a case number:

Step 1. Here is the link: https://support.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp
Step 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detect
Step 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"
Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options

If your PC is no longer under warranty, then it will cost you up front to have HP examine your PC. If you want to do that, you will have to contact an HP Repair or Service Center to see if they can examine the PC to determine the cause(s) of the problems, if it can be repaired, and an estimate of the repair costs.

Since you live in the U.S., here is a link to the HP Service Repair Centers:

If that link does not provide the results you want then use the main HP link:

Good Luck


I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
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How does one save or recover personal files and info if the hard drive is not working.......I'm sending mine in to HP for repair and hesitate to take to the local guru to recover my files in case that voids the warranty?  Does HP save my info and files and return them to me after repair under warranty?  BIG question.......   🙂

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