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Envy 810-30qe
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Was having problems with bluetooth keyboard cutting in and out.  Updated the driver and then rebooted.  Decided to run UEFI diagnostic on bluetooth while I was there.  UEFI said there was a BIOS update from 80.23 to 80.25.  Performed update, now system won't boot.   Error 0x0c00001
Ran lastest version of Diags for machine, no hardware errors found.  Checking the Support site, there is no bios listed for this machine (about 6 years old).  Got the 4 in 1 USB key.  No 80.23 or 80.25 bios.  I keep getting error messages about no signature file on bios during boot.  Suspect that never got written during upgrade.

I took out all the drives, and attempt to boot Live Unbuntu from usb stick.  Would not launch.  I think this confirms the issue is the bios.  But without a bios to reinstall, can't go forward or backward, just a hunk of metal.  

Anybody know where I can find the current bios for this model?  

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Here is a place to start



If you go to the support pages for that model and pick Software and drivers, then BIOS version are listed there but you have to pick a different Windows OS, because they are listed under Windows 8.1.  I do not actually see the 80.23 bios but there is an older version shown and the 80.25 bios

I'm not an HP employee.
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810-330qe cmT CASE? OLDest IS 9 YEARS OLD. !

WHY  not replacing the wireless keyboard/mouse batteries be first, batteries are weak technology,  and fail often even in 6 short months..

why risk bricking (BIOS flashed) on  an PC for a simple dead battery. in the keyboard or wireless mouse,  ? and RTC coin too..

the mouse worked for years, why would BIOS suddenly go bad, the eeprom cells are 100-200 year retention, why?

no mouse or keyboard told, maker and model .

The OS drivers   for you PC will not support none HP keyboard nor mouse but will work with MS OS PnP drivers if you let it.

BT must work first.

a hunk of metal ?, uses wired mouse too,  $4 mouse USB wired, works for over 4 decades now, back to 1998 uSB.

I just upgraded my mouse  (china brand) that is lithium Ion battery inside that must be charged to work.

It is NOT BIOS firmware bad,  , Repeat 3 times for effect.😎

Even the manual tells you BT mouse not support at BIOS screens, only USB. for sure endless brands of BT mice.

first make sure the RTC coin cell battery is not dead, or above 2.9vdc.

then replace the silly mouse battery just do that next,  this  old I CAN NOT BE GOOD EVER.

then learn how to boot Ubuntu v17+ from USB stick to do that one can do that 2 ways





wireless mice as class,  (vast models) so not have full support in LINUX.  sorry they do not.  nor full blue tooth support.

who made you mouse, maker and model.  we can ask them for drivers.

the manual on your PC shows a wired mouse and keyboard. not BT

the PC drivers may be frozen at HP.

power on hammer f9 to get boot on the fly boot menu and then pick  USB Ubuntu,  v17+ is best.

Ubuntu is not liking vast BT devices,  (but yours was not told sorry) that is my best answer with little input.

last bios was here.

8.21 Rev.A4.0 MBDec 12, 2015


what if the BIOS was perfect and need no change, seems like it no? 5years held there, to me daily bios upgrades smack

of bad designers, and zero testing.  to me.

on PC we test all batterers , the RTC coin and the unstated mouse battery too.

then set BIOS setting correctly, too PXE off if seen and boot order correct so that linux stick I have too works.

the USB wired mouse, keep one handy so no need to drive to the store for batteries every  6 months.

that is my ADVICE and never seen one I could not cure.

NO warranty answers by me.
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no keyboard told a all make and model.

the bios at HP is under w8 only not w10 , so pick w8 and this update covers w8 and w10 , sadly masked if you tell HP it is w10. but there it is 2015 for w8 , and does not support BT, inside BIOS screens, oK

no keyboard told nor mouse are both BT?

the battery is dead, (all) after 9 year they all are)

Got the 4 in 1 USB key. No 80.23 or 80.25 bios,,, <<<< what does this mean? 4 in 1 key?  not sure that, curious sure.


the RTC coin cell batteries die at 5 to 7 year old (intel and battery maker spec states that) so at 9 years, it fur sure is dead

as is all wireless keyboards or mice over 6 MONTHS old. dead.

learn that when RTC battery dies the BIOS goes NUTS, it shows endless random errors, or EVEN BLACK SCREENs.

learn the F9 key , not covered in any books at HP this pC, not one clue, SAD NO?

power on (RTC coin not dead) and hammer F9 see boot on the fly menu.  see linux usb stick


there I answered the BIOS 2015 w8 answer,

NO warranty answers by me.
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