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OMEN Desktop is DEAD after just a few days of ownersh. Three attempts by HP to repair... FAILED!!!

HP Recommended
OMEN Desktop PC 870-151
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Computer is "DEAD"!!!


THIRD attempt by HP towards 'Repair'!!! FORTH attempt scheduled, but DELAYED - No Parts!!!


However, upon receiving the computer after the latest (Per Service Order BLRJ2891-01 and per Case #501399834) of THREE attempts by HP to resolve ALL problems with the computer, I find that the initial problem with the computer HAS NOT been repaired.


The initial problem with the computer (Addressed via Service Order BLPS1394-01 and Case #5013091892) was, and still is, the failure of the computer to ‘Turn On’ or to ‘Power Up’ when and after pressing the “On/Off” switch. Further, towards this attempt at repair, instead of addressing the ‘Power up’ issue, HP replaced the ‘Wireless Board’ (WHAT???). The returned computer STILL failed to ‘Power Up’.


A new order was placed. Service Order BLPX6317-01 and Case #5013404887 became the second attempt at repair by HP. This attempt resulted in the replacement of the “System Motherboard”. Upon return of the computer to me, the computer did, actually “Power Up” initially for about one day.


However, a new major problem had been caused by the repair attempt, along with some other issues, as well.

This computer came with two hard drives. ‘Drive C’ is a 256Gb SSD. ‘Drive D’ is a 1Tb HDD. ‘Drive D’ was not recognized by the computer, at all, after the second repair attempt.


Other problems were, after this second attempt at repair, ALL the software I had carefully installed and had updated was gone. PLUS, the ‘Drive C’ did not contain ANY of my “DATA”. Since ‘Drive D’ WAS NOT accessible. Thus, I could not determine what was on 'Drive D' as regards my “DATA”.


IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND… I had performed several ‘Backup’ events, backing up ALL my “DATA” and ‘System Images’ to ‘Drive D’ prior to the DEFECT and FAILURE became manifest.


My “DATA” should still be on the 1Tb HDD or on ‘Drive D’!!!


OF NOTE: At the time the computer failed that last event to ‘Power Up’, I was speaking per phone with an HP Representative, allowing him to access my computer from ‘online’. The HP Representative was attempting to reconnect ‘Drive D’. Upon a ‘Shutdown’ of the computer to reset it after a ‘Fix’ attempt, at that time the computer FAILED to ‘Power Up’, again. The computer would not ‘Power up’ again no matter what the HP Representative attempted with my help.


Thus, a new service request was initiated. Service Order BLRJ2891-01 and Case #5013998343 was generated. Very specific instructions were written up by the ‘Excellent’ HP Representative directing the Repair Service Technician to address the (Now) TWO PROBLEMS!!! Along with those instructions was notification that ALL attempts should be made to RETAIN my ‘DATA’.


I am a writer. Years of my work… Books I am writing are on that 1Tb HDD. That is “WHY” I bought a computer which has two hard drives. ‘Drive D’, from the beginning, was meant to be my ‘Backup’ drive.


Third attempt at repair!!! Did the Repair Technician repair the ‘Power Up’ problem???




Instead of repairing the afore mentioned problems, which were well outlined by the ‘Excellent’ HP Representative, the Repair Technician replaced the ‘Optical Disk Drive’?!?! Now, who in the world thinks replacing the DVD Drive would fix either of the afore mentioned computer issues???




The returned computer, after carefully connecting all cables, etc., FAILED to ‘Power Up’!!!


A new service request was initiated. Service Order BLRS5998-01 and Case #5014592797 were created.

THIS TIME the order states that a Repair Technician will come to my office in order to ascertain why the computer will not ‘Power Up’. The HP Representative, also, ordered a replacement part which the Repair Technician is to install. That part was supposed to arrive today. And the Repair Technician was to arrive tomorrow, 05/25/2018, to perform the work.


HOWEVER, I received an email this morning from HP stating that the replacement part IS NOT available and must be ‘back ordered’. Also, the email stated that the Repair Technician WILL NOT arrive tomorrow, but will be rescheduled according to when the replacement part can be made available.


I speak to anyone at HP who, actually, takes pride in his or her work. Maybe you would come to the understanding and to the realization that HP, NOW, has struck out THREE times in its efforts to perform quality workmanship and to provide an excellent product to its customers?!?!


HP action, thus far, could lead "Outsiders" to conclude that, either, HP is totally inept/incompetent in its business dealings…


Or HP is 'MESSING' with me!?!?


‘Back ordering’ that part and delaying attempts at repair??? That is “Strike Four” for Hewlett-Packard!!!


At this point, I’ve had this OMEN by HP for nearly two months. Of that time during ownership, I’ve had ONLY a few days in which I could, actually, use it. Even during those brief days, Windows 10 required an extensive update. Most of my time was spent in installing and configuring software. All Hardware Drivers in the ‘Device Manager’ were updated to the latest. ‘DATA’ from my old computer had to be transferred to the new computer and had to be ‘Backed up’ on ‘Drive D’.


Now, my old computer is gone. Any “DATA” that was on that hard drive was wiped.


Once all the above work was finished after 1st receiving the computer, then the computer was ‘Shutdown’ for the night. The next morning, the computer would not ’Power Up’ when I went to begin usage of the computer towards the reason I purchased it.


The computer is "DEAD"!!!


NOW, HP tells me there is a delay in obtaining a part that MIGHT fix the ‘Power Up’ issue… MIGHT FIX?!?! Also, and, PLUS, we still have not reconnected ‘Drive D’!!!


It is time for HP to do “THE RIGHT THING”!!! It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that this particular OMEN by HP is a “DEFECTIVE LEMON” and should be replaced with a new computer!!!


It would only be ‘Fair’ to replace this current computer with an ‘Equal or Better’ computer!!!


If so agreed by HP to replace this defective computer, I’d ask that the replacement computer be sent. Upon arrival, I could take the “DATA” off the 1Tb HDD (Drive D) by removing it from the defective computer and by using an HDD Docking Station to access the “DATA” for retrieval. After my “DATA” has been saved to the replacement computer, the 1Tb HDD would be re-installed back into the defective computer and it would be returned to you intact.


THAT is the ONLY ‘fair’ way to resolve this situation considering HP past “FAILURES” towards this computer.


With Kind Regards,

James S. Turner


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"I am a writer. Years of my work… Books I am writing are on that 1Tb HDD. That is “WHY” I bought a computer which has two hard drives. ‘Drive D’, from the beginning, was meant to be my ‘Backup’ drive."


If I were in your situation I would buy a caddy and fit the/A 1TB drive into it, encrypted if needed, to a USB 3 port, the read/write times should not overtax the wiring.


Then it can be unplugged and locked away to ensure it's survival in the event of Fire/Flood or whatever.


As to recovering your data, I would expect it to be still on and retreivable from the HDD.  I recommend using Piriform Recuva for such occasions, and/or Lubuntu linux or similar.


If in doubt please ask.

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HP Recommended



Thank you, Kind Sir, for your recommendation. 


As stated in my text, I do have a 'Docking Station' in which I can plug the removed "Drive D" or the 1Tb HDD into.  However, at the moment, I SHOULD NOT remove any part of the defective computer, possibly creating a situation where as HP would have excuss to void the warrantee.   I have the tools and the ability.  I just DO NOT have the 'Permission'.


Next problem with retrieval of my "DATA" is...  I DO NOT have anywhere to 'Save' the "DATA" once I have access to it.  That is another reason I need THE new (Replacement) computer.  With that NEW computer in hand, then I'll have somewhere to 'Save' the "DATA". 


PLUS, I need a computer that will allow me to access the "DATA", even with the defective computer 'Drive D" removed and plugged into the 'Docking Station'.


The computer I borrowed from a friend uses an older 'Chinese' version of Windows.  I do not speak Chinese and am extremely limited in what I can do using this borrowed 'OLD' laptop.  The Chinese Lady who loaned her laptop to me IS NOT computer literate.  Thus, she cannot help me with accessing my "DATA".


PLUS, there is a time constraint.  The Chinese Lady wants her computer back. 


However, it seems that HP is in NO HURRY to attempt to accommodate me.  Delay by 'Back Order ' of necessary parts was the final straw that broke the camel's back... 


Strike number FOUR...  You're out!!!  (NOT You, Kind Sir.  HP is 'OUT')


Thank you again for your suggestion.


With  Genuine Regards,

James S. Turner

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HP Recommended

I posted this reply to an email and a phone message I received from an HP Representative.  See below for the message I sent:


Message posted 05/25/2018...


Hey Gemma,
Thank you for your reply.  And thank you for your assurance that a 'Replacement' computer is appropriate, fair and is proper in regards to my '"Omen by HP" 870-151 Desktop PC, which is 'DEAD'!
You said, in the phone message you left, that we need to schedule a time for you and I to have a phone meeting.  You said you need to go over what HP is willing to do concerning the matter of replacing this defective computer. 
This sounds as though HP "WILL NOT" recognize the 'Warrantee' and "WILL NOT" be replacing this bad computer at 'NO COST TO ME' and/or without conditions?!?!
Maybe you need to email those HP terms to me so that I can read for myself exactly how HP means to resolve this situation.  I have a copy of my own to which I can compare the one you send.  That would be the fair thing to do, especially since I have a difficult time hearing the person I'm talking to on the phone.  I am hard of hearing due to my age.
With such email sent to me, I can carefully read what is stated with clarity.  If a further conversation between us is necessary, then we can make the appointment to talk by phone.
Thank you for handling this issue for me, Gemma.
With Kind Regards,
James S. Turner
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HP Recommended

I am not HP. so..... unvarsished ....

here is the truth.

no business can last with just 1 PC, and not doing full backups all the time.

all computers made on earth fail. every single one does.

the "HP page called how to send your PC for repair" is  clear did you read that, it told you all data will be lost. (can be)

HP or any shop for that matter may have top start with a  clean slate, like a book writer does fresh paper never used.

ok>  (imagine endless infections on all drives,  ponder that,  guess what, super common to  see)_

the PC is only a few parts inside.

if you opened it. you'd see that.

a PSU,

a mobo

and things connected to that mobo.

all  parts inside can short, do you know what  short, is?  it's a power overload. (most time shorts are for ever).

that means any part you can see in there can short and overload that PSU.


the PSU shuts off on all overloads, (BY DESIGN to prevent FIRE or more damage "as in cascade failures".)

The PSU is failing, but just like humptydumpty he can be pushed. ! (per above)


first learn to backup your data, somewhere not inside the PC.


you do know that if you do that and the pC goes bad, surges or lightening happens you will lose all your work!


learn to backup using a new file name every day, that way only 1 days work can be lost

IF 1 DAY IS too much risk , your call, backup that way every HOUR, etc ....

backup to CD/dvd blue ray,  or external USB hdd DRIVES> or to the clould or to a high end tape drive. ($2000 used)

or any of 10000 of online back up services, or the like, (even buy web site space and FTP backup to there. as I do)


what if the home flooded, ?  are you backed up off site?  ever consider that?,  take class on backups . please.


now let me address hardware.

hardware can fail and at anytime, have 2 PCs, best  is same kind or one newer, avoid older pc's and for sure XP/vista.

and for sure CHINA WINDOZ(hacks) why risk your data with hacked virus infected OS??? (im shocked)


My guess is HP got the PC and it worked , after the trip (IDK)


the parts inside can all short, and some do at odd times, only hot,  is one example. or vibration caused.


I'd have put a new PSU in it first. after all that is very low cost.   Is the PSU fan dead? if yes its a bad PSU,. most times

but we have PSU hot wire test jig to test just the PSU  and even load bank test it and even burn it in.

good shops can do that. gee just put a new one in, spend $50 and 15min ,super easy job. (unplugged for 1hr)

no joy?

then I  took ram to the minimum. each time making sure it still fails to power on.

then CD/dvd off line, cables pulled.

all PCI-e slot cards out.

HDD #2 out. (i told you all things can short, ) cables off, power/data.

HDD #1, out ,. 

then  boot say to any linux from  boot USB disk, system work now? (ubuntu v16 up demo mode, "try me", works.



that is how i fix dead PCs that fail to turn on, like that.

you cold find a local tech  that can do this, then burn it in, (means run it for 3 days see if it fails)


please know that some things are so intermttant, that a tech can not get it to fail

ever heard the expression, if it aint broke you can't fix it, well some folks then start guessing.

what else is there? (i have tests that can do that but , ill not cover that here)


good luck to you and I do hope you start doing real backups, I sure do.

what if the PC was stone, drops or wrecked in any off the vast ways it can fail. what the,

answer be ready..  and win.

NO warranty answers by me.
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Sir, you write as though to insult me and to call me stupid!!!  You make sweeping assumptions about me…  Knowing NOTHING about me.


Allow me to introduce myself to you.


Vietnam Veteran. Army Intelligence, educated in England, Contract Engineer specializing in the construction and maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants all across America (Retired)… 


One of my MANY hobbies after retirement was BUILDING my own computers.  Do I know what the inside of a computer looks like???  Do you recon I know what an electrical ‘Short’ is??? 


If you had fully read what I have written, you’d somehow suspect the answers to the above.  If you had read…  Then you’d know the problem I have with HP is NOT so much my “DATA”, but IS this ‘Defective’ HP computer which ‘DIED’ before I could set up and perform a ‘Second’ backup of my “DATA” on an external HDD!!!  My computer has a secondary ‘Internal’ HDD.  My “DATA” was saved on it. That should still be there! 


If you are computer literate, as you wish to be seen, you’d know that setting up a NEW computer ‘Requires’ that you do that by taking steps in the proper order.  You DO NOT load your data on a new computer that has not had the OS, the software and the  device drivers updated to the ‘Latest’.  Backing up such as that will not present you with an adequately SAVED ‘System Image’.


Do I have a ‘Righteous’ claim against HP???  What do you think?  I’ve returned the computer to them THREE times and all HP has fixed is NOTHING.  In fact, HP repairs have added more problems…  And took NONE away.


Oh, Chinese Windows???  Borrowed laptop!!! 


I’m not doing anything important on this ‘Borrowed’ computer.  Plus, any software I might access is done so with ‘Military Grade’ passwords.  Hack THAT!?!?


I appreciate your lecture, Savvy2.  However, your lecture is too late.  Plus, it is not really relevant to the situation of HP making good on its warrantee concerning ‘REPLACING’ this piece of junk defective computer.


Once that is done, then I’ll worry about retrieval of my “DATA”.


As for repair of this defective computer… 


NO WAY IN HELL will I touch this computer.  THAT is HP’s job…  NOT mine.  And HP is going to take care of this issue!!! 


Further, this computer will NOT be touched by a ‘Local’ repair shop, UNLESS HP sets up the repair and pays for it.  And due to lack of parts, that cannot be done, anyway.


However, per the email I received from HP last Friday, they recognize that a ‘REPLACEMENT’ computer should be sent. 


The problems with this defective computer are just TOO complicated.  HP could throw money at the problems as though pouring money into a Black Hole…  But never see an end to it.  Better to just replace this thing and write this ‘Junker’ off their taxes.


Then, as long as the new computer is not a ‘Lemon’ too, all will be well.


End of Story. 

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I re-read your OP and could find no reference to any Docking Station.


Warranty would be the word, surely?


Warrantee is the person to whom the Warranty is granted by the Warrantor (HP).


I have given Kudos to Savvy2, the sentiment is right, as is the content.





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HP Recommended



Good catch!!!  Warranty, not warrantee...  OKAY!


Hey, CF4!  You caught 'one word' I mispelled. 


You know...  I've never claimed to be perfect.  But one does not need to be perfect in order to be 'Right'!!!


As for "Docking Station", I refer you to the following:


"If so agreed by HP to replace this defective computer, I’d ask that the replacement computer be sent. Upon arrival, I could take the “DATA” off the 1Tb HDD (Drive D) by removing it from the defective computer and by using an HDD Docking Station to access the “DATA” for retrieval. After my “DATA” has been saved to the replacement computer, the 1Tb HDD would be re-installed back into the defective computer and it would be returned to you intact."


Aparently, CF4...  You don't know how to read, either.


Concerning the two of you...  That would be Savvy2 and you, CF4...  Go ahead and gang up on me!!!  See if that gets you any 'Joy'?!?!  I don't anger easily. 


Would you like my personal email so we can carry on in a more private setting???


As to why I'm writing here, mispelled word and all...   My 'Cause' is right. 


As for you two gentlemen...  The two of you can 'Kudo' each other until the cows come home.


You only prove your arrogance!!!

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HP Recommended


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HP Recommended



And there we were...  Just getting to know each other.


I'll miss you, CF4.  I'll be lonely without you.




And get your 'Fellow'  HP employee buddy, Savvy2, to chime in, as well...


Now you can say, "You've met the "Wolf"!!!

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