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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-2147c PC
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

New desktop that would "squawk" on start up and periodically during operation.  


Created recovery drive, loaded AVG and other protection software, and loaded data (into 2TB drive, separate from C drive) successfully. USBs for wireless mouse and keyboard worked well.


Inserted Hauppauge TV card into tower using static electricity precautions. Computer does not recognize it.   Squawk continued periodically during operation.  


Prompted by Hauppauge software to remove Internet protection to install TV drivers and software successfully.   


Turned off tower and checked; Hauppauge card checked; firmly and properly installed..  Rebooted.  Tried to install TV drivers and software.  No luck.  No event id seemed related to this error.  Deleted AVG software.


Rebooted.   Three long low slow beeps, followed by three high faster beeps on start up.  This repeats 4 or 5 times and the tower powers down.  Monitor does not come on.   No squawks; (no time for them.)


Same situation with or with out recovery drive,  mouse or keyboard usbs installed.  Removed the Hauppauge card using static protection.  No change.


What is the problem?  How do I fix it?


Uninstalled AVG.  Rebooted computer.

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normally it should have worked after removing the card, which may not be compatible
an hp document says this



The embedded controller has timed out waiting for BIOS to return from graphics initialization.

Indicates potential graphics chip failure.
For integrated configuration:
  1. For integrated configuration, confirm if graphics is on processor or system board.
  2. For integrated where graphics is on the CPU, swap known good processor.
  3. For integrated configuration, replace system board and/or processor as appropriate. If the add-in card requires additional power, verify the cord is plugged in.
For non-integrated configuration:
  1. Reseat card if able.
  2. Test known good card if able.
  3. Replace affected component.

try remove graphic cards if possible

I do not have access to the document from this computer


hoping that your manipulations have not damaged the motherboard

(( google

OMEN 30L GT13-1705ng Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP  

error ))



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Windows 11 22h2 inside , user

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