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OMEN 30L Desktop PC GT13-1000i (1S3S0AV)
Microsoft Windows 11

Ok here is the issue. I sent my PC OMEN 30L back for repair in mid June and the original ETA was June 23rd. Then I got a message from HP repair saying that because they needed to 'back order' some cooling system so the ETA was changed to Aug 19th. I called back and the CS told me that he would note the so called 'escalation team' and they would contact me. Then a week later, nothing. I chatted with another online CS to ask this team to call me and a week later, nada. I wonder if this team even exists or they are not willing to call me knowing that this chat is not gonna end well anyway.


It is obvious that it was HP's fault for multiple reasons. It was notoriously know for putting 120mm cooling fan for all products even for 3080ti PCs. It was barely enough for cooling the system. And that could be the reason why my PC failed to start at some point due to overheating. Second, they know that it makes no sense to be out of stock for this trash 120mm fan when they need to repair my PC. There gotta be some other reasons for the hold-up. When I confronted the phone CS and the online CS that the exact model was on sale, they were silent. Yes they have tons of new products for sale, which means they have tons of 120mm fans in their warehouse. Yet they are unwilling to spare one to repair my computer. You can use the argument that sales department is different from after-sales, but be careful. Because if you use that, that means you are adimitting HP cares more about selling products than supporting old customers. 


I bought three PCs from HP and thats it. I won't buy anything from HP. End of story. Oh btw if you do care, my case is [Personal Information Removed].

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