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blue screen crash

I purchased my system in November 2010 and  few times a day I get a blue screen crash with my Pavilion Elite HPE. I have a GT 420 video card. This is a typical report:


  BugcheckCode 184     BugcheckParameter1 0xfffffa80095074d0     BugcheckParameter2 0xfffff880031ddfc0     BugcheckParameter3 0x0     BugcheckParameter4 0x0     SleepInProgress false     PowerButtonTimestamp 0


Every crash has bugcheckcode 184.


On December 21st, my video card fan started running at a high speed. After being on for a few minutes, my monitor would go dark. HP support determined that the GT420 video card was bad and ordered a replacement, however the card was on backorder.


In the interim, I purchased a gt 220 from Best Buy. While this card was installed in my system I never once received a blue crash or any type of problem.


After approximately 3 weeks, my new gt 420 arrived. I switched out my gt 220. Now, I'm back to several blue screen crashes every day, with bugcheck code 184.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: blue screen crash

i had a similiar issue radom blue screen crashes sometime alot in one sitting after 12 hrs of phone calls they finaly sent me a box to ship it back for repairs there sending it back today with a new motherboard that is what i was leaning towards and thats what they said was causing the radom blue screen crashes i hope it fixes it i let u know

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Re: blue screen crash

Hi. Did the MB replacement do the trick? Tom in Burbank, CA

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Re: blue screen crash

Had the same problem...the new motherboard DID help. God I miss XP !

I have always been a supporter of HP, but I believe this one is my last ....(bought in July 2011), and I plan on referring all of my friends and family to look elsewhere as well.

I know that the problem is Microsoft, but HP uses there product, and I KNOW that HP is aware of all the problems, especially the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. HP should demand a fix from Microsoft, because HP knows just as well that they are selling a faulty product. VERY bad business  for BOTH companies....and yes, I know......why should THEY care, once we buy their product, and have our money.


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