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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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Envy Pavilion TE01-1134
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

A month ago I bought a brand new Envy Pavilion TE01-1134 desktop PC from Best Buy. I LOVE all the features, but it froze several times a day at random, even when I was logged off. The clock stopped, and only turning it off and on again got it going again. Error logs for the time that it froze showed nothing. The PC wasn't near anything that could block the fans and wasn't near a heating vent.


I updated all drivers and the BIOS, and ran every diagnostic for the system software and hardware. No errors.


The only time it DIDN'T freeze was when I ran the UEF1 diagnostics for 48 hours from bootup <esc><F2>, continuously in "run until error" mode. No problems.


I used every restore point, I re-installed Windows using every option in Settings and using the F11 option on bootup. I created a new Microsoft account, and initialized a complete factory Windows re-install with the minimum necessary to get it running.  In every case, it still froze in anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 hours. I finally concluded that it must be a defective unit and returned and replaced it.

And the new unit ALSO freezes, with the only additional programs installed being Google Chrome and Google Drive. I'm at my limit for what to try. Is there a chance that upgrading the graphics with a larger power supply and separate board instead of the integrated graphics might solve the problem?

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every PC made does this if owned long enough or very unlucky,

1billion hits on google common as nail beef #1 or dead PC.😂

the task bar clock lower right side stopped, that is kernel freeze that. and very very bad, but windows update caused?

wow gen 10 intel CPU, not chopped liver that.

The OS is freezing  that is for sure,  and may be failed MS w10 updates ,

what to do is keep it Ethernet connected to the router, so it can PnP for sure, no wifi  dead preventing PNP from working

and boot it many times(3), 30 minutes each, time,...

or leave it on for say a full day see if MS fixes their caused errors.

or in security page  force the next update.

I can not think of any hardware bad on this new PC,

it is booting from 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD

if  you do suspect HW, , just boot from linux demo media (try me) save a baby  that, and if that runs ok our windows updates are bad.

I always test a PC with linux to learn, W10 is  funky again. in DEMO mode do not CLICK INSTALL, just Try me.

ok> try me is 100% safe, it uses only RAM to run. not SSD.

always boot windows 3 times if you think windows it self is sick. 3 times lights off the self repair (MS rules)


lots of causes of freeze

windows updates gone wrong. (oh my)

overheating PC. I bet not.

OS corruption .

installed apps , with tons of startup files the run all the time that I do not allow but 2.

Autoruns 64 show them all, the best app in the world here, to have, (besides wifi radar) 100% free and safe.



see this.

task manager dead>? if not see if memory is overloaded (and by what) or CPU at 100% or 99% bad, but normal is 10.?

some apps brand new and bad have what is called memory leak and eats up all of ram, see memory page in taskmanger.

NO warranty answers by me.
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It turns out that although most people seem happy with this pc, negative reviews are almost all because of freezing. I rebooted and rebooted, but no improvement. It runs fine in test mode, but in Windows, no good. Since this problem has lasted over a month now, it seems no immediate solution. I use the diagnostics on my old HP often, and it has many times detected hdd problems before they became severe, and I was able to replace the drive before any data loss, so I love hp for that reason, and I really need a more powerful pc, but no other hp model seems anywhere as good. So another return. 😥 Thank you for your help, it was appreciated.

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