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HP P7-1154 BiOS update trashed 2nd Motherboard

I purchased a P7-1154 refurb from Micro Center, Windows 7 Home Premium in January 2012. I attached 2 monitors, a Dell desktop monitor to one of the DVI ports and attached to TV via DVI-to-HDMI adapter to the other DVI port. Both monitors worked fine. One day, I was getting no output through the 2nd DVI port to the TV. I switched the connections to the opposite DVI ports and got output to the TV and not to the monitor. I updated the video drivers to no avail. After going through HP and AMD tech support pages to no avail, I resorted to updating the BIOS. After downloading the file from HP, I got the same result as many others, an “update failed” error during the installation. Rather than re-downloading and reinstalling the BIOS update, I rebooted my computer, not knowing that my BIOS was trashed. Upon boot, I had a “keyboard error” below the BIOS info that was displayed on my screen. After failed attempts in researching a solution and an unsuccessful attempt to create a boot disk to hopefully flash the BIOS, I followed the advice presented in numerous posts and replaced my motherboard with the same model HIBISCUS motherboard as previously installed. I still had the same video problem, no output to the 2nd DVI port. When Windows 8 was released last week, I purchased it and installed successfully. I downloaded and installed the Win 8 drivers fom the HP download page, still no output to the 2nd DVI port.  I attempted the BIOS upgrade.  Before installation, I disabled the Norton anti-virus and firewall. I received the same, previous “update failed” error. Before rebooting, I re-downloaded the BIOS file and installed, which said it installed successfully. I rebooted, saw the BIOS information on my screen, but was getting NO response from my mouse or keyboard. I went through all of the troubleshooting steps posted throughout the HP support pages: remove the SD card reader, remove the battery, move the jumpers on the mother board to reset the BIOS, unplugged the power and held the power button in for 40 seconds, all to no avail. Am I looking at replacing the motherboard a second time? Is there a way to re-flash the BIOS with a boot disk (you  used to be able to do it with Compaq)? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: HP P7-1154 BiOS update trashed 2nd Motherboard



The last HP UEFI bios update that I performed took a lot longer than a non-UEFI bios update. A lot longer.

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Re: HP P7-1154 BiOS update trashed 2nd Motherboard

I see over 3 years of listing/posts of this bio update being an issue(with the very same pc). I would advise people to hold their tongue , it comes with a warning some say(so does a cup of coffee). Bottom line is HP Suggest to customers to update, they leave a buggy/or not so clear update laying around for YEARS. If thier is a fix they should post, if your mb is craped they should post. But sitting ideal collecting cash from people replacing MBS for 3 years after they crash it on an update that is brought to them via HP is unmoral to say the least.

They can see here it is , and has been an isssue, 3 years now, I think it should be addressed. And if its only for X-type of this board, than that should be pointed out far before pointing out thier is a bios update

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