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HP Support India Support is beyond bad!!!!!

Talked to two Inida Reps. Hard to understand and di not have a clue. NOT A CLUE.  My dog could do as well.  I am no neopyte. I have been in the business a long time and this the worst of worst of worst. I will NEVER buy another HP computer.


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Re: HP Support India Support is beyond bad!!!!!



The language barrier is high.


It is best to detail the issue you are having and the troubleshooting steps you have taken to solve the problem using email.


The tech's replies are timely and a resolution of the problem is usually found.





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Re: HP Support India Support is beyond bad!!!!!

Your comments ae interesting but I think your point of reference is reversed.  I am the customer and HP Support is suppossed to be serving me and others like me. It is not my job to overcome the India language barrier, it is HP's job to supply good support, not the cheapest support. Also this issue was not all about language; two representatives had no understanding of the issue which was a hardware configuration issue with the computer HP sent me. They installed a SATA DVD Drive with no boot sequence that supported that type of drive.  I was calling about that but the advanced support person thought I should call Microsoft about it because I wanted to boot a Window 7 CD.  After futile efforts to explain that I did not want to talk to Microsoft, I hung up.  I am buying a USB drive that is supported. I would have purchased a Windows 7 Computer if Microsoft was not stuffing Windows 8 down everyone's throat. Still I want a bootable CD drive in my computer.


If HP cannot support their customers and is only worried about the cheapest solurtion, why should I buy their computers. They used to be a good company. I would be upset facing any poorly trained support staff. You do not learn about computers overnight; they need some experienced staff.  


These modern CEOs think its all about cost but they do not realize how many customers they lose by poor support.


By the way, I own a small software development company so I am on both sides of this issue.


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Re: HP Support India Support is beyond bad!!!!!

Hi dcssteve,


HP has no official support for this forum other than for administration and moderation. This forum is mainly supported by volunteers.


If you post your technical issue under the appropriate topic then the community will get a chance to see the issue, the suggestions and your responses. Please post your HP product number and the operating system that you are using along with the issue.



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Re: HP Support India Support is beyond bad!!!!!

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Interestingly, I have had really good luck with HP support in India.  Although most of the really good Indian technology gurus have come to the States, I have found the remaining ones very knowledgeable - and oftentimes use better English than Americans.


If you are paying for Business level suport, I would call back and ask for another agent.  Perhaps you just got a bad one (or two).

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