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HP Z1 Many Errors

Z1 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



We have a few of these Z1 workstations at our office. One of them hasn't really been used and I just went on to get it ready for someone to use. Here are the issues I am having:


1. Startup Error: Upon booting up, an error message pops up: 530 - Left DMIC cable not connected and 531 - Right DMIC cable not connected. Searching the internet did not help me much. I find it in the user manual and it says to reseat or replace the cable, but I don't know where or what the DMIC cable is.  Any help on where this is located? This machine has not really been used other than accessing the internet to download files and put them on the server so I am not sure what could have become disconnected. 


2. Fan: The fan is running nonstop. I swapped it with another fan from another Z1 workstation and it's still going, right from startup. 


3. Disk Usage:  When I go to the task manager, it's at 100%, will go down and then will start spiking back up to 85%-100% for periods of time. I searched the internet and found a couple of things but it did not help. There are no processes or services using a lot of disk. Could this be related to the fan running? I even monitored on my laptop, Surface Book 2, to see if it's typical and the disk percentage is always around 2-3% when just browsing the internet. Z1 workstation is spiking with nothing running, just being idle after startup.


4. Graphics Card: I swapped the graphics cards with one from another machine, as the new user will not need such a powerful one. Previous card: Nvidia K4000, new card: Nvidia 1000M. These cards swap pretty easily and once I put the new one in, it just doesn't recognize it. Before I shut it down to swap, it recognized the K4000 in the task manager and now the 1000M does not even show up. I tried installing the drivers and it does not recognize any hardware attached. Any idea what this could be?


Could all or any of this be related to the DMIC cables that it says are not connected? Any help would be really appreciated. 


Thank you

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