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LCD lighting OMEN 870-230na
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Re: OMEN 870 -203naDesktop Control



Je me permet de rejoindre cette discution car j'ai le même probleme avec HP Omen Control, et ce probleme est apparu juste apres les mises à jour du BIO et de Hp System Event Utility via Hp support assitant. Donc le probleme provient de ces mises à jour qu'ils ont rendu les réglages du logiciel HP Omen Control inutilisable.


Pour info, j'ai un Pc hp omen 870-152 datant de moins de 3 mois.


Je voudrais que vous prenez mon message même si il est en français en considèration et que vous apportez une solution SVP car ce problème viens pas de chez nous





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Re: LCD lighting OMEN 870-230na


  Hello Thank you for posting your concerns on the HP Support Forums. I have brought your matters to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They may request for some additional information from you in order to look up your case or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Please keep in mind not to post any personal information publicly (serial numbers, phone numbers, and etc.). If you have any additional questions please send me a private message. Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Re: LCD lighting OMEN 870-230na

I was told simarly two weeks ago that someone from HP would be contacting me directly relating to the OMEM Control issue. Certainly this has todate not materialised. but will keep an eye on this Forun page, thanks. weeman. 

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Re: OMEN 870 -203naDesktop Control

A recovery was iniated some time ago for another error. My main question was and still is, what has happened to the facility to "Save" the selected colour sequence and settings? Certainly, I am unable to find this on the downloaded software from HP sp76864. weeman.

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Re: OMEN 870 -203naDesktop Control

[ Edited ]



Thanks very much for your update / following this up.


Just to add: I did some checks on my own earlier today and can confirm that the installed version of Omen Control app does work correctly as it changes the information correctly in the relevant registry keys below:




However, it does appear that these changes - although retained in there - are simply not re-read once user logs off and logs on again: lighting scheme does get back to some default setting (which in my case is constant blue LED) and can only changes to the last applied scheme only once Omen Control app is launched.


I do believe that although these are per-user settings (I can imagine another user on the same PC having different scheme applied, so colour scheme changes with each logged user), there still should be a way of reading these automatically each time user logs in.


Not trying to blow things out of proportion as admittedly it's not a great inconvenience at all but rather minor blemish. Definitely something that should be corrected though.

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Re: OMEN 870 -203naDesktop Control

OMar, at least there is progress. Now able to check in the Registry, if OMEN Control is shown in the Registry under HP. In my case, OMEN Control is shown in the Registry. I think a Registry entry could be made available by HP Support if warranted. weeman.

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