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Upgrade for P7-1154

So I've never really opened up a computer in my life.  And considering I don't readily have the income to replace it if I do mess up, I will admit I am scared witless about upgrading this rig.  As such, I want to make sure that I get all the parts I need before I buckle down, start studying, and figure out how to essentially rebuild this computer.


What I'm basically wanting to do in the end is have a rig that can primarily do high-quality digital artwork, with some casual gaming on the side.  It seems to run well on simpler programs like FireAlpaca, but Photoshop sometimes gives it some trouble.  And its not even at the resolution I'd like my artwork to be at.  As for the casual gaming, think a max 10 hrs a week playing games like Skyrim, with mods to improve the graphics quality without messing with the load any.  It runs fine with no lag on medium graphics, but the launcher thinks I can handle high graphics.  I haven't tested this, but I may at some point.  Also considering the possibility of Dual-Monitor, but it's not a big thing and not really nessiccary, just a cool thing I might wanna have at some point.  (I apologize if I'm rambling; I honestly want to give as much info as I can to help out anyone who sees this.)


So I've got it down to primarily needing three things: A new CPU, a new video card, and a power source to handle it all (HP rep at the store I work at informed me this would be needed).  Long term, I would like to invent in a better sound card (beats technology is nice, but distorts a lot of my music that is very much lacking in bass), and maybe a liquid-cooling unit.  I'm not sure; it doesn't get very hot in my room save a single month in summer, and then I'm usually monitoring the rig's temperature and if it gets too hot I just shut it down and wait for it to return to a safe temperature.  Even then, I spend most of my time on the computer at night, so temp. is rarely an issue.


Currently the only thing I know I want is a Corsair CX, 500 or 600 depending on what power usage I'd need.  Also considering an NVidia card (due to high reccomendations), but will stick with the AMD Radeon (with equally high reccomendations).  Price is a big thing too.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Upgrade for P7-1154



My advice is to get an upgrade quote from a reputable and competent local PC shop. Get the quote broken down between parts and labor.


CPU cost + labor

GPU cost + labor

PSU cost + labor

Sound card + labor

liquid cooling + labor



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