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m8020n - installing more ram to 4GB

I have an HP Pavillion Media Center PC m8020n.  I am wanting to upgrade the memory from the 2GB the computer shipped with (2 x 1GB modules installed in slots XIMM1 and XIMM3)  I reviewed the product specs for the m8020n and purchased Super Talent 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2-667 PTU08F16Q ram from ebay (link to listing attached). 


After installing the new mods into slots XIMM2 and XIMM4, the computer would not boot windows and would just hang after post.  I then switched respective pairs and fired up again with the same results.  I removed the original mods and the system would work at 2GB with the new mods installed, so I don't think the "new" mods are bad.


I tried several more combinations (I know there are around 136 combos with 4 mods and empty slots).  Sometimes it would post and not boot to windows, other times it would give one short beep  then one long beep and then repeat the beeping sequence after a long pause.  No matter what I tried, I could get the individual pairs to work together alone, but I could not get all 4 mods to "play nice" with each other.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am at bois 5.23 for this motherboard, which appears to be the latest available.





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Re: m8020n - installing more ram to 4GB

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HP typically recommends that all four dimms be matched in speed and CAS specifications to avoid problems.  There are other specifications that can also cause problems hence the recommendation that all dimms be the same.  The HP bios can be very finikey with dimm compatibility.


Use can use CPU-Z to verify the specifications of each dimm to ensure that they are in fact the same specifications.


If the dimms are in fact the same specification then try clearing the CMOS.



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Re: m8020n - installing more ram to 4GB

Thanks for the replay.


I understand the recomendation your suggesting.  I have not tried clearing the CMOS before.  What does that do?


The only recommendation I had seen for this board was to always install in matched pairs and to limit the bus speed to 667, and that the timings and latency would be matched and limited by BIOS.  I even ran the scan tool at and it suggested I buy PC2-5300 to go into my machine that had (2) 1GB modules of PC2-4200U installed from factory.


If the CMOS doesn't work, then sounds like either way I am stuck with a pair of modules I can't use.  Since both pair of modules work when installed independently, I will probably buy another pair that will match the higher bus speed mods.

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