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HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-a275na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi HP Crew,


I purchased the beautiful HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-a275na about three years ago and never really had any issues and was very happy with my purchase. For no reason whatsoever, the machine decided not to boot up one day. I'm a very keen and savvy DIY guy and normally build and fix/upgrade all my machines. I decided to crack open the all-in-one and take a look under the hood. 


Im aware of all the parts which are listed below and no matter what I seem to do I can't get it past the fan's spinning. What is strange is even when it does spin it's only when I push and hold the power button down and hold it. I've done a lot of reading and it appears loads of others have the same issue and it's mostly down to the power board. In my instance, I'm fairly sure it's the Logic Board as other pre-owned boards for sale list the same issue in the description. Powers on, fans run then blinking lights lead to fail. 


My issue is on the HP Parts site is says any parts for this model are N/A and for a machine thats not super old I find this immensely frustrating. I know 99% of the parts must work and its a classic built in obsolence situation as I have no idea how a mobo could only function for 3 years with really minimal not daily use. 


Things I've tried:











Never in my lifetime have I made so little progress with such an exspensive machine (at the time) I would love to buy a new logic board for it or more importantly take any advise or guidance from someone who can advise another mobo model that would work or fit. Im down to my last resort potentailly considering bidding on old smaller hp all in ones in the hope to swap out the mobos to make some progress. I've found various other boards based in China that may work but most are £100+ which is quite a risk considering I can build entire second hand all in ones for less than that. 


Any help on this issue would be greatly apprecaiated. Im open to all suggestions inc entirely rebuilding it in a new case to save the screen and parts. Parts listed below.



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I would not spend any more money on it.  Your monitor is not a touch screen so will not sell for much on ebay.

The CPU i7-7700t, it worth over 100 USD but it may not work.  It is possible it overheated and died.


I looked at your motherboard on eBay, Palau-UF, and noticed it did not have any of those old electrolytic capacitors that are prone to bursting.  eBay motherboards are in the 100-175 USD.  If you knew the CPU worked and the cables all worked then you could try a replacement motherboard.  I would do that  only if the monitor was touch screen but it is not.   I also have a way to test socket 1151 CPU as I have several older motherboards.


I think it is time to move on and get windows 11 certified systems.


Sorry I could not help more.


I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
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Hey man,


Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm still yet to try a touch screen PC and quite honestly I've never seen the appeal or understood the need? Ideally, I'm looking to bring the machine back to life and like you I also have many ways of testing but sadly no intel mobo's spare that are compatible with that i7. Do you know of any that could match the laptop style of these all-in-one machines? Ideally saving the CPU and RAM, as like you said I also knew it still retailed a decent value and on benchmarks tests scores they are not miles off my main machine which runs Ryzen 7. 


Any advise for a cheap test board that takes the i7 and 16gb of ram in laptop form? I've not seen one myself but that does not mean they may not exsist?


Thanks for taking the time to get back to me and open to all suggestions to save these parts and help them live on. 


Have a good weekend.

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