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Hp support assistant stopped working

I have windows 7 and I keep getting a message that the support assistant has stopped working. I then get directed to download an update from the HP site. However when I install it, it tells me that a newer version of support assistant is already installed. How do i solve this problem? Thanks.

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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

I would suggest uninstall the current version you have. Please download it from the following weblink and install which will not generate any errors:

I am an HP employee.


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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

hi sorry to bother you but can you help me please


i too im having problems using hp support assistant when i try download it from you link it says i have insuffient priviliges sign in as administrator which i am or contact your system administrator


can you help thanks

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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

sorry also it says error 1303



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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

hi..i have got the same problem. its says "hp support assistance has stopped working correctly". i uninstalled the program and installed the downloaded file. but it didnt work. what do i do? there's another error message saying "hp wireles assistance has stopped working properly" and "hp advisor has stopped working correctly". HP Pavilion dm4-1165dx is the model of my laptop.
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Resinstalled and now th HP Support Assistant Doesn't Know my Product number or Serial Number

Wow. H.P.   A program written by you for YOUR machine stopped working on the 2nd day of use. 


Then I followed YOUR advice on this forum and downloaded and installed what seems to be an older version and it lost my crucial data.  I've already spent hours loaded hours worth of data onto my system.


The wireless system can't handle high amounts of data.   Plugged in it's fine but with multiple downloads when I pull out the CAT 5 cable the wireless connection (which can't always connect in the first place) comes to a grinding halt.



This machine and a state of the art processor,  plenty of memory,.  This is a standard model with the best of the best options (i.e. $1000 more worth of memory, processor power, and graphics).  Y


ou've had years to fine tune the Pavillion line and now I'm wasting time because it is an overprice piece of junk. 


I am so incredibly disappointed by H.P. products.  I bought the best because I figured it would be the most reliable and it's not.


Apparently all I needed to do with the support assistant was to kick it out of the memory using the task manager.  (Like one often would with "dump-prep" under XP when a computer was not responding.


I can't believe YOUR software can't even access the DATA on YOUR machine!   This is stupendiously inept! 

Not only does the system not work well, the SUPPORT system doesn't even work either!


I think I want my money back.  Too bad I can't charge for all my wasted time.



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Re: Resinstalled and now th HP Support Assistant Doesn't Know my Product number or Serial Number



You downloaded a version posted over 1 yr ago. You can get the latest version of HP Support Assistant here:

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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working - download latest version - ha

I don't have an answer for you.  I'm here to reply to a suggestion that I download the "latest version" of the support assistant.  I can see that download the "latest version" will just cause another problem. 


Yes, I noticed the version was rather outdated so instead .....


I reinstalled the HP Support version that CAME with the computer. I rebooted and .... no dice!


Not even the version that CAME with the computer (shipped two weeks prior to this post) can access the hardware's OWN model or serial number!  Sheesh. 


How hard can it be for H.P. SOFTWARE to find information about an H.P. DEVICE????  Really I thought only Microsoft wrote sucky software. 


Tech Support's "solution" to this highly annoying and distressing problem???   (The cornerstone of their tech support system.)


JUST.... throw out the HOURS of work (and many more hours of patience) that went into setting up a new machine such as downloading games... loading software & fonts, installing firewall software and using up a license on my YEAR long (not just two month) multi user Norton anti-virus....not to mention creating macros for Word, customizing the toolbar and editing icon buttons and installing (that stuff takes TIME!)....


Just toss everything you've I've done and RESTORE it to factory condition simply because H.P. wrote one truly AWFUL piece of software!


  Why not use the old fashioned method and write it down in a file where we can find it using a simple search?   (really isn't that better as a last resort instead of asking us to RESTORE our entire computer because H.P.'s "support" software glitches out totally when used?)  This does not give me faith in H.P.'s desire to truly support its users.  


A real cynic might think it's designed to do that to discourage all those pesky calls from warranty holders!  (That way they can CLAIM to offer a two year warranty but you've really got to want it bad!) 


No thank you.  I'll only do THAT if I have another serious issue.   


Also... I got the wireless internet thing fixed by (as guided over the phone by tech support) unscrewing and re-inserting the wireless card and then (and this part was annoying) attaching two little snap clips for the wiring that seem shaky at best. But at least it stays connected. 



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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

I have tried to follow the suggestions on this board, but can't get my HP Support Assistant to work on my HP DV6 6110tx machine. The product number, serial number and product name still doesn't appear. I have reinstalled the HP Support Assistant to the latest version 7 and cleaned out the registry using Advanced System Care, but it still hasn't fixed the problem that I can't use the update manger or the scheduled maintaince manager as both kick me out and I have to set the schedule for each again and again.


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Re: Hp support assistant stopped working

I had the same problem. is the link can help you all.


And you need also Ineternet explorer8. With Firefox it doesn't load the program.

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