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Total Care Advisor reinstall

Somehow, someway, I must have inadvertently removed the total care advisor. I would like to reinstall this SW. Is there a link to allow me to download it. It is not very clear what need to be loaded from the recovery sw supplied. Can someone help me? 
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Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

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i have not any luck to find it HP site to

get it install


i have 3 HP Visat computers and I copied it

from my newest one and pasted it to my other one

and it worked

take note you must put in the same location as the other

and have the same file and all that in the group to add this

and then you have to find the icon that will activate it

the ison is shown with 2 hands on each side of the

blue squre background inside  if you will notice that the circle

is form by the 2 hands

and copy the icon and paste it as a shortcut



if any one has it on the XP computer and it is working

please let me know

if you have Vista and XP and have both computers that you own

you will find this in the Vista and i'll provide the location

go the the C: drive  >> Programs >> Hewlett-Packard >> HP Advisor

please take note if the XP and Vista files are the same if not

please tell me

or if any one tried to use from the Vista and it works on XP

please let me know as well


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Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

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Search the web i found the program with directions

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Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

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The only way to reinstall it is to perform an HP recovery. You can perform a standard recovery and it will leave you files intact. The downloads floating around the net are usually bittorrent sites and you risk damaging your system with viruses.

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Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall



I found the following link by inputting "total care advisor" into Google. Use it to get to the "official" HP site where you can download the current version of HP Total Care Advisor for your particular operating system.


HP Total Care Advisor


I located this link at the site should you or anyone else care to investigate further or if the above link is broken.


I hope that this resolves your problem.

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Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

The HP Total Care Advisor posted above is an update and  states


System Requirements 

  • You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.
  • You must have a Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
  • You must have HP Total Care Advisor installed on your system.


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    Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

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    You can try downloading newer version of Total Care Advisor from:




    To understand features & Navigation, check the doc: Using HP Advisor Version 3.1 in Vista




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    Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

    Please tell me STEP BY STEP how you copied and pasted the Advisor from one Vista Pc to another to make it work. I need to do this also but need step by step intsructions. TY.
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    Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

    You could actually install Total Care Advisor on your PC. Will send you a document with step by step instructions to do that. put across your e-mail id and will send you a doc that has instructions with screenshots if required.

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    Re: Total Care Advisor reinstall

    I sent you a private email - - but I received no reply from you?? Did you receive my private email?

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