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@Twilight_Wolf -- sharing, since the file is exactly 256 bytes.


I used the C2X() function in REXX to produce a hexadecimal representation of the file:


f=linein('08906.sig'); say c2x(f);


Just "join" all the segments, and use the X2C() function to recreate the file.




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Thank you, but I  can't find rexx programming language in our segment of Internet and another programs recreate file incorrect - 524 bytes instead of 256 bytes.


Can you attach file here, please?)


By the way, on a flash drive, all three files should be located at the root?


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@Twilight_Wolf-- 524 bytes instead of 256 bytes


If you add "carriage-return" and "line-feed" to each of the lines, you do get 524 characters.


If you do NOT add those characters, you get 512 characters.


Also, the X2C() function returns just 1 byte for each 2 bytes of input.

So, feeding it 512 bytes results in an output of 256 bytes.


REXX is multi-platform free software: https://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexx/files/

It was written by an "IBM Fellow" -- a distinguished IBM employee who was given "free rein" to work on his own projects. 


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Thank you)

Now I know what is the rexx language)))

I recreated the file using the functions x2c() and lineout(), but it didn't help me - the computer still doesn't see the files to restore, so the problem is something else...


Maybe the flash drive should contain some other files, or the file 08906.bin I found is not suitable.


Can you create bios recovery flash drive and post here screenshot how it looks like?)


Our technical support HP can't help me too, because the file sp135569 causes them the same error as I have and the window for creating a flash drive does not appear for them either.

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@Twilight_Wolf -- I don't know why that HP Update is not "unpacking" itself on your computer.


From this thread, on: 03-18-2022 12:49 AM - edited ‎03-18-2022 12:51 AM


When I chose to "copy the files", the target directory contains:


18/03/2022 12:44 AM 16,777,216 08906.bin
18/03/2022 12:44 AM        256 08906.sig

Put these two files into the "root" directory of your USB memory-stick,

restart your computer, and launch the app that updates the BIOS,

and "point" the app at the drive-letter assigned to the USB memory-stick.

The app should find the above two files.












 @Echo_Lake  is a HP Support Agent

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I can't run the application to update the bios because the bios is damaged and automatic recovery doesn't work - can't find the files to restore...

I tried to place these two files in the root of the flash drive, the computer still reports that it cannot find files to restore.

I think that the file 08906.bin I found on the Internet is not suitable, therefore it is not possible to restore the bios.

And since I can't get the right file in any way, it remains only to hand over this computer to a service center.


Thank you for trying to help, as well as for new knowledge in the form of a programming language (REXX).


P.S. I tried to run sp135569.exe a few more computers, but I got the same result  - everywhere there is no window for creating a USB flash drive or copying files. Maybe some sanctions were imposed against us, so it doesn't work?)))  I can't find another explanation yet)))

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