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HP 2009m internal speakers

I just recently got a Gateway PC and the HP 2090m. The internal speakers do not work even after installing the drivers.  Any other setup required?
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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

You need to connect the audio cable: (Step 3)


You need to make sure the volume on the monitor is turned up - using the buttons on the front panel.


You need to make sure the PC audio is working, volume is turned up, and not muted - test with headphones using the exact same port on the PC that you are connecting the monitor to - the lime green port on the back.

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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

Like this gentleman, I too recently purchased a HP 2009m LCD Monitor.  I didn't experience the same problems, but have a question about the speaker/headphone port.  How am I suppose to use my headphones, if there is only one port?  Someone please explain this to me.  I'd much appreciate it!

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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

Some or most HP monitors come with a green audio cable. That means the speakers are integrated in the monitor itself and it's useful for those who don't have speakers or headphones.


You can do a couple things but this depends on your setup.


1) If you're using the VGA (blue) or DVI (white) video cable from the pc to the monitor then most likely you're only getting video and no sound.


So what you do is, if you want to use the monitor speakers for sound playback take one of that green audio stereo cable plug in the back of the monitor in the audio in port (make sure it's in all the way properly) and then plug the other end of it in the back of the computer into the green round color coated (doughnut). That's for front speakers out.


After this is setup make sure that Speakers is the default playback device in the audio properties in Control Panel.


2) if you're using the HDMI cable then we don't need to plug in the green cable because HDMI carries audio and video signals so if you both the hdmi and green audio cable mentiond above plugged in remove the green audio cable.


In this case HDMI should carry sound signals as well and should work fine.


If you're not getting any sound check Playback Device Sound Options in the Start, Control panel, Audio or Sound and make sure that in this case that the Realtek HDMI output is checked as the default playback device.


That's all there is to it.



From here if you want to adjust the volune there's 2 ways in vista.


1) From the white speaker icon on the bottom right of your tray icons. That has a slider.

2) From some/most hp keyboard on the top right that have volume controls.

3) From the Menu or Sound button on the monitor itself.



Hope this helps someone understand better.

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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

I'm having this same problem with my new 2009m monitor - no audio!  Pardon my stupidity but what is the HDMI cable?  Don't know if I am using it or not but I know I don't have a green cable to connect the monitor with the computer.  I know I used everything that came in the box - is it something extra I need to buy?  This monitor came with no instructions of any sort - not even the usual poster with an illustration.  I'm not an electronics wizard but I can follow directions.  Thanks for any help!
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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

The HDMI cable it the black cable that carries both video and audio high quality signals meaning if your monitor has integrated speakers and your video card has a place (port) for that HDMi cable to connect to in the back of the pc then use the HDMI cable. It should work fine. You may or may not need or require the HDMI cable as some monitors 20in or below dont have that port to plug an HDMI cable into but rather the VGA (blue) or DVi (white) port or cables which the rest of us use. That works also.


Below is a picture of an HDMI cable.



Also if you monitor didn't come with a green stereo audio cable either 1) your monitor doesn't have integrated speakers in it or 2) it should of came with it but wasn't in the package for some reason. Shouldn't be a problem as HP can supply that to you free if you call them at 800-HP INVENT  and have your information ready (name, phone number, monitor product/serial number) as they always ask for it.


They should be able to assist over the phone as well since you'te there and they can take control of the pc to help resolve this sound issue faster since you're calling them.


Here's your setup poster for the monitor.


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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

Everything is in place but the sound is very low. I Iincreased to the maximum (pressing and holding the button under the + sign) but still quite low.   Mab

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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

Hi mabran,


You may find options relating to volume in the software associated with your sound card.


Also, from the control panel, click Sound, double click Speakers and Headphones, click on the Enhancement tab and put a tick in the Loudness Equalization box.  Apply the change.


Best wishes,




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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

I also have the 2009m monitor and have the green cord plugged in, but there is still no sound.  I tried going in the Sound Device through control panel, but I am not able to click on anything.  It will not allow me to high-light anything.


Please let me know if there is anything else I should do, thank you!!

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Re: HP 2009m internal speakers

The built-in speakers on my monitor suddenly quit working.  I get a message that tells me they're not plugged in, but they are.  I have the round green ends on the connection; I tried a new pair of the same; I've checked the connections time after time and everything seems to be tight...   Can anyone tell me if there is something I can do with it, or do you think I've had some sort of break-down with the speakers?

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