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Using HDMI on 2311x Monitor
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Re: Using HDMI on 2311x Monitor

Just like others, tried everything to get my house Comcast DVR to work with the HDMI port.  There isn't one trick listed on this thread that I didn't try. Even with a working DVI connection to my PC, the monitor wouldn't let me set HDMI as a default or indicate in any way that the HDMI port existed.


Then I took the monitor it to an apartment I own that has an identical Comcast setup (the Comcast boxes all look the same) and BAM ... the monitor worked... no problem. On power up, the monitor even showed that it was scanning the inputs.... showed "auto select" and "DVI" as the default. Then it correctly locked on to the HDMI port and gave me a picture!!! Never got any scanning display whatsoever on the house system.


All I can think of is the HDMI cable. In the apartment I have a 35' HDMI cable buried in the wall coming from the DVR. In the house I have a 6' cable connected to the DVR. Think they are both modern HDMI cables (know the apartment is for sure... kinda sure about the house).


I am sure this just adds to the confusion. Good luck!















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Re: Using HDMI on 2311x Monitor

Same here WEBESACK.

Maybe HP will enjoy a news reporter visit?
This issue IS World Wide.

H.P. needs to pony up replacement of a already very well known failure of said item.

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Could & certainly should include many fingers pointing in many, many, different OVER SEAS back yard shacks filling these component orders absolutely cheapest way possible.

Great way to begin forcing a movement against multi-billion companies.

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Are we saving money Buying U.S.A. invented & provin' reliability.

Why would companies bite our handa & feet down to the bone while filling a few that feeds all of our workforce?

Speak up America!
Wake up Aemerica!
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