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w2207 Monitor

I have the monitor connected via a USB 2.0 VGA adapter to an HP EliteBook 8460p and via a DVI cable to a DIsplay Port Adapter on a MacBook Air (MBA). If the EliteBook is on, I can easily switch back and forth and all is good. If I turn the EliteBook off, the MBA attempts to connect, but the monitor goes to sleep. If I hit the menu button, the power light turns blue and about one out of five times the MBA will connect. I suspect there is some sort of a sensing relay in the monitor that is not detecting the input properly. I'm afraid the constant attempts by the MBA to connect may cause a problem with the MBA.


Every once in a while, when the EliteBook is connected, when I switch to the MBA it says the display resolution is not supported. However, if I try it again it will connect.


Is this a hardware failure or is there something anyone can think of that might help.

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Re: w2207 Monitor

Check the solution in this case:


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Re: w2207 Monitor (on MacBook Air)

I have a similar issue with my 2012 MacBook Air and the W2207 monitor. When I connect the monitor to the Air, often it will not properly recognize and the monitor will go to sleep instead of going into extended desktop mode instead. I have tried both the Apple mini displayport -> DVI as well as a generic mini displayport -> DVI adapter and it's the same behavior on both.  I suspect that this has something to do with the way the W2207 is built (connecting a DVI monitor via mini displayport was not popular when this monitor was released). 


There is, however, a workaround for me that works 100% of the time if I do things in the right order:


1. Turn on/wake up MacBook Air while the monitor is not plugged in.

2. Turn on the W2207.

3. Within about 5 seconds of turning on the W2207, plug it into the MacBook Air. It will recognize properly if you plug it in before it turns itself to sleep.


This is a pain to do, and it also means I have to unplug and replug the monitor into my Air every time I wake up the computer, but at least it's consistent.

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Re: w2207 Monitor

The solution in the post you link to is referring to a monitor which has displayport.  W2207 is DVI and VGA only. Definitely do not want to go down to VGA quality.

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