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External hard drive Accessing Issue with my md1000h~1TB

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I just bought a Simple Save md1000h 1TB five days ago. The last four days i dragged and dropped lots of my files to free up room on my computer (HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8100y operating in vista) and everything worked great.  Today I came home from work to continue moving files, and my computer was completely locked up first time this has happened.  so i did a hard reboot and and since i havn't been able to figure out what was wrong.  I have looked all over for someone with the same issue as me, but no luck.  so if you have any ideas that would be helpful i would love to hear em'.


Here is my Issue:

The computer reads the the two networks:

for me its L:/ for the 1TB hard drive and M:/ for the CD drive that it came with it.  

When i go to click on it, it just lags up, so i tried exploring and then after 15-20min of waiting the main folder where all my files are, opens but that is as far as i can get.  at this stage, the folder and computer lags up and doesn't respond.   i have used 132GB of the 930GB.  I can right click on the drives and open properties and other info, but that is it. 

I heard you can click format, and it should work again, but that will erase everything on the drive, and  as i said early i was just moving items not backing up them, so i could free up space.


Things i have tried:

I have checked on another computer to see if it was the HDD or my computer, changed to 3 different USB ports, multiple resets on computer, disconnected power from HDD.

Anything would help, i am pretty computer savvy, so let it at me, cause i dont know what else to do.  I plan to call HP support tomorrow, hopefully they can help, if not i am down $100 and lots of important files.



So my computer recognizes the device(s) , but it wont allow me to access my files within the hard drive.

I haven't really got any error messages other that the windows is not responding, when trying to open a folder i did get one error that said I/O device error.  I dont get it, b/c i was just watching recorded tv and videos from it last night.


My Computer: HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8100y

OS: Vista


So thanks in advance for any responses, sorry for the wordy post.

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Re: External hard drive Accessing Issue with my md1000h~1TB

Well yay, today i found out even more fun.  after i restarted my computer, the drives are not even recognized.  it comes up with usb device not recognized, and tells me to re-plug or replace. 

here is the exact message:

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows doesn't recognize it.


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Re: External hard drive Accessing Issue with my md1000h~1TB

i have the same issue with the HP MD 1000H no need to explaint it again ..SAME exact issue..


I can only see the drives but i cant get access to tthe files anymore, and I dont wanna lost them. and makes my PC lag a lot ..


We need a solution to this issue please...

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Re: External hard drive Accessing Issue with my md1000h~1TB

sorry to hear that, i ended up just returning to store, and loosing 95% of my items i put on, good luck.

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