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Does the V7.12 of the Bios for H8-1220ef is having a white list for mini PCIe wifi card? 


If yes what are the authorized mini PCIe wifi card authorised? Is there a Bios version without Whitelist?


Thanks in advance


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does any OEM on earth do blacklist or white lists , on all PC against all 100000 wifi cards made.? way less AC.

no.  ( I bet 802.11AC is the dream right as we all do)!!!

would you take that job, not me,  sorry😎

the cards  are sold as just a card, as seen at most stores. (the makers says works on some PCs and nOT ALL)

hp parts surfer shows this.

Wireless LAN - Flamingo, Halfmini 802.11bgn 1x1    ( THE SLOW N  CARD)

nothing else. no AC card there.


let me guess dreams of AC card, sure,

here is what most folks do, try there best, wash  wear and repeat .

or google for you PC model and see all forums on earth with words,  802.11AC

I just put this in mine, (we know it fails in vast PCs but not mine, amazon reviews bleed as expected this)

Intel Wireless-AC 7260HMW

in my pC but is not HP.

sold as mini

the best cards are for your country , so the RADIO (2.4/5g) bands are correct for you country , ours  is FCC USA listed.

then you BIOS must like it, and only testing proves that out.

the BIOS pages do not have  wifi white list nor CPU list nor a DDR list. but sure is  inside. (the binary support()


What I do is just try.  and for $10 if fail it hits the wifi box on the spares shelf and I try again, using other brands, even Broadcom. (intel stopped making mine so is NOS (new old stock) and sold only because am lucky to find it.

mini slots are (OLD SKOOL now and shut down MFG) so move fast to get yours, they will go dry  soon.


Now look at DDR  memory sites like Corsair.  that have PC fully certified DDR. there.

we have not  WIFI counter parts, to that, sadly   😂, and well would be super expensive to do.

and pitfalls, max.;

one is getting the 2 antennas backwards and fails. one is cut for 5GHz other as 2.4G and do not get that wrong or range will be horrible.

see my 2 antennas here, (long for 2.4, and short for 4Ghz?)  and bluetooth shares the long ant.


and remove old drivers first for all old wifi cards . and correct intel driver if theirs.

good luck in your quest.... wifi is tricky for sure, seen most ways to fail here.

NO warranty answers by me.
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Hi, @wifipci :


I do not believe your PC has a BIOS whitelist.  That pretty much only applies to notebook PC's.


However, in order to upgrade to a dual band wifi card where both the wifi and bluetooth works, your PC must have two antenna wires connected to the wifi card in there now.


If your PC has two wifi antenna wires connected to the wifi card in there now, you can upgrade to this model AC card with Bluetooth.


Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 802.11 ac 2x2 WiFi + BT 4.0    HP Part # 710661-001


You should be able to find one on eBay.  Search by the HP part number, not the model of the wifi card.



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Thanks I hope your are right, as I'm not anymore student and do not plan to modify the ID manufacturer in the BIOS. I will order one and will rework the BIOS only if it fails. 


Crossing finger:)

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You're very welcome.

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