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CPU Fan Noise Extremely High INGAME & High Temps (4000+RPM)

Hello there, I've had some overheating beeping codes before and my system was taken to repair and had the CPU Replaced (i think motherboard too can't remember. When it was back i had extremely high fan noise when i was playing a game like World of Warcraft / Team Fortress 2 / Counter strike source and so on.. So i called them up again and they took it to repair again and it was back with Gfx Card & Accessories replaced, Still the same problem so i called them again and it was taken for ONE MONTH and when i called them up again they told me that it was because i had third party ram in there (1GB installed by the store i purchased the system from) So i removed the ram and it still gave me errors and this time when i called them up they told me that this time they will replace the Motherboard + CPU + Fan and that this will fix the problem and if it doesn't, it will be taken 1 step further.

Anyway, i was wondering if anybody here knew any idea why this might happen because i am afraid very much it might take a while again for me to receive the computer but if theres anything i can do that won't cost me anything i should do it! 

 I have cleaned all fans inside and checked fans are working perfectly.

When i ALT TAB from game cpu calms down.

System temps:

CPU Goes to 65C (sometimes more) when playing game 

CPU when not playing games and a few apps open is  40C Average

When there is like loads of applications or when game thats the fan going crazy to 4000RPM/5000RPM


HP Media Center PC

E6700 @ 2.66Ghz


Radeon X1700 SE 


Anybody please i will appreciate some help very much!


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Re: CPU Fan Noise Extremely High INGAME & High Temps (4000+RPM)

Did you put heat sink compound between the heatsink and cpu to allow heat transfer?  It is available at Radio Shack.  Without this the fan will run on high.  This happened to me before.

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Re: CPU Fan Noise Extremely High INGAME & High Temps (4000+RPM)

Hi, I think you know the problem, CPU getting hot, fan controller increases the fan speed in an attempt to cool the system down.  I do not know where the issue with the 3rd Party RAM came from, since that will not effect CPU temperatures.  To be honest I do not know why the fan is RPM'ing so high, 60Deg C on full load is not unusual. 


There is nothing you can do but keep returning it to HP for them to fix, since anything you try and do will void the warranty [i.e. re-seat the fan with a descent thermal compound [Artic Silver] and/or Replace the heat Sink all together and/or replace the fan.  There are a number of third party heatsinks/fans available [its a big market..Literally 100's out there but only a few really good ones]. 


Usually systems do not such down under thermal constraints until the proc. temp. is about 100DegC [Tj Max]


To avoid warranty issues though I would recommend you get back to HP, tell them your not happy and would like a new PC [given the grief it has caused]. 


Good Luck......Nothing more frustrating having to deal with PC manufactures, they just do not seem to understand the aggravation and inconvenience of having to keep shipping the thing back and forth

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Re: CPU Fan Noise Extremely High INGAME & High Temps (4000+RPM)

first: replacing the cpu and motherboard alone makes no sense, if you do that than replacing the whole thing is easier.


second: why do you want to lower that rpm 



third: if you don't want noise, and don't want the cpu to over heat than get liquid cooling of course there cons ex: you have to replace the, and add every once in a while

you have to use special fluid [but you can make it(google it)]

google it more



fourth: forget the store if you have a problem google it and fix it yourself because the store will do bonehead moves lik replcing the cpu!!! and charge a fortune!! only use it as a last resort or when you don't know what to do and afraid of ruining it



fifth: check out AMD for your next build

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