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Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

Hey everyone


I bought my Pavilion slimline less than a year ago and have called support and even sent in my computer to fix these problems. I really need some help. When i turn on my computer at start-up it just freezes and it takes at least 10 trys to gt it on. And then when i am online it freezes and then i have to turn it off manually.


I have not added any hardware/ my virus protection is up to date. And i really don't want to do anymore system restores. How can i fix this?

Megan M.
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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

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Hi Mary , as you PC freezes at start up this could be an issue related to some Software which is listed in Startup Item. Try using Microsoft System Configuration (Msconfig) and check for the issue.


Please refer to the web link given below.


Once after trying the abpve steps check for the freezing issue.


Hope this resolves the issue.

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

Hi Guru,


Like Mary, I have a Pavillion less than a year old that constantly freezes up.  Mine does not freeze on start up.  It usually freezes up while online or using the wireless printer.  I thought the problem might be Explorer so I downloaded Firefox.  It froze while downloading Firefox. I performed a hard reboot and finished downloading Firefox.  Shorly thereafter, I went to a website that required filling out a form.  It froze again while filling out the form.  I am really tired of having to reboot all the time.    This is a business computer used mainly for running Quickbooks and Word.  Any advice?

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

Hi Guru-  i did what you said and then when it went to restart it was on the shutting down page for about 8 minutes before anything happened. and it went to a blue screen and said DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. i am pretty sure thats what it said. When i said start-up i meant it freezes on the loading screen where it has a green scroll and it says microsoft corporation. and then when i re boot that it usually goes to a blue screen and it says crash dump/ check your hardware....
Megan M.
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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up



If you are using Windows Vista, we may try performing start up repair and reset Internet Explorer.


Start up repair will Repair all the damaged files of Operating system.


Use the following procedure to repair the file system on the hard drive:
  1. Turn off the computer and wait at least 5 seconds with the computer in a full off state.
  2. Turn on the computer and press the F8 key repeatedly as the computer starts.
    An "Advanced Boot Options" screen opens.
  3. Select Repair Your Computer and press Enter .
  4. Select a keyboard layout that matches your country/region and click Next .
  5. When the login prompt appears, select the user name with Administrator rights (not Administrator) from the User Name drop down. The user name with Admistrator rights is most likely the first user name that was entered during the initial computer setup.
  6. Type the logon password into the Password field and then click OK .
      NOTE: If you do not know the password, leave the Password field blank and click OK . If you are unable to get past the password window, notify the system administrator for the password or perform a system recovery to restore the system to its previous state.
    A System Recovery Options window opens.
    Figure 2: System Recovery Options
  7. Click Startup Repair .
    A Startup Repair window opens and automatically scans for startup problems.
    Figure 3: Startup Repair
  8. Perform the actions suggested by Startup Repair: system restore, correct damaged or missing files, or other action.
      NOTE: A window may appear stating that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. If an Internet connection is active, click Send information about this problem to help Microsoft better understand and react to these issues. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  9. After Startup Repair has been used, try to open Windows.
    • If Windows Vista opens, you are done.
    • If Windows Vista does not open, perform the first portion of this section again to open the Startup Recovery Options window and continue.
  10. From the Starup Recovery Options window, click Command Prompt .
  11. Enter the following at the command prompt:
    bootrec /fixboot
  12. Enter the following at the command prompt:
    bootrec /fixmbr
    Figure 4: Command console
  13. After the bootrec tool has been used, close all open Windows to restart the computer and open Windows.

Let me know the results.

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

[ Edited ]

HI Mary,Man Surprised


This error occurs when you try to put the system in standby mode. The cause is a third-party driver that doesn't comply with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard for power management. When the system goes into standby mode, it tells all drivers that the system is changing power state. If a driver doesn't respond correctly, the system displays a blue screen. Almost any kind of driver (e.g., CD-ROM drivers, network drivers, keyboard filter drivers) can cause this problem.



NOTE: If a new internal device (sound card, hard drive, or other) was added to the computer before the error message started to occur, you have to remove it before continuing.
  1. Turn off the PC and unplug the power cord.
  2. Disconnect the mouse, and any other peripherals attached (Printer, scanner, webcam, zip drive, phone cord, network cable and other devices). Leave only the keyboard and monitor cable attached.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the front of the PC. Release after 10 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back in.
  5. Turn on the computer.

The easiest way to fix it is to perform the following steps:

Create a hardware profile and boot into it.
Go to the device manager (My Computer, Manage, Device Manager), select View, Show hidden devices, and disable all suspect devices (i.e., non-Microsoft devices) for the current hardware profile. (You disable a device on the General tab of the device's property sheet.)
Reboot using the same hardware profile and try to reproduce the problem. If you can't, start re-enabling drivers and rebooting until the problem reappears. Then delete or update the offending driver.
If the problem persists, disable all unnecessary drivers, update the necessary ones, and try again.

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up




May I have model number of your Slimline PC which will help us better to isolate the issue... and about




Please look at below microsoft article which will help us better....



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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

I Solved the issue of FREEZING UP that I have had since the day I bought my HP Desktop h8-1010 using Windows 7.   It is one of the most ager-fretting things ever....suddenly for no apparent reason it just stops...the only thing to do is turn it off and dread the next inappropriate freeze...


If you click on start and then right click on Computer there is a lttle line there highlighted in blue that says HP Help.  I clicked on that and found some information on freezing up.  Here is what I discovered:


Well, first they say run a Virus Scan...and of course no Viruses were found...but then....they said this:


If you have more than one Virus Software program running at the same time it can cause the computer to freeze up.

Well...Guess What!  Don't most if not all new computers  (PCs) come with Norton Anit-Virus software?  Yes they do.  And of course that is what everyone uses right?  Wrong!  I use Macafee and have for years.  So, why would I keep Norton when I have already paid for two years of Macafee?  So...then what does one do?  One deletes Norton and installs there favorite Anti-Virus Software.  And that is what I had done...except when I uninstalled didn't uninstall ALL of Norton.  There was still something called Norton PC checker that I found and after I deleted more problems...and it is a beautiful thing.


So...if you are not using Norton Anti-virus software and your computer is freezing up...Click Start, click Comtrol Panel, Click Programs: Uninstall a Program.  Then you will see a list of programs on your computer that you can delete or uninstall.  Make sure you don't have something like Norton PC checker left behind.  

Oh, you are so welcome, really, don't mention it!

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

helloo i tired what u posted up but it still freezes up when i start it up

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Re: Computer Freezes/ freezes at start up

I have tried all the solutions given, but after I click enter on "repair my computer" it freezes on a blank gray screen.. Nothing else comes up as you suggest. Please help

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