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Computer wont finish booting into vista, weird thing is I can boot using F11

My Brother brought me his computer and said it would not boot up in regular mode and would only boot up into safe mode.

He had no anti virus or firewall or malware programs running. Not my fault.

So I took a look and after a bit of tweaking the Bios, I go the system recovery screen to come up F11.

I doubt that the make of the computer is the problem. I have a vista 32 bit machine that will try and boot to windows, it goes all the way to the desktop for about three seconds and then shuts down and re-boots and gives me the option of going into safe mode. If I let the caomputer try to boot up in regualr mode it will constantly go to the same area and do it over and over. I can boot into safe mode. Funny thing is at the start of the boot screen I see an option to use at the F11 key (system recovery) and when I do that it shows a screen ramdisk settings and windows vista home prem ( recovered ), I click on windows and the next screen is the same as the startup in safemode screen (I use the start windows normally and the system will boot up into windows and I get the desktop. But things are not right, i open up my computer and the screen shows first D drive (factory image) then C drive (compaq) and for the CD drive it says  unspecified. The Cd won't work at all.

I tried to install Avast anti virus and it would not work, kept saying it can not work side by side. So I then installed Microsoft security essential and that worked, ran a full scan no problems, I then dl Sophos rootkit sector and ran that no issues came up. I then updated all the drivers and still the same, I did a repair system using the Vista disk and it said the problems were repaired and then it booted to the same place and started the whole thing over again. I did an upgrade and it was 3 of 3 with 0% and shut down and restarted, I then did the F11 key and it did the 3 of 3 all the way started running and went to the desktop, but Cd drive is still unspecified and C drive is second, while D drive is the first one listed.

I have done the following

Updated the system drivers

Updated the windows using system update

Scanned the drive with anti virus and rootkit found none

Did a repair using a vista disk

Did a SFC check and found nothing

Did a DSKCHK and did find some issues What I don't remember (was done early on)

Did an error check on the C drive

Did a populate disk and all comes up as normal

I did remove a few online fix it programs that install and then won't do anything until you pay.

I also un-installed 4 different HP printers and software.

Tried to do a disk driver update, but it keeps telling me that I have the best driver already

It seems like when the system tries to boot into C drive and I do the F11 it seems like it is booting into a whole new C drive vista system. Because when I try to let it go through the normal way the 3 of 3 at 0% shows up again, while the Recovered vista did it once and goes through.

Is there any thing else I can do to try and get this to work correctly.

I don't want to a wipe and re-install as my brother does not have all his software to re-install the programs he has on it.

I wonder if I tried to install win 7 if it would fix it, last thing I need to do is Bork the darn thing, so I am a bit Leary on doing that. Is there someway to get into the bootmgr area and see what is cooking there. I looked ands I have no Boot.Ini file.




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Re: Computer wont finish booting into vista, weird thing is I can boot using F11

The last statement "I looked ands I have no Boot.Ini file." Vista and windows 7 use a bootloader or boot manager instead of the boot.ini file.  If the Recovery DVD's were made, then maybe they can wipe everything out and return the OS to the beginning and reinstall all of the apps that came with the computer.  All of the other stuff will be gone, but in the description of what has been done, everything else is probably gone anyways.  If no Recovery DVD's, then might as well try the Windows 7 route.  If the key is not input, then everything will still go.  If it all works OK, then go to put in the key.

It almost sounds like there is some malware still it the OS.  Probably not going to really get rid of it until the drive is formatted and start over.

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Re: Computer wont finish booting into vista, weird thing is I can boot using F11

Well my post was getting a bit long, so I forgot to include a few things, like all the programs work fine, internet works fine. Any ways I got it fixed as there were driver errors that was causing conflicts and that was the reason it wound up working like that. I figured that by posting details would alert you to the fact that I was not just a N00B who doesn't know, so I was not expecting wipe it and re install.


The answer to wipe out everything and re-install every thing is a cop out, easy answer that Duh I could have figured that one out in a heart beat. Why would a person get on and try to give all the information about what and why to computer is not running correctly just to receive an answer like wipe it and re-install. Sure that is the answer when all of the tried corrections don't work and it is the last thing to try.


So please, when answering others in further posts when someone who looks for an answer, give them alternatives to check out.


I did get the computer working 100% correctly and now she runs like a top. Just did not have seen this issue where I could get into windows via F11 but not by normally booting up. I knew there was a conflict, just was not sure what order to look at.

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Re: Computer wont finish booting into vista, weird thing is I can boot using F11



I agree with the Old_Man that you should use the HP Recovery Disks.  There is no way to know for sure if the malware that you claim was on your PC has been totally eradicated from your PC.

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