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Envy 700-230qe virtualization
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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

None of the solutions posted have worked for me unfortunately. I have an HP Pavilion 500 (154ea) and have tried most things to get this to work. I specifically bought a new workstation so that I would have a Window 8 environment for Hyper-V. I had no other reason to buy, that single feature, its the only feature which is not working.


I don't have a bluetooth stack/device/driver installed so the problem I have is not related.


Disabling the VIrtulisation from within the BIOS after Hyper-V is installed has resulted in me being unable to start my VM, no warnings about it being related to BIOS setttings but when that's re-enabled the VM starts and immediatly resets the host.


Wish I'd never bought HP, at the very least they should make it clear that the OS they ship with the product is not full feature compliant with and explicitly state that Hyper-V is not supported and does not work under all configurations. Of course it would be nice if a vendor the size of HP put some effort into identifying what the cause is although that could mean thousands/millions of devices being replaced so don't hold out any hope.


I will never buy HP again (and that includes all HP devices and services) and will advocate other enterprise class suppliers for our datacentre infrastructure too.

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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

Here's an update on my previous post: I was able to turn on Hyper-V in Windows and "trick" the system the way I described above. VMWare Workstation launches 64-bit OS's just fine, even though they won't let you install one if Virtualization is turned off in the BIOS. Visual Studio 2013 allowed me to install the Windows Phone development components even though virtualization is turned off in the BIOS because Hyper-V is actually enabled in Windows (because of my trick in the previous post).


However, when i try and create a new windows phone project in Visual Studio 2013, I get an error telling me that Virtualization is turned off in the BIOS.


Back to square one.


Jerry Boutot, MCAD MCP

AppDataWorks, LLC

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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

Yes I found out after I installed everything successfully that even though I can run 64-bit virtual machines in VMWare with Hyper-V turned on and the virtualization turned off in the BIOS (my trick in the previous post), I am unable to create a Windows Phone project in Visual Studio 2013 - which is the whole reason I bought a Windows 8.1 machine.
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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

[ Edited ]

I also had this problem on an Envy 700-230qe and NDOSS's solution of uninstalling the Bluetooth stack was fast and it worked for me as well.  I then had a problem with the Hypervisor not running but I found the solution to that problem at .  Thanks much

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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

Hi MarkAD88,


You might received so many msg about installing Virtualization in Envy 700-230qe. I have exactly same problem and i found so many information by reading many threads about it.


1. So i need to do Fresh Install of Window 8.1 Pro using DVD, not the Recovery Disk or Partition. Right ?

2. Not to install the Bluetooth Driver Stack. Right ?


Also I don't even have Hyper-V Option in BIOS or Under Program & Features, is that because mine window is not 8.1 PRO ? 


Thanks in advance.





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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

XxPrincexX, step #2 is the important one.... do not install the Bluetooth stack as that appears to be what causes the system to not boot up when the Hypervisor enabled.


The feature won't show up under Programs & Features unless you're using Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro.


As for the setting in your BIOS, it should be there.  I believe it is under Security or some other odd name but the Envy 700-230qe should have it unless HP decided to update the BIOS and hide the feature entirely.

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Re: Envy 700-230qe virtualization

I can confirm that uninstalling the Bluetooth Stack ('Mediatek Bluetook Stack' in my case) solved the issue (without reinstalling Windows 8.1) of the computer not rebooting (i.e. hanging at HP logo screen) after initiating the Hyper-V on my HP ENVY 700-230qe CTO Desktop PC (off topic but it came factory overclocked btw).


I did see some reports that updating the bluetooth driver will accomplish the same thing, but I didn't want to bother finding the new driver to try when uninstalling it was so much quicker!  I will report back if I end up trying that (i.e. if I ever have the need for bluetooth on  my desktop computer).



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