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Front A/V in

Like so many others, I have no idea how to use the front 'A/V In' jacks (in my case, on my e9180t). First, I have to note that documentation of some sort, either hard copy or online, would be helpful. None, it appears, exists. Second, the fragments of information I have uncovered from forums and the like has to do with video capture (e.g., making DVDs from your video camera). All I want to do is display video from an external source, via composite or S-video. Keeping in mind that my frustration is directed at HP's dismal product support, does anyone out there really know how to use these inputs or are they just decoration?
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Re: Front A/V in

XL, here is a link to the manual that may help you:


It is PDF, so it may take awhile to open.  It has allot of info for you to read.


Here also is a "Upgrading and Servicing Guide":


Let us know if these help your situation or not.


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Re: Front A/V in

I appreciate the effort. The first link ( is to the woefully inadequate manual that came with the computer. The second is much more useful, providing instructions on gaining access to the 'guts' of the computer (e9180t) and swapping drives, etc. It is far more useful than an outdated video referenced by a tech support rep, a video that didn't even apply to my machine. Alas, though, none of this addresses the question of the front A/V In ports, what one can do with them and how. Has no one ever used the ports for anything? Or does everyone eventually just throw their hands in the air and treat the A/V In ports as curiosities or decoration, hoping that friends and family never ask the embarrassing question: "So, what do you use those for?
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Re: Front A/V in

I am in the same boat, trying to get the front AV inputs to work.  I plug in a simple dvd player and wait for something to recognize the signal, but nothing happens.  I opened up HP Mediasmart, but nothing plays it.

I have to assume that it is an upgrade and for now these inputs simply came with the front panel. I would have to assume that these inputs are attached to a card.

I am going to check the previous post to see if it mentions something about downloading an upgrade in order to get these to work.

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Re: Front A/V in

I too saw the same results when attmpting to use the front A/V ports on the E9180T with the integrated TV tuner. I wanted to connect my VCR and transfer some old videos, wedding, family vacations,etc... It seemed that no matter how I connected the VCR to the front A/V ports it was not recognized by the Vista Windows Media Center Live TV application. I used the device manager to identify what TV tuner was installed. It was a Hauppauge, WinTV-HVR-1800. In the device manager you can check the driver version and there is also a radio button to update the driver. I did this and the driver did update to a newer version but the ports still would not work. I then went to the Hauppauge web site and found an even newer driver for the card. Once I installed this most current driver and rebooted I was able to see the VCR connected to the front composit video port, Yellow. In the Windows Media Center use setup to configure the TV signal. It should recognize the signal on the composit video input and think that it is a TV set top box. It will require you to implement the IR, infa red, connection as that is how the built in TV tuner wants to control the set top box. The front composit audio ports also now work.


So start by identifying the manufacturer and model of the internal TV tuner installed and getting the most current device driver for that card from the manufacturer. Of course make sure the driver is compatible with the operating system you are running, Vista or Win7.


Hope that helps,


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Re: Front A/V in

Those front inputs should be used for video capture with a program like Cyberlink DVD Suite, more specifically with the Power Director program. This program might well be part of your software. Once you start the program and get ready to do a capture, then the program should recognize a VCR.


Other uses such as what is described by hpMCHS involve doing a TV setup and is probably more geared at a permanent rather than temporary solution.



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Re: Front A/V in

I too am in the same boat.  I don't have much hope now, because all I see is 9 months of questions and no answers.

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Re: Front A/V in

I have a HP M9252. What works for me is.

Disconnect all TV inputs to back of comp.  Plug in A/V inputs from  a DVDR (mine is a philips dvdr3575h) hook up a tv cable to it,   (comp is looking for a tv signal)   Go to Windows Media Center  (not windows media player)  Go to "settings" and setup the TV signal.   Disconnect DVDR and plug in A/V connectors from camra.   I can record my videos to computer, fo corse to view TV you must setup TV signal again.    (Must be a easer way than this) 


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Re: Front A/V in

It's 2011 and I still can't find out how the front A/V jacks work. I get video but no audio. I'm capturing with Windows Media Encoder. I get video but no audio. Its as if the audio jacks arn't even connected internally.  Realtek HD audio does not show these jacks bust show all other audio input and outputs. I really wish I could figure this out!

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Re: Front A/V in

I know this is responding to an old post, but since it was one of the top search results for "hp computer front inputs," I thought it would be important to respond with my experience.  I couldn't get the front a/v inputs working trying to capture analog video from a camcorder in Nero 9.  I then opened up Cyberlink PowerDirector which came preinstalled on my e9270t.  Again, it didn't appear to be finding the video feed I had going through the s-video input on the front of my computer.  However, PowerDirector has a setting where I can not only select the capture device (in my case, the "Happauge WinTV 885 Video Capture"), but it also let me select a source.  There are two composite video sources and two s-video.  I believe one set is for the inputs on the back of the computer and the other set is for the front inputs.  After specifying s-video 02, I could see the video I was streaming and capture it in PowerDirector.


So it seems like you need to have a application that allows you to specify both a capture device AND a capture source on that device in order to use the front a/v inputs.  PowerDirector does this (which is probably why HP preinstalled it) and it actually works rather well as a video capture/edit/authoring tool.

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