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Front I/O Ports quit working
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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

Just to clarify, I agree with you on this. All of my USB ports front and back dont work on my S3100e slimline as well as the 6 in 1 card reader. All cables internally are in place, the usb ports and reader just stopped working, thats what i get for having automatic updates running with Microsoft and Vista. I think the issue is either a Vista driver problem or a BIOS issue neither one of them HP can fix easily! I loaded the latest BIOS and it didnt fix a thing. I suppose it could be a sysytem board going out but my unit is barely over a year old.


Please HP fix your issues! You use to be cream of the crop when it came to PC's and servers.



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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

I agree.... HP at one time used to have great machines.  This port issue is some kind of driver/system issue.  When I had a printer connected to my machine and printed to it from another machine on the network, it would cause the USB ports to stop working.  After shutting down and restarting, the USB ports would come back alive.  The Media card slots would also be off when the USB ports were down.


HP...get your stuff together on this or the public will stop buying your machines!!!



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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

I have a smiliar problem with my m9250f.  I have:


-uninstalled the USB Root hubs

- reloaded the chipset drivers

- flashed the BIOS


and the problem keeps coming back.  It impacts all my USB Ports, except for the one with the keyboard and mouse.


BTW - I am running Vista 64.

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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

Yet another one here ... a Pavillion (061) ABGt640a, XP Home O/S belonging to a colleaque.  Front & rear USB ports suddently inoperable, as is the inbuilt card reader.  No obvious reason for it apparently.  Installing a PCI USB 2.0 card has overcome the USB problem, but the card reader is still dead. 


Gave the PC a thorough checkover - checked Mobo connectors, deleted all USB controllers from device mgr and allowed XP to reinstall them, also set USB Services to auto (Admin Tools) and checked Bios settings.  Didnt bother updating bios in light of others negative comments - update is only a few months (09/2004) later than installed version anyway.  Main use for PC is digital camera downloads and ITunes uploads. 


This problem is occuring on too many HP PCs (desktop & laptop) for it to be coincidental.  With both front and rear ports out plus the card reader, it is very unlikely to be a physical problem on the Mobo.  Probably some kind of software incompatibility, but what Mr HP?????  Mobo drivers maybe?  Otherwise the PC seems to be operating fine after a good dung-out of rubbish on the HDD & in the registry.  No significant adware or virus issues encountered.


Anyone got any bright ideas to restore these rather essential functions ???  



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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

Same problem Win XP sp2 Pavilion a1640n Happened once before won't fix when rebooted HELP ME!!!!! front USB/mem card not working back is fine WTF?!?!
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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

I have a Pavilion a610e desktop, from August 2004, Windows XP, SP2.  With a similiar, but slightly different problem.  My card readers are fine, for the moment.  But my USB ports, especially in the back have become very unreliable.  Front USB seem more stable.  But none of them reliably recognize my Western Digital 500GB external HD.  This was a little bit of a problem 2 years ago when I got the drive.  I thought it might be a conflict between using it and iTunes both on FireWire ports, so I switched both to USB.  That worked for over a year.  Now the only way to get my HD recognized when it disappears is to disconnect its power cord, wait 30 seconds and reconnect it.  Some times the drive is actually spinning at the time.  This can NOT be the way it is supposed to work!


Funny that so many of us have such similiar problems on so many different age and model computers with different OSs.

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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

Bill Hicks,


You seem to be the only person offering solutions here....any ideas. 


I think the consensus is that the problem is not a loose connector (maybe a faulty connector, but it isn't loose).  All I/O ports other than the PS2 connectors, ethernet, serial and parallel ports have gone dark.  I have a LED device that plugs in to USB ports - that lights up fine, so the port is powered, it just doesn't work.


Also, when I click on My Computer, none of the card reader slots show up (regardless of whether or not there is a card in any slot).


Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions on how to fix.



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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s7700n. In November my wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working. I disconnected them, and went wired. Somehow I lost my wireless internet-- still not sure what happened- or how I fixed it for that matter. In all of the different methods that I tried to get back online I did a system recovery--and started completely back at factory settings.

What I then realized is that my USB ports--front and back stopped working. I have researched on the internet all kinds of possible fixes- nothing has worked. When I plug an ipod into one of the front usb ports the ipod flashes- ackknowledging that it has been plugged in. But the ipod doesn't charge, and the computer doesn't acknowledge that the ipod is plugged in.

After reading this thread I check to see if my built in card reader is working- and it is not.

A tech at Staples said he thought it might be the southbridge on the motherboard going bad (talking to him was like trying to speak a foreign language without any instruction).

I am at my wits end. My computer is only good for going on the internet now. I cannot print. I cannot update the mp3 players and ipods....

Has anyone had any success at fixing this problem?

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Re: Front I/O Ports quit working

Re booting can restore usb, but flash drive ports are still not recognized.  Help, please!

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