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GTX 770 not booting

I just got a EVGA GTX 770 gpu for my HP Phoenix h9-1120t. I installed it, plugged in the PSU pins and made sure it was securely placed but when I turn on my computer I just a blank screen and some beeps.


Here are my PC specs:


i7-3770K CPU 3.50 GHz

Pegatron IPMMB-FM


600w PSU

Liquid Cooled


Any suggestions?



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Re: GTX 770 not booting



If you are getting 6 beeps then a pause and 6 beeps then the error is a pre video graphics failure.


I suspect that the NVIDIA 770 is not compatible with your PC.  Contact EVGA for a remedy.

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

[ Edited ]

I too have an HP Phoenix h9-1120t, and I have the answer for you.  But its probably not what you want to hear.  


Here's my story:  I have a close friend who works in a local computer repair shop so he gets huge discounts/dealer prices on parts, and accessories and is always hooking me up with trades/parts etc.. so my plan was to upgrade the graphics card in my Phoenix, since my wife uses it all the time now - and I pretty much am using a new rig I just built anyway which is based on a i7 4770k.


My h9-1120t has almost the same specs as yours with a few things I've added- a liquid cooled i7 3770k, 16GB of 1600 MHz Crucial RAM, a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB boot drive (I added), the original Intel 160GB SSD (now used for music/photos),1TB Hitachi 7200RPM HDD, Blu-Ray drive, and a MSI Power Edition GTX 670.  This rig has worked exceptionally and is actually a really a very decent and blazing fast rig.  My friend Brice actually likes my Phoenix and he really despises HP and Dell - but he has been impressed with its performance and speed which keeps pace and even sometimes beats his own self-built heavily overclocked i7 3770k rig.


So...I was able to trade my MSI GTX 670 with him for a brand new EVGA GTX 770 w/ACX cooling (and about $25 bucks) - and I was planning to put it in the HP Phoenix rig which has the Pegatron IPMMB-FM Formosa motherboard you mentioned.  After about three days and countless hours of customer service with HP, EVGA, calling Brice, research, and swearing - I could not get this card to work in the Phoenix h9-1120t (it worked flawlessly in my other self-built rig and Brice's i7 3770k rig so I knew it wasn't the card), I FINALLY found out the Pegatron Formosa motherboard we have is NOT compatible with the 700 series of Nvidia graphics cards.  I know this seems strange because the GTX 770 is a GK104 based card, just like the GTX 670 and GTX 680, however, the 1120t will not complete the boot process with any 7xx series card installed.  Nvidia did just enough tweaking and changed a few things in the circuitry/PCB to cause it to not allow the boot to complete on the Formosa mobo.


THIS WAS A HAIR PULLING NIGHTMARE - trying to figure this one out, and I'm sure you're right there too.  I stayed up until 3 am the first night working on this thing- and I started about 9:00 in the morning!!!  


Bear in mind that there are about 4 different mobos used for the HP Phoenix.   The newer Phoenix's with the Haswell processors use an MSI made "Kaili" Z87 chipset based mobo and the Nvidia 7xx series cards work just fine in them.  No problem.  There is also an older version of the Phoenix which came with Sandy Bridge processors, which was based on a Z68 chipset but I can't say for sure if the 7xx cards work in that one.  Finally there are two variations for the Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy-Bridge-E high end procs, and the 7xx series Nvidia cards seems to work with them.  


It's just the Z75 chipset Formosa board we have.  It's a big no-go for anything more powerful than a GTX 680 on this one.  I can't say if a dual GPU GTX 690 will work, because we didn't have one to test- but the Radeon HD 7970 and GTX 680 both work fine (but we did change out the OEM Delta 600 watt PSU to a Corsair TX650 watt, not for the overall wattage mind you, but because the +12v rail was too weak in the Delta PSU). 


But the mobo you and I have is based on a OEM version of the Z75 chipset, and it does not play nicely with whatever little changes that Nvidia did to the 700 series cards.  Sometimes the rig will go to the HP logo splash screen and lock-up, and other times the screen will just be blank like you said, followed by the series of error code beeps from the mobo. Such a bummer.


A simple BIOS update for the board COULD correct this issue, but there are none available, and HP cust. service told me they have no plans to make any updates since this particular Phoenix model is now out of production (they actually kept trying to sell me a new Phoenix, which was ridulous).


So, luckily I was able to get a EVGA Superclocked GTX 680 Signature 2 (I couldn't get my GTX 670 P.E. back because he already sold it).  The EVGA GTX 680 works flawlessly and is only +/- 5-10% less than the GTX 770, and was a slight bump over my old MSI 670, so I'm not that upset at all in retrospect.  It's a very decent card and works great.


So the long and short of it is the GTX 770 will NOT work on your mobo.  Either get a GTX 680 or a Radeon HD 7970. That's gonna be the highest-end for this rig.  Again, I was not able to test the dual GPU cards (690 and 7990) , so I can't say if they will work or not but I suspect they won't.  HP cust. service told me that mobo won't handle PSUs any higher than 600-650 watts, so I also suspect you might have issues with any dual GPU card and the Delta PSU.


But trust me, my wife is very happy with the i7 3770k/GTX 680 combo she has now.  Real happy.  BF4 at 60-80FPS on Ultra (@1920x1080) is nothing to scoff at.   And she's running dual 22 inch monitors.


And I ended up putting the GTX 770 in my Haswell rig (I put a GTX 760 in it originally), so all is well that ends well.


Hope this helps, and sorry for the probs you're having.  I've been there.






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Re: GTX 770 not booting

really interesting.


i've been struggling with a GTX 770 on the phoenix 1150, which is sandy bridge-e. same behavior you described, so it may not be only the Z75 version.

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

[ Edited ]

First gen Phoenix owner here myself i7 2600 cpu etc. 700 series will not work and 600 series might be questionable. IF they have the latest UEFI bios from the video card manufacturer. Example. I have a EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked edition video card in mine. I updated the card to the latest UEFI bios. And the computer would not boot any more. Thank god I was smart enough to back up my previous bios before the flash. I was able to restore them. HP wont provide bios updates and my system just hit 2 years old this month. I wont buy another Phoenix because of the poor driver support and bios. Even though I love the system and think its great. 


Another note. I believe HP never offered 700 series with Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. Only recently with Haswell. SB obviously since it was not out at the time. Not sure about 700 series being out when IB hit or not. In the end. Not cool at all HP will not provide updated bios for sandy bridge and ivy bridge owners.

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have the same computer and am about to buy a 770. It might be PSU related as the 600W psu included is apparently not all that great. 

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

yeah - I replaced the motherboard with an Asus board of similar spec. it's not the power supply. replaced that first and had exact same problem.
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Re: GTX 770 not booting

Well thats not gonna be alot of fun to replace. Thanks for the quick reply!

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

It is the chipset on the Z75 motherboard, not the PSU.   The newer Haswell based Phoenix's with the 7xx series cards have different socket LGA 1150 boards with a different chipset so the cards work fine (and bear in mind these are OEM graphics cards made especially for these HP rigs).  As you can see from my photo, I tried a Corsair 650 watt PSU and it made no difference.  The 770 will not work.


If you change the mobo like the other answer said then you're golden, but on the HP Pegatron Formosa Z75 board, its a big no go.

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Re: GTX 770 not booting

Any suggestions on a Mobo that would fit? My warranty is up in June anyway, so i really dont have much to lose by flipping it. 

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