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HP 2509m monitor

I own a HP 2509m monitor. Purchased in Dec 2009. Bought from Costco because they extended the warranty by 1 year. Unfortunately, still 10 months out of warranty. The monitor has failed...not receiving power. Has been great up until now. Not used to moniotrs failing in the past. Have owned 8-10 monitors over the years. Usually end up upgrading with new technology and donating old equipment to church or school. Looking to replace but not much faith in HP any more. Looks like from the posts that many users have had numerous problems with this monitor. Anyone have a good experience with HP monitors?

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HP 2509m monitor

Hello SPB1956,

My first general assumption was to avoid this thread. Not that I didn't want to support you with any issues you had, but I didn't think you hearing from me saying that there are good experiences with HP monitors was going to really sway your opinion on the matter.

What I can say this, if you had not had a problem with the monitor would you be posting on the forums saying how great the monitor is? Generally speaking most people who post on the internet and post on forums have had a bad experience with whatever product they are using. I know personally I don't go around to companies forums and websites and praise them on a good product if it's good, but I have blasted a company if I received a bad product. HP ships hundreds of thousands of monitors a year if everyone was having a bad experience then the company would tank very fast, so that can't be happening.

We are here for you. HP supports their products and even when your warranty runs out you can come to the HP forums where HP does have HP representatives (these are the forums members with the HP logo next to their name) and have people who HP has determined are Experts on their products (those with the expert logo next to their name) answer questions on these forums for those users. I'm not saying your future question or issue could be resolved on the forums, but I'm not sure you are going to get that same level of support with another product.

To put in short, there are people who have good experiences with HP monitors, but I wouldn't expect them to start flocking out of the wood works to this thread, unfortunately.
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Re: HP 2509m monitor

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Hi everybody,


I own an HP w2007 and have had it for a few years now, ...I love it.


Btw, ...I'm a gamer, ...GTX 570 with a 850 watt power supply.


My system: HP Pavilion P6720F〈=en&lc=en&product=5049516#N1178
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Re: HP 2509m monitor

I just spoke with HP Support who stated that my out of warranty monitor can not be repaired for a cost less than purchasing a new replacement device. This is a very sad state of affairs. The item was manufactured in April 2010, and worked perfectly fine, until the other day when my wife heard a buzzing sound, then a snap / crack or otherwise sudden noise. Thereafter the monitor would not display input on either the HDMI or VGA inputs. Sometimes after power on, it would get to the windows logon screen (briefly), then the monitor would go to black.  Any ideas or thoughts in terms of self repair, I am somewhat handy and do have a background in electronic component repairs, but would definately need instruction or guidance on how to dis-assemble and troubleshoot.


Kindest Regards for any input

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Re: HP 2509m monitor

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@ SPB1956,


I have had 7 HP monitors over past 8 years... two CRT and rest LCD or LED/LCD. I still own and regularly use 4 HP monitors. Not once did I have an issue with any of these HP monitors.


@ brian_brotschi and others with a 2509m,


First off, I am not here to bash HP products but the 2509m seems to be a lemon. The HP 2509m monitor appears on this and other forums very frequently. The issue is almost always the LCD backlight inverter. The inverter is what powers the CCFL lamps that light the screen so you can see the LCD image. With the monitor connected to a working computer that is on,  shine a flashlight at an angle at the screen and if you see an image on the screen while moving the flashlight around... most likely the inverter and/or the lamps have gone bad. A person may be able to find an inverter and/or lamps and replace them, or if you have an electronics background, you may be able to repair the monitor.


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Re: HP 2509m monitor

thanks for the reply.

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Re: HP 2509m monitor

     The fact that HP sells tens of thousands of monitors a year does not negate the fact that this model ,HP 2509M , has more problems than the average monitor. Correct me if I'm wrong but It sounds to me like you are saying, "Just because you got a lemon, don't blame HP". You sir, Are wrong about support. I have owned Dell Computers and Monitors for many, many years (I'm 60 years young) and their support is next to none. I happen to be one of the disgruntled HP customers that only got a few days over three years out of the HP 2509M monitor that I own. I have two Dell flat screen (NOT CRT) Monitors. One 15 and the 17" I'm using now since my (Again, THREE YEAR OLD) HP monitor died. Both of the Dell monitors are at LEAST 6 years old. Maybe instead of saying that you have more good monitors than bad monitors, You should see that this model is a black eye on the HP brand and find a repair solution for the people that own them. Remember the word "Recall"?

     I bought the HP monitor because it was a good deal at the time. It was priced better than the comparable Dell models. I guess I see why now. :-(

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Re: HP 2509m monitor

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Those supporting the HP line of products apparently don't have an HP 2509m monitor. I'll be honest here (as everybody should be), mine began to flutter around the second year of operation like everybody else. This has been stated over and over again by simply googling HP 2509m. My brother has the 2509m, purchased new from Costco less than 2 years ago, and no fluttering has occured yet. In fact, we both have the same HP computer setup, from CPU to mouse. We both thought highly of the HP line and their online customer support, but after spending over $300 for this monitor and reading about similar technical problems (without acknowledgement from HP that a problem exists), makes me rethink my future purchasing preferences. I've replaced my fluttering, 2 year old monitor with my previous 4-year old working Acer. Granted, I will be buying another 25" or 27" monitor, but the brand will highly unlikely match my current setup.

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