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HP LinkUp Error

Every time I try to connect to my remote computer, it comes up with [1120] Connection timeout. Make sure the Sender system is on the network and functioning correctly, then try again. I've tried everything in the help menu but nothing works. Please help. My desktop is HP Pavilion p2-1033w, its brand new, and my remote computer is HP Pavilion g4 Notebook and both are using Windows 7 Home Premium. I at least want to know the problem... Please help

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Re: HP LinkUp Error

Im having the same problem. Did you ever get it figured out?

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Re: HP LinkUp Error

I have the same problem.  Why won't one of the HP experts respond?

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Re: HP LinkUp Error

[ Edited ]

First of all make sure that the firewall is disabled , if you are using any anti virus or more than one, make sure to remove them, specialy CA security . If you have norton, use Norton Removal tool and  then try, you should not get any error.


If you already tried removing anti virus like Norton from Control panel > all programs , well thats not sufficient , you need to use the Removal tool.


Ref this link


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Re: HP LinkUp Error

You can find more on your pc than you will online.  I say this because there is a pdf in your program files that will answer almost any link up question you may have. 


Click start and type in HP link up >

when hp link up appears in the menu of results

click your right mouse button >

From the menu choose open file location >

double left click on the folder named user guides >

choose the pdf named - User Guide (en_ww)



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Re: HP LinkUp Error

From the guide (which can be accessed sender or receiver side):

Remote computer (Sender) checklist


You can verify or modify the HP LinkUp Sender state by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor

directly to the remote computer. Verify each of the following items:


Ensure that you have a login account on the remote computer – When establishing

an HP LinkUp connection, the remote computer will prompt you for a user name and password.

Ensure that you have a login account on the remote computer.


Verify that the remote computer is password protected – The system checks for a user

name and password on the remote computer after completion of a normal HP LinkUp Sender

installation on Windows, and does not allow a connection for any account with a blank or

undefined password. Any accounts on the remote computer used for connection by HP LinkUp

Viewer must have password protection.


Ensure that HP LinkUp Sender is running on the Remote Computer – This can be

done on Windows as follows:


Click Start.

Right-click My Computer.

Select Manage from the menu.

In the Computer Management console, click the + sign to expand Services and Applications

and then select Services. The service Remote Graphic Sender should be listed as Started. If

not, select Remote Graphic Sender, and then click Restart the service.


Log out – If you log into the remote computer to verify any of the above items, ensure that you

log out when you’re done.



When HP LinkUp Sender is installed on a computer, it disables video overlay surfaces (also

known as overlay planes) when the remote computer is connected to the HP TouchSmart PC. Some

media players using video overlay surfaces will not display correctly. To resolve this problem, disable

video overlay surfaces in the media player.

Most OpenGL applications detect the disabling of overlay surfaces, and will work correctly. However,

if your OpenGL application tries to use the disabled overlay surfaces, it might display incorrectly. If this

happens, check to see if your OpenGL application allows you to disable the use of overlay surfaces.

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Re: HP LinkUp Error

To add to what's already been posted (from the documentation).


Hope this helps...


-DM (a long-time HP employee, but the comments/suggestions here are my own, not HP's)


HP TouchSmart (Viewer) checklist

Verify the following items on the HP TouchSmart PC before attempting to establish a connection.


Verify the hostname or IP address of the remote computer – Verify that you have the

correct hostname or IP address of the remote computer. If the remote computer hostname fails to

resolve to the correct IP address, resolve this problem before continuing.


Verify from the HP TouchSmart PC, that you can ping the remote computer – If

you’re unable to ping the remote computer, you won’t be able to establish a connection. Ping the

remote computer using the hostname or the IP address of the remote computer.

Open a Command window:


Click Start.


Type Command Prompt in the Search box. A list appears.


Double-click Command Prompt. The Command window appears.


Execute either:

ping hostname



<IP address>

If no ping reply is received, the remote computer is unreachable or is not running—resolve this

problem before continuing. If a ping reply is received, the remote computer is reachable by HP



The port used by HP LinkUp Viewer is assigned by the HP TouchSmart PC and can vary. HP

LinkUp Sender listens on TCP/IP port 42966.


Ensure that firewall settings are not preventing the ping command from working.

HP LinkUp Viewer uses the public IP address of HP LinkUp Sender. This feature allows HP LinkUp to be

used through a firewall. In addition, the HP LinkUp Sender firewall must support port forwarding.

-DM (HP Retiree)

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Re: HP LinkUp Error

I'm seeing several different solutions to this problem, and my eyes started glazing over after the second one. Is there a simple way to explain this that avoids an excess of computerese? I've been using computers since about 1985, so I'm not a newcomer. Still...


I'm not sure what to disable, what to activate, how to set up a password (I don't have oneon my remote computer) and why would I want to remove my virus protection sw?



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Re: HP LinkUp Error

I'm a little overwhelmed with some of the pc talk as well but spent hours lastnight trying everything on that list to no avail. Even did a restore on my desktop back to when the connection was working and even that didn't fixt it.

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Re: HP LinkUp Error



Have you sorted out your problem or do you still have the same error message?




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