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HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)
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Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

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Has anyone in this thread tried upgrading the BIOS to the newer version? The new version is 3.05.


The BIOS can be found here

Here is the slimline s7600N product support page.

The BIOS can only be found in the XP OS drivers page. BIOS is cross operating system so that won't be an issue. 

The motherboard is an A8N-BR. That is actually an ASUS motherboard custom made for HP/Compaq. They do manufacture some of the best motherboards on the planet. Sorry to see that so many people are having issues with this particular product.


The enhancements of this BIOS version are:

  • Resolves an issue with the TV-Out BIOS setup screen displaying an incorrect multi-language translation.
  • Optimizes keyboard compatibility.
  • Resolves issue with system hanging if a PS/2 device is not installed.
  • Updates NVIDIA vBIOS to fix issue with PAL configurations.
  • Adds support for SATA optical drives in BIOS Recovery Mode.
  • Improves support for TV-Out.
  • Resolves issue with incorrect processor family description.
  • Updates AMD AGESA to version 2.06.11.



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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    If you can find a fan that will increase airflow it will increase cooling and certainly couldn't hurt but I can't say if it would be enough to fix the problem. You would just have to try it unless someone else already has and has an answer. If you could find the part overheating, like say an IC on the motherboard, you could make or buy an aluminum heatsink and attach it like you do with the CPU and its' heatsink and that would problably solve the problem.


    The Slimlines aren't bad PCs but the design wasn't thought out (e.g. sufficient cooling) in my opinion. I like HP products and in general think that their customer service is better than a lot of large companies but they get an F in this case. Surely, with this forum, their own customer service and all the complaints on the net over the last few years they must know that there is a problem with the slimlines. If they can't figure out what the problem is (which I don't believe - of course they can) then they should have a viable alternative like giving their customers a new and compatible replacement computer, even if it means taking a loss. From what I have seen on the net, they have already lost thousands of loyal customers. Kind of reminds me of the American Water Heater fiasco except they have lost tens of thousands of customers and millions if not billions of dollars in future revenues.


    What should you do - be very direct and persistant with them and don't take no for an answer. Keep reminding them that you have a warranty which you paid for and intend to get satisfactory service. Document everything (keep emails, etc.) you/they say and do. They told you to reset the RAM and replace the battery on the mobo. If that didn't fix the problem get back to them asap and tell them then ask what's the next step. If you have to, make suggestion like I think it might be the motherboard or powersupply and would like it replaced or I want to send it in underwarranty so you can fix it.


    As far as the BIOS update I don't see anything that addresses a heat problem, unless the AMD AGESA code has something to do with it, but I would install it to keep my PC up-to-date.


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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    Seems to me that their are several hoops we as users can jump though, but none of them work.

    I've purchased a UPS, loaded s/w, set up external fans, I still have the same problem. I won't buy a mother board and power supply.

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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    I spent over a week communicating with HP support and countless hours troubleshooting this issue on my son's computer and nothing worked.  I did everything including reseating RAM and battery, upgrading BIOS, upgrading NVIDIA drivers, even system recovery, and nothing worked.  The issue just became less frequent.  My last communication was a call from a US based case manager that believe it is a hardware issue and I had to either go to a computer repair shop or send it to HP for repair at a cost of over $250 since I am out of warranty.</p>


    As previously stated in several posts, I firmly believe HP has to know the root cause of this issue considering the numerous complaints on different forums.  Sadly, I am sure they are concerned with the initial costs of addressing the problem and disregarding the long term effect it is having on their business.  However, I am not convinced it is a hardware issue because while working on the computer in safe mode and leaving it on for an extended period of time, the computer does not shut down.  I believe it is a Windows XP software/driver incompatibility issue with either the AMD processor or motherboard.  In addition, a previous post stated that once they upgraded to Windows 7, the computer has been running about a week without shutting down.  I am curious to know if they have come across the problem again.</p>


    Because of this experience and HP's failure to provide an adequate solution, I will no longer consider any HP product future electronic needs.  I have purchased Dell, Toshiba, and Gateway computers over the last 10 years and never experienced a similar issue or an problem that was not adequately addressed by the support group.

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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    I am luck since my PC is still in warranty.


    The HP has replaced the power adapter in PC case twice for me. all my random power-off is caused by over heated. The problem is on power adapter.


    My random power off is just like you guys, worked normally since it has worked, just no-reason power-off suddenly. No blue screen. Sometimes because of over heated, PC could not be turn-on in about 1 hour.


    And I saw the pin sockets of power adapter, some of them are burnt to be black -.-/// 


    Well, the 2nd time why I replaced the adapter again just because the 1st engineer hasn't plug adapter on motherboard well-matched and parallel on the pin-socket. -.-///


    Sorry for some unprofessional words. Hope this could help. 

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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

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    If it is a heat/hardware problem it makes sense that reseating RAM and the battery, upgrading BIOS, upgrading NVIDIA drivers and doing a system recovery would not work. As I posted earlier in this thread, I believe that it is a heat issue. If it was software all Slimline computers would be failing. There are hardware issues like an electronic component out-of-tolerance that can cause the software to fail but not to likely to completely shut down the system. The same with driver/software issues, they would not normally cause a system to just completely shutdown and with no error messages(?).  I'm only guessing but In Safe Mode most processes/services are not running so there's less overhead and less heat, I've also heard Window 7 is a lot more efficient. If Windows 7 does somehow stop the shutdowns an upgrade would be a relatively cheap solution and one that HP should provide for free to effected Slimlines.


    askforhelp's post is interesting, his shutdowns were caused from an overheated power adapter on the motherboard. I also read some where of a heatsink cracking and melting its plastic mounting causing the shutdowns. I would take a good look at the motherboard, both top and bottom for any signs of overheating.


    <text deleted>

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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    Has anyone found a solution for this problem?

    I have changed the MB, CPU and PS. I had just finished

    changing the PS and came to this website. I have

    tried making a post 3 times but the machine shuts down

    before I am finished. I hope this one gets listed.



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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    I may have found an answer to the sporadic shutdown problem on the HP Pavilion Slimline s7600 machines!

    When the machine is just running Windows without putting much of a load on the CPU, it will run for hours without shutting down.

    I found that the machine will consistently shut down in 15 to 20 minutes if I run it hard. (i.e.: do virus scan, play DVD movie or run a slideshow and also do a search for some dummy character string in all files on the C drive) This will utilize the processor constantly between 50% to 90%.

    After installing a higher velocity fan, changing the power supply to a new 200 Watt one, the problem persisted so as a last resort I performed a hardware hack.

    There is a circuit on the motherboard that pull the PS_ON line to the P.S. to ground when the Power Pushbutton is pressed. (This is pin 16, usually a green wire on the 24 pin connector that connects the P.S. to the motherboard.). By splicing in an external wire to a toggle switch, one side of which is grounded, I am able to hold this line to ground when the switch is closed. I have run the machine at high CPU loading for a couple of hours without a spontaneous shutdown.

    The only catch to this solution is that when you shut down Window, after it goes through the shutdown sequence the software opens the connection to PS_ON but because I have grounded it externally, the power supply keeps running until I open the toggle switch.

    As others have mentioned, it is probably a heating problem. I noticed that the Video Controller Chip gets so hot that you can't keep you finger on it. (It is one of the larger chips on the board that does not have a heat sink) My suspicion is that the buildup of heat on the motherboard is either: A: causing a faulty heat sensor to shutdown the P.S. or B: there is an intermittent (perhaps a bad solder joint?) in the circuit that latches on startup to keep the PS_ON line low or C: some component is really getting to hot and the shutdown stops it from self destructing.

    If anyone else tries this fix, I would like to know how you make out. I intend to keep running it this way and if you don't hear from me again you can assume the my moterhboard did not go up in smoke.

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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    I have and I can notice that the BIOS release date still the same 11/01/2006 even after updating. Meantime the 3.05 release date is 2007-09-14. Do you have any idea of how can I check whether the BIOS was updated or not? BIOS version in setup screen is 3.05, but it was 3.05 already when I've purchased the PC.



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    Re: HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n keeps shutting down (randomly)

    I have an HP Slimeline s7627c that is also experiencing the sudden shut off. I am a PC Repair Center Owner and I have tried the following. Replaced System RAM, Replaced System Hard Drive, Clean CPU and Heatsink, reapplied Thermal Paste, New Windows XP Load, new CDRW Drive, nothing seems to work. I opened up the power supply and found 3 swollen caps. I replaced those caps, still shuts down. Im going to try a different (new) power supply to see if that's it. Weird thing is, I can run mem test from boot disk for hours and it will not power off, but when Im in windows it powers off. Doesn't seem to me to be power supply if I can run Mem test for hours with no shut offs. Passably due to not having extreme graphics load running? I will also put a Heatsink on the VideoChip and see how it does. If anyone wants to buy an adpater for the power supply just to test using a normal power supply you can find them at Its called a 20 pin to small 224 pin ATX Converter Adapter for HP Slimline.

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