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HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

Hello I have a HP Pavilion a6300f, I have had this computer for about a year and a half and it has ran smoothly with no problems whatsoever. I have never touched inside the computer or anything at all. One day I press the power button, and all the parts start up but, nothing goes to the monitor and I hear beep codes.


The codes are a continuous steady long repeating beeps, no changes in pitch or speed. Upon doing some research, i find that the motherboard is a:


Foxconn mcp73m01h1
HP/Compaq name: Napa-GL8E


With an Award BIOS system. The Award beep codes state that this type of code is a memory error, and to try reseating the memory. So far what I have done is:


Reseat the two ram chips, flip them around, try one without the other etc.

Replace the RAM chips with spare ones from a seperate computer, with same methods as above

Replace the power supply with a spare one

Unplug and re-plug everything, trying to turn on the computer with certain things unplugged (hard drive etc.)


None of these methods worked, the computer still powered on with the same beep code and nothing displayed on screen.


Interestingly enough, when I tried to power without ANY ram at all, it had a new different beep code, One short and One Long repeating over and over. This may be a beep code for no ram at all?


Here is the funny part. I took the computer outside of my house to a repair center to try to diagnose it, and it turned on successfully! I have no idea why this happened. I brought it back home, and about 2 days later it had the same beep codes. The joke is that the computer doesnt like being in my house, but of course that is silly. (BTW this isnt a repeatable step, the second time i took it to the repair man, it still beeped)


Therefore the repair guy says he wants to order me a new motherboard and a new power supply (i'm not sure why a power supply, he may just want to do make more sales)


Any suggestions about the beeping, or any knowledge of this motherboard? I can use any info I can get. I really don't want to buy a new part. Thank you very much.


BTW i tried the ram in a seperate computer and they work fine.


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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

By the way, on the HP troubleshooting page, it says that this type of continuous beeping on an Award BIOS is the CPU overheating? All other sites say that the beeps mean memory error, keeping in mind that powering without any ram gives a different beep code. I hope this is clear, thanks again.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

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Is this the HP Beep code page you are referring to?


Unplug the PC and open it up. Get your vaccum and clean out all of the dust.  You might also try a small can of compressed air to blow the dust out from hard to reach areas.


If using a power strip, then remove it for a test.  Even try another outlet.


Check to make sure all the fans in the PC are working.


Should have have the Award bios in your model PC.  HP a6300f.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

Tried all this, no dice.


Yeah thats the page I was referring to. When i completely remove the RAM, I get one short and one long beep, and that page says its a RAM error, makes sense. But with the RAM back inside, i get the long high pitched beeps, about 10 seconds each, saying its a CPU Overheat.


What I just tried right now is removing it and adding some arctic silver 5, still beeps. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

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Got the exact same problem. My computer would lock up sporadically. Then it just wouldn't even boot and the BIOS gave the long beep repeatedly.  The Award BIOS beep codes suggest that this is memory or CPU overheat, I tried swapping out memory and still got the beeps. Wondering if the CPU/Motherboard is fried. I'm contacting HP , see what they say. Seems strange to both get the same error. Conclusion: It must be a product defect.


Phoned HP, wouldn't answer anything without warranty.  Talked to guy in Best Buy sayed it's probably the motherboard. Oh well, at least my data is intact. Not buying another HP obviously.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

I have a HP a6647c 

when I try to power up I get one long beep, a pause then another long beep and this continues until I hold power button to shut down. I've read all the above posts and followed all directions about Ram, hard drives, fans etc.

What could be the cause of one repeated long beep and no start.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

this same happened to my pc last year. Your motherboard is fried. This is an ongoing defect that hp has installed in their units. they know about this defect but will not honor to fix the issue. Just replace your mother board and all should and will work fine.

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

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Hello. First time posting here.


I am having a similar issue. I will explain exactly what happend. Sorta long story so bare with me. May be able to get to the root of the problem from hearing the story from the beginning.


I got home from school and decided to boot up a game. I started up Lord of the Rings online. The computer froze up at the character select screen. First time this has ever happend in over a year. So I restarted the computer. It appeared to start up fine until it got to windows. Windows happend to forget what videocard I was using for some reason. It actually auto detected a Nvidia Geforce 7100i when really, I had a 9800 GT installed. I thought that was weird. Even the Nvidia website was detecting it as the wrong video card. But then after a reset, it actually just went right back to normal. It was normal for a while until I decided to boot up a game. Then BAM, exact same spot in the game it crashes and makes loud beep noise again.


So i was curious and decided to boot a game up AGAIN. Sure enough, as soon as any 3d graphics rendered the computer auto-shut down, and made 1 loooong continuous beeping sound over and over with a blank screen until I turned off the PC. Now it will not start at all without going to blank screen and doing the looong beep. I tried resetting the ram sticks. Re-installing the video card, unplugging other hardware. I basically took the computer apart and put it back together. Still, the same beep.


I came on the internet to find out what it meant. Like EVERYONE has a different opinion. 1 guy says it's the CPU, another guy says it's the PSU, another says its the motherboard, and another says it is the video card. And of course others say it's the memory. IU just cant seem to figure it out with everyone's different opinions.


What's weird is the computer would always crash at the EXACT same spot. Right when any game graphics would be displayed. Now this cant be overheating since I could leave the PC off for a day straight then turn it on and boot a game up right away, and get the same thing. You would think an overheat from playing games wouldnt be as instant.


All in all this got me really pissed off since im going to school right now and cant afford any major fixes. I am sort of hoping it's the power supply as in all honesty that makes the most sense to me.


I have an HP Pavillion

4gb RAM

Intel Dual Core 2.4ghz CPU

Geforce 9800 GT

550w PSU


It wont do anything now other than start up and beeeeeeeeeeeeeep with a blank screen. So **bleep** frusterating Smiley Sad


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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

[ Edited ]

I just replaced the RAM with almost brand new ram from my roomates computer. When my PC  had zero ram it made a different beeping noise. it was like 1 short beep then 1 long beep. But then when I put the "good" RAM into the slots it started the loooong beep again.


This really making me mad Smiley Sad over a year of playing and it never messed up once. Now it's the ultimate mess up, and when i really cant afford a fix -.-


If only i knew if it was the PSU. That would be a fairly cheap fix Smiley Sad

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Re: HP Pavilion a6300f - Beep Codes upon pressing Power button! Help me please!!!

I have a hp a6300f I have a long beep as well I disconnect everthing but the power supply an know beep. When I put the CPU in the long beep came back. Took out the CPU connected everything but the CPU no beep. You can contact me at for result in to days
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