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HP Personal media drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting - or does it?

Dear All,


I have an HP Pavillion N8000 Desktop. Have been very happy with it. Runs Vista Home Premium. The computer comes with 500gigs removable hard drive (HD5000s is the model number) which has always worked fine.... until recently.


A couple of weeks ago, I started to hear the traditional sound of hardware being plugged in "duh DUH" and then immediately being pulled out "DUH duh". This happened repeatedly every 30 seconds or so. What was going on? I noticed that my K Drive (the HP Media drive was appearing, and then disappearing in Windows Explorer). What's more, the Windows explorer would quite often "frost over" - i.e. go that terrible pale whitish colour which means, in Vista terms "I've stopped responding". Then everything started to go very slow the internet connection died and the whole computer just seemed to get sick. And always, in the background "Duh DUH" "DUH duh" as the K drive dropped in and out.


My first thought was "bad connection on the hard drive". So I showed it in, took it out, wiggled it generally. It lit up fine, but still seemed to be seen, then not seen. So I took it out and tried it on my laptop and another laptop (a Tosh and a Dell, one running Windows 2000 and one running Vista) . Both of them saw the drive immediately, and had no problems. Next I reattached the drive to the desktop computer, but using one of the other USB ports and the external power supply - the issues began again.


So I reckoned that it could not be a faulty connection - it had to be something internal to my Desktop that was periodically becoming unstable and ceasing to recognise the drive. My other thought was that it could be either something specific to the K drive, or something more general, but that I only had a K Drive as an external usb connection (i.e. no other USB sticks etc) so perhaps the computer was losing track of all of its external USB ports [haven't tested this]


Around the same time as the K drive went cranky, I had just been downloading some DVD ripping software and I know that this sometimes messes with the drviers for the DVD port. So I rolled back the machine to a restore point - even 2 months ago, but still the same problem.


I don't particularly want to go and buy a new drive (especially because it clearly works on all my other computers) but I'm running short of ideas. Anyone experienced anything like this? How do I check the drivers to see if they are up to date? How can I really restore things and get my normally very well behaved computer back?



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Re: HP Personal media drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting - or does it?

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It kind of sounds like your registry is confused....and that could be a result of installing new software.....

Try the steps in this doc, even though it's not for the PMD, it may help, particulalry the part about clearing your registry filters for your CD/DVD:




For reference on editing the registry:

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Re: HP Personal media drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting - or does it?

would this also apply to hp presario laptop? having sane problem.
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Re: HP Personal media drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting - or does it?

Many thanks for your response on this. I agree with you that it was probably a registry problem. However, I have "cured" the problem by another means. Please please please let everyone learn from my lesson....


I decided to call up the HP technical service line. They asked me to download a Bios update from their website and took me through it. I downloaded the file but it froze halfway through execution. "Turn off the computer" said the man. "Are you sure?" says I, "because it says 'Please under no circumstances turn off the computer'". But that is what we did. The bios was corrupted and the computer was reduced to the status of a doorstop.


I was so mad. HP said that I should send them the computer for re-flash of the bios. "But what about all the material on my computer?". "We only want to flush the bios" they said "but you could make a back up if you want".


How does one make a back up of a doorstop?


I didn't trust HP terribly much by this stage, so took some advice from a colleague. On his instructions, I removed the C drive, bought a cradle from Maplin, and used my laptop as a means of imaging my C drive onto an external hard drive. Then I put the C drive back and sent it to them. A week later my computer came back.


The first thing is that, fair play to HP,  they had indeed flushed the bios. They had also replaced the motherboard (WHY?), and they had wiped the C drive (WHY?) and put a new version of vista and all the crappy bloatware that comes (3 months version of annoying antivirus software Sir? Well you get that anyway sir). Bye bye all my music, photos, purchased software, documents, settings, internet favourites etc.


This "sledge hammer" approach (which is a bit the same as taking your car to Kwik Fit for some new tyres, and coming back with new tyres, new seats, a new steering wheel and your glove compartment completely emptied) is totally unreasonably and irresponsible. Of course the computer worked when it left the repair shop, but it was a complete vandalisation of my computer.


So.... I had to remove the C drive, reformat and re-image. 3 weeks later and my computer is working perfectly again. But I ask this: if it had been someone without some technical nouce and perseverence who had trusted his computer to the tender mercies of HP, would they have been technically capable of pulling out the hard drive and imaging it? Or would he have found that HP's technical support had wrecked all of their photos, documents data and so on. It's just not right.


If someone from HP is reading this, you are very welcome to respond.

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