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HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)



I have buyed a  HP Pavillion p6029de PC a few months ago. Since a few days, the system is sometimes freezing (cant move mouse, cant acces taskmanager or do anything), or, I can still move mouse but not close windows and start taskmanager, running movies will freeze but sound is still running...


After rebooting I startet HP Diagnostics and it tells me an error (errorcode: BIOHD-8) me that the system harddrive smarttest. 


Can anybody help me with this problem? What is the best way to fix this problem?


components of my system are:


Quadcore Q8200

6GB RAM (pc2 6400 DDR2)

1.28 TB SATA 3G Harddrive

Nvidia geforce GT 120 1GB

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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

If you don't want to deal with much issue, call HP support, that's a HDD error generated by the S.M.A.R.T. If you want to spend the time to diagnose the problem, let us know what brand of HDD (from device manager) it is and there are tools to do that.
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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

Hello.   I also have a similar problem....I have an HP Pavillion  a6400f .     Computer acted funny months ago (July 2009) and I'm not the most computer savvy, but learning as I go somewhat.     I used the diagnostic feature at startup and showed an error code of BIOHD-8......"A SMART test failed on the drive".    At that time,  I tried to do a system restore (not fully understanding what I was doing as I never did one before" but ended up doing a system recovery.  All my docs, pix, many programs became deleted, but the computer seemed to work as the first day I used it. Don't think I ran another diagnostic afterward as it seemed OK. One similar computer problem happened during warrantee period months before that (in March of 2009), but computer was up and running so thought it was a glitch. Spoke with tech at HP at the time. I'm wondering if this problem started back then and I didn't know it as I hadn't run the diagnostic the first time.

    This latest time happen a couple days ago. Two days before that, I installed a new HP printer (that I bought when I bought the computer in April of 2008). Had a power outage twice within 20 minutes of each other. Don't know if that played into any factor. Then did weekly back up disks at about 7PM Sunday (scheduled). Later that evening I noticed the computer acting up and extremely slow. The next day, turned computer on and user screen came on but mouse/cursor wouldn't work. Used the right/left arrows then enter. Ran Diagnostic tool at start up and gave me that BIOHD-8 code.

   By the way, I couldn't find any restore points as it said there were none available, but pretty sure there was.  You mention the brand of HDD from device manager.  The only names I got were "general disks"   but one last one said WDC  WD5000AAKS - 65YGAO .  Hope that helps with info you'd need for the tools needed to fix this.

   Any other info you need to help me, please let me know as I'm awaiting your response and checking several times.........THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!

           BTW, ,,,I'm using the computer now, but I can clearly see it's not working in it's normal mode. Could conk out altogether and any minute.

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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

I have a similar problem on my son's Pavilion a6750t.  The boot up was slow and occasionally hung on the Welcome screen.  I ran a diagnostic and recieved the BIOHD-8 error.  The HDD is a Western Digital WD3200AAJS, I am running Vista SP1.  I believe that his registry may have become corrupt (not sure if it is associated with the BIOHD-8 error). 


I see by this post that I may be able to further diagnose this problem and possibly fix it.


Since my son only plays his games on this computer, there is no data that I fear losing if it needs a complete reset to factory conditions.

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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

The same issue just happened my HP M9515f


I went from Vista to Windows 7..  The computer ran for four days, and then on day five the computer began to lock up every 1 hour. After the second windows 7 crash, windows 7 rebooted with chkdsk running. Then never rebooted back into Windows.. So I powered down the computer and ran PC tools from hitting F9 at the HP boot screen, and to confirm what I thought was happening with the computer the HD was failing close to the one year period since I bought the computer.  (actually two months before the one year date).


I wasn't surprised as I have had two laptop need new HD's close to the one year period of use. 


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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

Here's the thing. This is a very common issue with HP Pavilions. I've had three hard drives in my computer. The original one started with the error and clicking sound that is common 1 month before the warranty ended.  They replaced my 500 GB hard drive for free. Same HD by Samsung. Problem is that about 4 months later this hard drive did the same thing. I was past irritated and gave up. Letting my desktop sit for a long time without using it. Until a year later I decided, I'm not going through HP for the hard drive. I went to Best Buy and purchased a 1 Terabyte Green Hard drive by Seagate.  Guess what, I've had that installed and running fine for less than 6 months and it just crashed today with the same error code as the last two. So the fault lies somewhere else in the computer. Where? I don't know as I'm not a computer Genius but I am definitely PO'd at HP as I spend well over 100 on this hard drive and now it is no good.  I will NEVER purchase another  computer or computer parts from them.  I will custom build from now on.  I wish they'd recall these devices as I'm sure they know what the exact problem is but are not acknowleding it and letting all these systems and their owner crash and burn with no recourse for it. Except more money out of our pockets.



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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

Same problems with my machine.  Called HP support and the tech informed me it is NOT a hard drive problem.  There are apparently a small percentage of motherboards with problems that produce the same symptoms (and error code) that we are experiencing.  I STRONGLY suggest contacting HP support at (800) HP INVENT and explain the problem.  I wasted 4 days doing the same stuff as you, only to still have the problem.  I have no idea why this isn't posted on HP's site or forums.  The tech brought this up almost immediately after I told him what chipset and motherboard I had.  FYI, I have:

System Board

Chipset: Intel X58

Southbridge: Intel ICH10R

Base Board


Product: TRUCKEE


Since my system is still under warranty, a new motherboard and installation tech are on the way, but it will take 3 days for everything to get delivered and installed.  In the meantime, I'm out of luck.  To see yours, go to Start/All Programs/PC Help & Tools/Hardware Diagnostic Tools then select "System Information" and scroll down to the motherboard section.  I hope this helps.

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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

How do I repair a BIOHD-8 problem.  I have a HP Pavillion quad core machine

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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

[ Edited ]

Everyone but svenart needs to start their own thread (New Post), we cannot help a dozen different users in one thread, each case may be different. The quality of the help you receive will increase.



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Re: HP diagnostic tool errorcode BIOHD-8 (Harddrive)

Good point Mumbodog!  Some of the posts are not even the same hardware and the solutions therefore may be different.

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