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Intel vs. Amd

What's the difference between a intel and amd chip in the new hp pavilions? 
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Re: Intel vs. Amd

There are many choices for the chips that might be used in the computer but basically it is similar to a choice between a Chevy or a Ford.  There will be people that claim certain advantages between the two but it is a trade-off between personal opinion really (and price)
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Re: Intel vs. Amd

The Intel chipset and processor combinations tend to run cooler overall. A high processor clock speed  on a motherboard with a cooler running chipset is a very good thing in terms of reliability and stability.


Currently Intel is the leader in the industry processor clock speed race.


There are some AMD processors and NVIDIA chipset combinations that just are not working well at all. Some run too hot and are not that reliable.


I used to be an big AMD fan. That was back in the day when AMD processors had more to offer for the price than Intel.


That seems to have changed.

I have to be assured that my clients will have reliable PC's and laptops. I tend to sell them HP Intel based systems. I have sold some HP AMD based PC's also and my clients have had no problems at all with them. Intel based PC's have become more appealing as they are now more competitive with AMD based PC's in terms of cost


PC users in the category of Enthusiast (Superusers) tend to build their own PC's they way we want them or purchase high end manufactured systems.

We build them with processor, motherboard chipset, and memory modules combinations that are known to be winners. If we buy a manufactured PC it is generally only those that have chipsets and processors that we know something about in terms of capabilities and reliability.


For the average consumer who purchases manufactured PC's...for reliability...Intel is the way to go.

A little bit of critical thinking when making a purchase decision goes a long way. 


The preceding is my own opinion. 



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Re: Intel vs. Amd

That's a very open question and you'll get a lot of varied opinions. With about 95% of users there is no difference as far as they will ever know for every day normal usage. Like Chevy vs Ford they both will get you from point A to point B and most of us wouldn't know the difference although most of us think we do! They both have technical advantages and disadvantages that really don't make any difference to most people. I'm not talking about the big time gamers or those who build their own PC and are into extreme overclocking, etc. Both processors are very reliable, stable and do not have temperature problems in the fully built PCs that most people buy like the HP Pavilions you mentioned. AMD has processors with TDP as low as 45 watts and 65W.  The PC will be outdated before the processor every dies in most cases. In speed index tests Intel wins some AMD wins some it just depends on each processors design and motherboard (e.g. L1, L2 and L3 cache, memory controller, bus speeds and ram).


I have had several Intel and AMD processors and personally prefer AMD. I like the technical aspect of the way they do things but even more so I'm a value kind-of-guy and I don't think you'll find a valid argument anywhere that based on "equal" processors the AMD is easily the better value. Currently I have an AMD processor with an NVIDIA chipset in an HP Pavilion and think it's an excellent computer.


IMO, save the money and go AMD it doesn't make sense to waste it just to get an Intel that you'll never know the difference. BTW, if it matters to you both are American companies.


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Re: Intel vs. Amd



Defferent between intel Vs Amd

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