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My monitor displays "no input signal"
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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

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OK, let me add my 2 cents in here on what solved a "No Input Signal" problem for me.  Maybe it will help somebody who is looking at this thread, scratching their head like I was for a couple days.

I replaced my IBM P275 CRT monitor with a HP 2465 LCD monitor.  

After changing monitors, the PC booted fine and the monitor worked perfectly - beautifully, in fact - with one exception: The monitor received no input signal from the PC until Windows displayed the login screen.  In other words, the monitor displayed no BIOS or start up information at all.  [Boy, this can sure cramp a tweakers style.]

First thought, ahh, wrong Windows driver!!  But how could that be?  The monitor was reporting that there was no signal when the BIOS was in control - BEFORE Windows started.  I searched the BIOS for an answer and the video adapter settings.  No help.  But this had to be a hardware problem. 

Since the old and new monitors both had DVI connectors, I simply used the same cable.  Didn't give the cable a second thought.  My bad!  I didn't notice that the cable was a DVI-A type [analog].  The IBM CRT was completely happy with that.  Not so, the LCD monitor.  After switching to a DVI-D cable, problem solved.

Moral of the story to everyone with similar symptoms:  Make sure you're using the correct DVI cable for your setup. 

Here is an excellent site that explains all about the various DVI formats:

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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

What worked for me:  I checked the cr2032 battery and it was still good, so not the problem.  Cleaned all the fans (3) and that was not the problem.  I did notice that there was a small red toggle switch below the power cord,  Switched it to 115 and everything came back on!  Is it possible that because the fans were dirty (very, very), the computer overheated and caused the switch to switch?  At any rate, nothing worked for me EXCEPT the switch.

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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Hi Chaslp - BRILLIANT!!!! 


I bought a new HP Elite 7100em/i3530 Tower Desktop last night and couldnt get a screen display no matter what.  Tried for ages.  Tested the monitor by plugging into Laptop - All OK, listened to PC to ensure it was on and booted (it was) etc etc etc.  Searched (via laptop) globally and tried so many things.  Nada!!! Nothing.  Then I hit your comment above.


Unplugged monitor from VGA output port of HP Desktop, plugged it all in again via in a special connection mentioned on the website link you mentioned (good site to understand these things - Thank you), and still no display.  Hunted around again and found a second advanced DVI-D type plug higher up the back of the PC (nowhere near the original VGA and DVI-D plugs) and plugger all that in via Special Connector / Converter and standard DVI-A cable.

BINGO - it all worked.  The issue is that my monitor is a 2 year old HP type with standard DVI-A cables.  The new HP PC is DVI-D compliant.


You saved me, thank you so much for this.

Another little thing NOT MENTIONED in the HP handbook for installation  - the need to have the right cable types!!!





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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

[ Edited ]

Operating System
 MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
 AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 33 °C
 Windsor 90nm Technology
 3.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 326MHz (5-5-5-15)
 ECS Nettle2 (Socket M2 )
Graphics Card -- Previous
  128MB NVIDIA GeForce 7350 LE (OEM'ed by HP)

Graphics Card -- Now

  512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (XFX Pine Group) 64 °C
Hard Drives
 488GB Seagate ST350063 0AS SCSI Disk Device (Fibre)
Optical Drives
 YMAX MagicJack USB Device
 TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H353A SCSI CdRom Device
 Realtek High Definition Audio



 If You're experiencing "NO INPUT SIGNAL", this is a MUST READ...

***  If You downloaded+installed the recommended driver-update @NVIDIA       .com

for Your Graphic's card from another website than HP's, switch it immediately to

HP's version to prevent further-damage !!!  This is probably the reason your

monitor says NO INPUT SIGNAL... ***





Below are the facts re HP and Your NVIDIA Graphic's Card -- OEM'ed and Modified by HP... what...?  Exactly !!!

HP advertises their HP MEDIA CENTER Model #m8147c

(This my Model #, but HP manufactured many Model's with modified NVIDIA grapic's cards)...


     -- as having a NVIDIA GeForce 7350LE Graphic's card installed... 


The graphic's card installed in this PC has been modified by HP -- which means it is NOT a NVIDIA GeForce 7350LE graphic's card;  it is a Modified Version of NVIDIA's GeForce 7350LE. 

HP's failure to mention this detail cost me !!!  And might be the reason many HP PC-owner's are experiencing "NO INPUT SIGNAL..." 


I downloaded the recommended driver-update @NVIDIA .  com...  I used NVIDIA's site-tool which discovered which Graphic Card i had, and which driver would optimize performance...  If You have downloaded a driver-update for Your Graphic's card from any other website than HP's, switch it immediately to HP's version to prevent further-damage !!!


A couple weeks after downloading the driver-update my monitor started flickering in and out...  I contacted HP Customer-support (which is absolutely-worthless -- anyone who has called knows this is true !!!) and they wanted me to pay to diagnose the problem; i reluctantly-payed the $59... Man Mad  Their solution, after 3 hours, sell me Recovery Disk's for $29...  HP Support did Not know, or did Not mention that NVIDIA's-update would "FRY" my graphic's card... 


(My take on this:  HP doesn't want their Purchaser's to know they marketed "one thing" as "another".  Last time i checked, that was considered illegal -- marketing by "Omission" ... failure to mention)


I discovered this by contacting NVIDIA and asking them if they could explain why i was having the "NO INPUT SIGNAL" issue.  NVIDIA explained to me that HP modifies their designs, and that many of the manufacturer's that purchased NVIDIA's design, do this -- i.e. Dell, Sony, etc...  So, if You downloaded a driver-update from, it's likely to Not be compatible.  Here's what doesn't make sense to me;

"Why is NVIDIA publishing driver-updates for Graphic's cards which they did Not, and Never manufactured..."   

When the HP representative contacted me regarding my first complaint to the BBB, he stated, "the card is OEM'ed by HP, and admits HP modified certain-aspects of NVIDIA's design..."   

Furthermore, I asked the HP representative, "where on HP's website and/or documentation received when i purchased this model PC does it say the graphic card had been modified" -- he replied, "as a consumer, you should know that a graphic card, which is OEM'ed by a different manufacturer than the one who designed it, has been modified." I said, "First i'd have to know it was OEM'ed by a different manufacturer !!!"





This is HP's "angle/excuse" they believe exempts their responsibility for 'false-advertising'...

Simply for my satisfaction, and to Reiterate...


To Market "one thing" as "another", is FRAUD.  HP profitted by using "NVIDIA's name" -- which includes stickers on the front and back of their towers -- as having NVIDIA Graphic's Card installed.  BUT, if they modify NVIDIA-spec's, and fail to mention they have done-so, then isn't this an example of "Marketing-/Advertising-/Profitting-from false-pretenses...? 

"The first-step towards wisdom begins by calling things by their right name" --Confucius

-- Going Mac, and never going back !!! --

***   If i haven't bored You yet, below is my final-response to the BBB, in-response to HP, and to BBB for closing the filed-complaint... We'll see how long this remains posted...

Dear BBB of Silicon Valley,

Thank you for investing Your time addressing and executing my previous-/future-messages...

This Message is in-response to HP’s Final-response and the BBB’s decision to close the Filed-complaint:  

Complaint ID: 16054456


Let’s begin here...

Regarding HP's executive-office Final-response – it is their attempt to manipulate the context of my purpose for “contacting the BBB”…  This manipulation of context is an attempted exploitation of the BBB to classify this complaint as a resolved-issue, and categorically, as an Out-of-Warranty product denial of reimbursement.  This is misrepresentation of my reason for contacting the BBB as a mediator. 


{Below is a copy of HP’s Final-response}


Company's Final-response - Posted 11/09/2010 

[Hewlett-Packard's Executive Office apologizes for the problems Mr. ME experienced. Hewlett-Packard's Case Manager Kris spoke with Mr. ME on November 4, 2010 and explained that the NVIDIA card is an OEM version. Hewlett-Packard's Executive Office agrees with Hewlett-Packard Case Manager's decision. Mr. ME needs to contact Hewlett-Packard's Case Manager at 1-877-917-4380 Extension 79 and reference to transaction number 7501695735 if there are further issues. There are no free options available for his Desktop PC that is over 850 days out of warranty.] 



This is NOT My Purpose for contacting the BBB to act as a Mediator:  I did Not request for HP to reimburse my loss according to their by-laws which dictate their “Warranty-obligations". 

Their Final-response implicates this as my requested-expectation.  This is a misrepresentation of my desired intended-outcome, and HP’s attempt to perform a slick-maneuver which manipulates the context of my request.  I'll explain it again;

[This manipulation of context is an attempted exploitation of the BBB to classify this complaint as a resolved-issue, and categorically, as an Out-of-Warranty product denial of reimbursement.  This is misrepresentation of my reason for contacting the BBB as a mediator. ]

(In the Black Laws dictionary, Misrepresentation is defined as False Pretenses)  


My Purpose for contacting BBB and HP:  For the BBB to explain to HP why they are responsible for their actions…  HP’s failure to inform its Purchaser’s that they modified the specs of a Popular item included in my model Desktop PC, which was Advertised, Marketed, and Sold for profit as such.  This was the cause of my expense.  And that they’re responsible for reimbursing my cost, if they wish to resolve this issue positively. 

If HP had provided material explaining this, do they think I would have gone to NVIDIA’s website for driver-downloads…?

(A Lie by omission, is still a Lie) (To represent “one thing” as “another” is to mis-represent)


Contextually, this is defined as “FRAUD”. 


Individually, this is defined as a “Property-rights” Violation – Not to mention all-of HP’s other Purchaser’s who are unaware-of this being the reason, or future-reason for their expense.    

HP openly and knowingly admitted to me and in their response to me through the BBB that they modified the NVIDIA Graphic Card included in my model-pc... 

They represented a product on False-pretenses, and sold it for profit...  Such an omission may give rise to a lawsuit in the same way as a negligent or improper act.

Thank you for your detailed-attention to these matters, and I look forward to response,


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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Try to connect the cable on the same port , and check the connection , also try to swap the end of display cable and use it.

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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Same message here.  My computer came with DVI and VGA hook ups They both work fine but after a while I did notice the picture was much clearer on the DVI. I bought a converter for the VGA that is when I get  the no signal message.  I went to the resolution screen so it can detect the 2nd monitor but it will not.  In the drop down menu it ask if you want it to detect another VGA no choices for to detect a DVI.   I throught it was the cable so I used another one.  Then I thought it was the converter so I bought another video card still got the same message.  Then I thought something in the BYOUS had to be changed.  Didn't see anything in there to change.  Now i'm thinking it is something in the motherboard to only recognize only 1 DVI and 1 VGA.  Is there anyone out there that can solve this

Sharese Jackson
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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

[ Edited ]

Hi Sharese,


I need some information from your end . First model,and product number of the computer and monitors you are using . Second, name of the new card you have bought .


And when you get the option to select VGA port after using VGA to DVI converter , select VGA , and let me know what we get.


{Moderator note: please do not ask or give serial numbers on the forum, for privacy}

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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Both monitors are samsung syncmaster 226b.  The computer is an HP Pavilion P6267C.  The new video card is ATI radeon HD 2400 256MB dual DVI PC-E video


Sharese Jackson
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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Hi Sharese ,


Thank you for info. Have you selected the VGA option on Resolution screen and check what you get ?

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Re: My monitor displays "no input signal"

Yes remember I said it works fine DVI and VGA  The picture is much clearer with the DVI.  I bought a converter for the VGA which is now a DVI.  That drop down menue you are talking about gives me options for a VGA not DVI

Sharese Jackson
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