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NO sound after upgrading vid card to Geforce GT 610 on HP Pavilion a1600n WIN XP media center

OK. So I'm using a HP Pavilion a1600n running XP media center. Sound from the moniter was working before installing the Geforce gt 610. After the install I assume the cards audio tried to disable my original stero sound. I don't have a good moniter yet and so i have to stick with the crappy moniter and built in speakers. Wondering if there is a way to get the vid card to work with the old moniters speakers? I've tried installing drivers and nothing works. Under control panel audiio, i can't select ANY device or default. it says NO SOUND. There is no problems with sound in device manager. it says everything is working as should. but nothing. Please tell me if i need to get a seperate sound card until I get new moniter with HDMI. Or if I can actually disable the vid cards owning of my old sound. It should've given me an option in the install to keep old sound or use HDMI. But no. So please help me out. I don't know if my system has the bios setting to change the on board audio. Thanks you

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Re: NO sound after upgrading vid card to Geforce GT 610 on HP Pavilion a1600n WIN XP media center



Most likely there is an onboard audio setting in your BIOS. You will just have to look for it. Normally you can find it in the device configuration menu.


When you find it, you will probably see that it is set to either Auto or Disabled.


Change it to Enabled. Save the setting there by hitting the F10 key and again when you exit.


Upon reboot and returning to Windows, you should once again have onboard audio.


When you connect an HDMI cable to a TV or monitor, you should get video and audio from the HDMI out port.



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Re: NO sound after upgrading vid card to Geforce GT 610 on HP Pavilion a1600n WIN XP media center

Had same problem of no sound after putting a GT 610 in to a HP XW4600.  Solution was to go into the BIOS, Advanced, PCI devices and the nVidia sound device has been allocated an IRQ, just  disable it and sound comes back.

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Re: NO sound after upgrading vid card to Geforce GT 610 on HP Pavilion a1600n WIN XP media center

I came across this forum during countless hours of searching for a solution to my problem.  I wanted to post this here so that maybe someone who has the same trouble in the future will be able to figure out the source of their problem.  


I had the same problem with a Dell Dimension 8400.  Before upgrading from XP to 7, I downloaded and ran the Windows Upgrade Advisor.  I figured out I would have to install a new graphics card to make it work.  I upgraded sound card to PNY nvidia geforce gt 610, which I found by doing a search for graphics cards on Dell for the 8400.  (but bought at NewEgg--much cheaper!)


Everyting worked GREAT, but I had NO sound coming through my computer's speakers.  And even though i got the card because it had the HDMI capability, I wasn't planning on using HDMI anytime soon.  However, in my audio control, HDMI was the only thing that was listed, and of course had the error message "cable not plugged in"


I had tried going to Device Manager--Sound Video and Game Controllers--uprading drivers, but it kept saying something like "unknown onboard device not recognized--driver could not be installed".  I didn't know what my onboard device even was in order to go out and search for a driver.  I tried going to Dell to look up my service tag, (and maybe if I was more tech savvy I could have figured it out).  


Everyone kept saying to change the audio setting in the BIOS from "auto" to "enabled".  I didn't have anything like that, I had "off" and "on"... and it was "on".  I even tried changing it to "off", figuring that wouldn't do it, but just to see--and of course it didn't do anything.  I even uninstalled the NVIDIA that was showing under audio--in hopes that my computer would automatically revert to the onboard sound, being that it wouldn't be trying to use the HDMI for sound.... nothing.


I thought maybe I need to upgrade my BIOS so that I might HAVE the option to choose "enabled" for integrated audio, but I didn't want to mess with BIOS, as last time I crashed my computer doing that... 


I downloaded lots of different things, but nothing seemed to help.  I was all set to buy an HDMI monitor with speakers to see if that is the only way I could get sound, as it seemed none of the drivers I installed would do the trick.  


With an hour to go for the bid on the Ebay monitor to end (was a nice one too, I might add--I still wish I'd gotten it!), I saw something about updating I did some searching and found this that would help me identify what chipset I did have:


and this to upgrade the chipset:




I don't know if I even ended up downloading any updates ...(i've done so much)..


I went to Dell several times, just hoping that maybe I missed some driver in my previous searches, but they just didn't have any drivers listed for my sound.  


I thought, "I wonder what Windows upgrade Advisor would even say now, that I have installed 7."  I gave it a shot, and it came back and told me that "you have windows 7 installed"..and everything was green checkmarks!  the only thing it did say was that the gt 610 was compatible, WITH A DOWNLOAD..and gave me the link to the download.


.....I thought during the setup process, it had done all that?!   I think I had already searched the nvidia site for drivers, but for some reason I never saw or downloaded this one.  Here is the link:



Another last thing I downloaded (via a link from another forum I found during my search) was:



((Even though it said for XP and 2000, I thought I'd give it a try.))  


Not sure if it was one/both or a combination of all of the above, but after reboot, in Device Manager now my HD was showing a yellow exclamation point---I thought, "great what did I do now?"  I went through the process of troubleshooting, and at the end it said "Windows Update Manager is not set to automatically search for and download updates for your devices" or something to that effect...   --View/Change Settings.  (I don't recall seeing that before)  So, I clicked on change settings and changed to where it would do so automatically.  It took about 5 minutes, but one by one, it went in and found what my devices were (my webcam, even though I'd installed the drivers from the CD wasn't working either, and had a yellow exclamation mark), and downloaded all the stuff it needed.   


One by one, I got green checkmarks (instead of the red X's saying that the errors could not be fixed).    The red X over my audio control at the bottom automatically disappeared and NOW I HAVE SOUND!!!!   





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