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OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager
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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager



This problem could still be a software issue where another optical burning program is the culprit. So far that possibility has not been eliminated.  Did you try recovery manager in safe mode?


Did you turn off wireless, disconnect the PC from the internet and other external devices other than the keyboard monitor and mouse?


Did you try booting into the recovery manager and see if that method works for creating recovery media? 


You should be able to get the recovery media without charge if you tell HP Support that the process fails.

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

[ Edited ]

Hi, CherylG ~ I've read through all ten pages of your thread twice now and still cannot find anything that addresses the problem I am having: the backup and restore feature of Recovery Manager (ver 5.5.1923) which came with HP desktops like mine in 2009. All over these forums, I have found countless threads under an assortment of different headings, asking for help with this problem, but I've found no clear solution. 


I know I should have had backup redundancy in place and I do have, to some extent, but not in a way that's needed. I now know that a drive image could have solved my problem, but it's too late for what could have or should have been done. I relied on the backup and restore feature of HP's Recovery Manager and it failed. 


I don't think it's a total waste... yet. The backup seems viable and even accessible, so if I have to, I'll find another way to restore it, but it won't give me what I need.


Prior to a System Recovery, I used Recovery Manager to create a 4 DVD set of backup data files. After the successful restoration of my system to factory conditions, I followed the HP directions here for restoring my 13GB of data. Everything worked as expected, until you get to the last step of those directions. The last step says to click the newly created desktop shortcut to "view" the restored files.


That's fine, well, and good, but then what? I have wrestled for six days, at least, with where to go from here. How do I know where to put these, how to "put" them into place, or what to do next? You can't double-click/open a folder and expect that action to install a program, or to insert data files into a program; it doesn't work that way. So what way does it work? The instructions actually stop right in the middle of the process, for someone like me. It's not intuitive. I only knows what I can figure out, when it comes to computers. No training whatsoever, but I'm pretty good at following directions. That, of course, depends on whether directions exist that can be followed. Folders contain other folders which contain other folders... I was expecting the "restore" part of HP Recovery Manager backup and restore to do it for me: put everything back where it got it from.


My other HP-owning friend who has been trying to figure this out with me, doesn't even HAVE the HP version (Cyberlink) of backup and restore on his computer. In his Recovery Manager (newer version, slightly different name), the backup and restore feature is directed to and handled by Microsoft backup and restore. There are only two years difference in our computers, but a definite difference in what is turning out to be a significant area. Since there are so many threads about this problem on here, but no solutions, did HP do away with the Cyberlink version because it was defective and unreliable?


Surely there is someone on here who is familiar with this and can offer a work-around... I cringe at the thought of having to re-install and re-configure all those programs.


Please forgive me for sounding sharp in places, I'm sure I do. Frustrated and exhausted... it leaks out in what I type. I would be extremely grateful for whatever help you can offer.

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager



I can sympatize with your frustration over this, but am afriad there is no simple solution. Many traditional backup apps will restore files,photos,etc to proper location. HP Recovery Manager is not one of those apps. It is mainly for a last ditch effort to save files in the event of a needed System Recovery. The files have to be moved manually-such as to My Documents, My Pictures,etc.


Any data/files that belong to a program you really must have a fair knowledege of where that program stores files. Actually no backup app that I have ever used can reinstall programs-but can restore the files usually after reinstalling the program manually.


Wish the news was better, but all I can suggest is to reinstall any programs you use and then look for a coinciding folder in My Documents that may hold data/files. Or look in  Program Files, "name of program" for a folder possibly.


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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

CherylG ~ I cannot thank you enough! This feels like the straightest answer I've gotten or seen posted to anyone yet on this topic. Although it's not what I'd love to hear, it's refreshing in that you dealt with it head on.


When I said I had some redundancy, of a sort, I do have lots of data I saved to disc via drag-and-drop in two Explorer windows prior to the two rebuilds I did on my machine in the last ten days. (The second one was specifically to try and get the HP program to work. Results were the same, both times.) I just don't know enough about files, file types, and what the folder names mean to know how to unpack and sort these things.


I read in one thread that a program called 7-Zip can be used to unzip .wim files (which is what my version created), but trying to figure out where to put them and the paths I have to take to get there is what has stumped me. I downloaded both versions of 7-Zip (32, and 64 bit) and scanned them with my anti-virus program, but that's as far as I've gone down that road. I wanted to see if someone who really knew what they were talking about could address my issue before I started experimenting.


The reason I said I think my backup is viable is that I opened the Users folder (contained a folder with my name, opened that to a folder named Desktop, opened to a dedicated music folder for an online music subscription I have, opened that and there was my music). I went back one step and drug that "music e-store" folder to my desktop and copied it there. Set WMP to include that folder and it added everything with no problem. But! That was a folder that simply contained sorted files to begin with, now back in its original spot. What I was hoping against hope was that settings in programs like FileZilla could be restored through the backup and restore. It'll take me forever to figure out all that stuff again.


Do I have any reason to worry about the set of Recovery Discs I made when I first rebuilt this machine (last April)? Is that feature of HP Recovery Manager as flaky as the backup and restore? 


Thank you so much for giving this your attention. I really appreciate it. I don't know if you've seen the posts on these boards from people having trouble with this, but there seem to be hundreds.


If anyone else happens to read this and knows a way to make this work, even if lengthy or convoluted, if you can write out the directions, I can probably follow them.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

Thank you for your info, I tried but still does not work. My problem is: With the recovery disc, I can not reinstal vista after replacing a new hard drive(1TB WD 10EZEX)in my HP Pavilion a6658f Desktop with pre-installed vista home premium + service pack 1. After all 3 recovery disc loaded, in the screen I saw: "Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hard drive" OS just can not reinstalled completely. I used these 3 recovery disc to my orginal hard drive (with bad sectors, causing crush often), they can get it done. Would you please help. Thank you again.
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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

[ Edited ]

hwdtan ~ I'm not certain whether your Pavilion desktop with Vista is similar to my own (mine has Windows 7), but check your model's support page and see if there is an update you should install. I remember seeing one for my machine (p6226f) that solves the issue when Recovery Disks from HP do not work on a new hard drive. Look over this one and see if your machine has anything close. (It also creates a bootable CD you can use use to install the Recovery Disks on a new drive.) Maybe your model has something like it for Vista?



(I am definitely not an HP employee... I'm hanging out here in the wind trying to figure it all out, too.)


Update: I'm sorry. I didn't see one for your machine. In particular, the second part of my update looks like it would have been helpful.

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

Nice to get a reply from you.
Mine is not W7, is pre-installed vista premium home edition with sp1 instead.
My problem not yet fixed, still trying, still waiting for help.
Thank you again Gallant Fox
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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

For what it's worth, all other Cyberlink products on the computer work fine with Recovery Manager and the LG Blu-Ray it's hard to imagine it being a hardware or conflicting software issue, for my money, at least.


I finally got a chance to unpack the original DVD burner that came with the unit and reinstall it to see if it would make any difference.  On first pass it balked with the same "No DVD Burner Installed" error message.  The software/system then indicated it recognized the drive (again) and offered to begin with disc 2 of 5, remembering I had managed to get one disc to burn prior.  Fortunately I had not yet disposed of that Disc 1, and the system burned the remaining four discs to finally produce a full set.


As far as Lightscribe being "passe", I'm a professional photographer, audio recordist, and videographer, and find the ability to quickly and permanently professionally label discs an asset.  Hand-written discs are tacky, and having to load up and print DVD's (yes, I have a compatible printer as well) takes much more time and setup - Lightscribe works for 90% of my labeling needs...and my Recovery DVD's are now properly and permanently labeled as well.  I just hope they work when/if they are needed, and that the flaky Recovery Manager program at least managed to do that much.

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager.....FAIL!

I can't begin to explain the tortuous explaination of my personal experience in Dec.2013 working with a paid subscription through HP Tech Support. It has been the most stress inducing horrid experience of my 60 years of life to date. If I were Meg Whitman I'd be calling me to find out exactly how intrinsically haphazard and destructive to human health their 'tech support' actually is. For me it was tragic and I will NEVER own another HP product after 20 years of owning them.


If my personal interaction with a paid tech service is anything like yours was, I too am amazed they are still able to remain in business. Meg, you really should take the time to call me. Because if you are actually approving of the skill level of your techs and the way they literally jerk around a customer then the shame is on you.

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Re: OS Recovery-HP Recovery Manager

Hi, hdwtan ~ Are you still out there? It's been two months, so I don't know if you're even still dealing with that problem. Did you get the recovery discs to work? There's something else you can try, according to one of the tutorials I read, and that's to put the last disc of the series in first. Sometimes it will accept that, and then ask for the others. 

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