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System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

Ok I'm sorry I'm not the most tech savvy person out there so just bare with me please.


Well here's my story and what I need help with. I recently had to get my hard drive replaced because it was corrupted. When the HP tech came to replace my hardrive he was ill-prepared and had a scratched recovery disk. He then calls and orders me a set of recovery disks, and says it's easy just pop it in the order it says and you will be fine. Well I receive my disks and do as he and the instructions say with nothing. I even let the first disk go for well over 6 hours with nothing. I called customer support and that got me nowhere he just kept telling me take the disk out put it back in. He had no clue what he was doing. After 2 hours of that I finally got fed up and hung up. I have looked up and down this website and there is nothing that will help me. So heres what I have and what I have done so far. HP sent me a set of 3 disks and a singular disks. The singular disk says use this disk first then the others say 1 of 3 etc.. I put the singular disk in it says windows is copying files or something along those lines it is a black screen with a white progress bar at the bottom. Once it's done a window comes up with three images. one of check mark one of disk coming out and one picking up a disk. When this window pops up the first initial cd is ejected I put in the first of the three and this is where my frustration begins. There is no progress whatsoever. It doesnt even seem like the cd is even being read. I put it in over night thinking it just needed more time with nothing. I'm at my wits end. I have had this computer for a year and literally used it a handful of times. There is no reason that this should be this frustrating! Also when I put in the disks recovery manager doesnt pop up. only the window with the three graphics. I did however manage to get it popped up when i accidentally put in the first of three but when it told me to put in the next disk it said they were all wrong.

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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC


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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

You might wanna try the following step


Press the On button to power on the touchsmart, If you are prompted to choose between running System Recovery from disc or from hard drive, select run program from disc, and then click Next.


1) Under I need help immediately, click Factory Reset.

2) If you are prompted to back up your files, and you have not done so, select Back up your files
first (recommended) button, and then click Next. Otherwise, select Recover without backing
up your files button, and then click Next.

3) If you are prompted to insert the next recovery disc, do so.

4) When the Recovery Manager is finished, remove all recovery discs from the system.

5) Click Finish to restart the computer

Note: Make sure you insert the correct or sequence disk

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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

The same exact thing happens to me but with an HP Touchsmart 300-1020. Im still trying to figure things out but make sure your system does need to create a "wipe disk" from the HP trouble shoot website. If you ever try to find a way to factory reset, please tell me. Thanks.

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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

On my HP Touchsmart 300-1020, i don't  even receive any of those choices. I have the same exact problem with DanielH. I tried  MULTIPLE times and even with created a "wipe" disc. I still need help after weeks of trying. Thanks.

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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

HP Touchsmart 300-1020: 2nd-hand PC for a client who never made recovery disc set, had a bad hard drive. Ordered software build ID-matched discs (AT COST) which arrived today. Contents: 5 total discs and 1 instruction booklet. 3 System Recovery discs labeled 1:3, 2:3, and 3:3. 1 System Recovery disc labeled 1:1. And the 5th disc labeled "Use This First!" I did...

** I should mention that the original 500GB failed HDD has been replaced with a new, empty 1TB HDD. **

Booted to the UseThisFirst SystemRecovery disc (part no. 600099-001), watched white progress bar crawl across black screen with "Windows is loading files" message, and this was followed by the blue-green wallpaper, a mouse arrow cursor, and then diagram as described by Miss_Lynn (this thread's OP): Green checkmark, picture of disc and DVD drive tray ejecting (vertically), and picture of a hand delicately touching the edges of what appears to be one of three shiny recovery discs (I assume too much?). There is no text on this screen, just the diagram. Also no "do this, not that" IKEA charicature to warn of any easily made mistakes, I might add.

So I inserted the System Recovery Disc 1:3 at this point because while I was staring at the pretty picture onscreen, UseThisFirst disc had automatically ejected.

No response when SystemRecovery1:1 inserted. No reponse to mouse clicking on any portion of diagram (no "Next" button upon disc insertion), and likewise nothing other than normal disc acknowledgment from the drive (click buzz whir click stop), same for trying SR1:3, and in fact, same for all 5 discs from the kit.

So I forced a reboot with SR1:3 and got POST message that I should insert proper boot media and press a key or reboot... That means no hard drive boot and it didn't like the idea of booting to this disc. Then I tried booting to each of the discs except UseThisFirst disc. No joy. Something about repeating the same steps and expecting different results (didn't want to go there), was beginning to sound like a good idea.

I inserted SR1:3, pulled the power cable, pressed power button while cable unplugged (voodoo a.k.a. power reset procedure), then reseated power cable and what do you know? Successfully booted to SR1:3, including a slightly different Windows loading files screen followed by the blue-green WinPE backdrop and shortly after that, RECOVERY MANAGER FROM CYBERLINK! Finally!

Now, I got a "Supplemental Recovery Disc" requirement and inserted this as prompted (SR1:3 had auto-ejected). This then brought me to Recovery Manager's options for Factory Reset, but I am sad to say this is the last progress I've made...

Because I am now stuck at "Insert the recovery disc #1" and no positive response when trying any of the 5 discs from the kit.

I'll post more if a solution presents itself. Good luck to anyone else in our shoes!
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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC


Combination of clicking Cancel, choosing Factory Image Restore, and ejecting/inserting SR1:3, reached a warning to unplug all peripheral devices & CONTINUE, and then prompted to Insert the Supplemental Recovery Disc, so I took out SR1:3 and fed SR1:1 into the drive. Now I'm at "Please wait..."

Details to follow.
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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

Follow-up (final?)...

The DVD±RW drive (slim SATA slot-loading optical drive, HP PN 513197-004) was to blame for system sitting overnight (7+ hrs) at "please wait..."

Discovered drive problem because "supplemental recovery disc" would not eject! that dumb luck or what? This is a not-typically-found in your DIY PC parts repair shop kind of part, so my client will have to make a decision on when/if we order a replacement (prices ranging from cheap/used to $48-$68 to $200+ to outrageous, you know I just want the drive & it doesn't even play Blu-Ray discs, right??, from 3rd party vendors since we're out of warranty).

My workaround: The harness attached from inside your TS 300-1020 is a dual-header mini SATA power/data connection. This just happened to match the drive from an HP ProBook notebook PC (not slot-load, standard tray instead) which is also in for repair at my shop awaiting a replacement LCD screen. That is to say, I cannot equally mount this other drive to the TouchSmart's case, but the harness fits, so it's connected and hanging out as a temp part until recovery disc #3 is done. Not very ladylike, but she's getting the job done! (:K

The procedure (assuming you intend to wipe/prep the HDD of all data & recover the HP software to factory settings):

1) Connect a *working drive* for DVD reading of recovery discs.
2) Insert & boot, or boot-insert-reboot with "Use This First!" disc.
3) When you reach the mysterious check/eject/hand/discs diagram:
a) Eject "Use This First!" disc from the drive.
b) Insert SR1:3 disc (that's short for "System Recovery Disc 1 of 3").
c) Force reboot by holding power button 4sec & turning back on.
4) Second "Windows is loading files" screen appears & begins Recovery Manager:
a) Choose option to recover system to factory state, including format.
b) When prompted to "Insert Supplemental Recovery Disc" insert SR1:1.
c) When prompted for "System Recovery #1" insert SR1:3.
d) Insert discs 2 & 3 accordingly when prompted.
e) Beware the drive tray will kick out when Recovery Manager autoejects the current disc & prompts for new one (only affects ghetto workarounds like mine where the drive ISN'T MOUNTED and suddenly jumps off the pedestal where I've rested it).

This concludes my ramblings for this thread (resurrected from the forum as best match for this model PC & same issue, as best I could find with the Search feature, hope that's in scope of terms of use here, mediators?). Hope it helps anyone else in the situation as described. Happy New Year!
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Re: System Recovery HP TouchSmart 300-1017 Desktop PC

[ Edited ]

Smiley Happyreading this page helped me to reboot to a new 1terabyte drive as HP was no help with any questions I had asked the forum about it. Thanks  doing restore now

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